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Peer Transition Assistance Program

The Peer Transition Assistance Program (PTAP) is a program designed to assist the student on the Autism Spectrum transition from High School to College.

Peer Transition
Assistance Program
PTAP assists pre-selected freshman with ASD in their transition from high school to higher education, providing a successful academic endeavor by offering a consultant who will help students to set goals, manage their time and develop organizational skills.

Students can become a PTAP participant by registering with Disability Support Services. DSS will determine the appropriate “fit” between the needs of the student and program offerings once the student has completed a PTAP application. Enrollment in the program is limited to 20 students.

PTAP participants will meet weekly with a consultant to discuss classroom concerns, identify on-campus resources, review course assignments and offer encouragement to participate in student life activities and events.

Students with ASD have a greater chance for success when they meet new people, attend workshops to enhance study skills, enroll in 12 or fewer credit hours per semester, reside at home during their freshman year and follow the advice of their medical and psychological professionals.

This program helps students on the autism spectrum to learn and practice self-advocacy skills and in the process develop a sense of independence.

Note: PTAP and its consultants are not considered an accommodation, a tutor, counselor or personal aid, responsible for the overall success of the student, or a formal social skills group.
Peer Transition
Becoming a Peer Transition Consultant helps students with ASD in the Peer Transition Assistance Program by facilitating essential skills necessary for them to succeed.

These paid positions will be hired though an application and interview process. To apply, fill out a Peer Transition Consultant application, submitting with it a brief essay and two letters of recommendation. Student must be a minimum of sophomore level with good organizational skills.  Paid training, necessary paperwork completion and a minimum commit of one hour per week to meet with students is required.

Consultants will meet with PTAP participant weekly, discussing course assignments, concerns and due dates, as well as aiding them with time management, goal setting and organizational skill development.

Questions can be directed to the Disability Support Services office by calling (248) 370-3266.