Department of Counseling
Pawley Hall, Room 450A
456 Pioneer Dr.
Rochester, MI 48309-4482
(248) 370-2018
Adult Career Counseling Center
Pawley Hall, Room 280A
(248) 370-3092
SEHS Counseling Center
Pawley Hall, Room 250A
(248) 370-2633

Faculty/Staff Directory

 Dr. Thomas W. Blume
Associate Professor
Coordinator, Couple & Family Specialization
491A Pawley Hall
(248) 370-3069
Ashley Branson Head ShotAshley Branson
Assistant Professor
491B Pawley Hall
(248) 370-2714
 Dr. Michael P. Chaney
Associate Professor
Addictions Specialization 
435G Pawley Hall
(248) 370-3084
Stephanie Crockett Head ShotDr. Stephanie A. Crockett
Assistant Professor
Director, Adult Career Counseling Center 
440 D Pawley Hall
(248) 370-2715
 Dr. Robert S. Fink
Associate Professor
Coordinator, Child & Adolescent Specialization
491 C Pawley Hall
(248) 370-2012

Dr. James T. Hansen

Professor of Education
Coordinator, Mental Health Specialization

450E Pawley Hall
(248) 370-3071
Lisa Hawley Head Shot Dr. Lisa D. Hawley
Associate Professor & Chair

435F Pawley Hall
(248) 370-2841
Ashley Karas Head ShotAshley Karas MA, LPC, NCC
SEHS Counseling Center Coordinator
250A Pawley Hall
(248) 370-4187
Fax: (248) 370-4141
 Dr. Todd William Leibert
Associate Professor 
440K Pawley Hall
(248) 370-2626
Diane Johnston
Administrative Secretary
450A Pawley Hall
(248) 370-2018
Fax: (248) 370-4141
Jennifer Matthews Head ShotDr. Jennifer J. Matthews
Assistant Professor 
 450G Pawley Hall
(248) 370-4181
Brian Taber Head ShotDr. Brian Joseph Taber
Associate Professor
Coordinator, Advanced Career Counseling Specialization 
440F Pawley Hall
(248) 370-4173
Cathy Trahan
Internship Coordinator
450J Pawley Hall
(248) 370-4035
Fax: (248) 370-4141
Roberta Wells Head ShotRoberta Wells
Office Assistant 
440H Pawley Hall
(248) 370-4179
Fax: (248) 370-4141

Part Time Lecturers

Faculty Emeriti