International Studies Program
Varner Hall, Room 521
371 Varner Drive
Rochester, MI 48309-4485


The International Studies Program faculty members come from various humanities and social science departments in the College of Arts and Sciences, all of whom have research and teaching specialties focused on one or more major world areas (Africa, East and South Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, Russia and Eastern Europe).   


Russia & Eastern Europe 
Paul Kubicek - Political Science
Cristian Cantir - Political Science     

Part-time Instructors:
Carol Hart
Gregory Allar
Janusz Wrobel
Mary Samal

East Asia - China
Alan Epstein - Political Science
Yan Li - History
Hsiagn-hua Chang - Chinese

Part-time Instructor:
Helena Riha

Part-time Instructor:
Shalini Jayaprakash

Middle East
Kellie Hay - Communications
Laura Landolt - Political Science
Paul Kubicek - Political Science
Weldon Matthews - Political Science    

Part-time Instructor:
Abdulaziz Al Zokeir

East Asia - Japan
Stephen Filler - Japanese
Seigo Nakao - Japanese

Part-time Instructor:
 Jane Yamazaki

Part-time Instructor:
Paul Vigeant

Latin America
Aldona Pobutsky - Spanish
Cecilia Saenz-Roby - Spanish
Emmett Lombard - Political Science
Henri Gooren - Anthropology

Part-time Instructor
Beverly Fogelson

Africa and African-American Studies
DeWitt Dykes - History
Getnet Bekele - History
Mattew Fails - Political Science 
Mark Stone - Music, Theatre & Dance