Center for Biomedical Research

Hannah Hall of Science, Room 276
244 Meadow Brook Road
Rochester, MI 48309-4451
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(248) 370-3420
Fax (248) 370-3408

Yang Xia, Director


•     Support Biomedical Research: The CBR (a) funds biomedical research with the goal of assisting investigators in obtaining external grants, (b) provides a mechanism of peer review to ensure that these funds are used optimally, (c) aggressively encourages and supports initiatives for internal and external support of biomedical research, and (d) promotes translational, applied, and potentially commercial biomedical research.

•     Enhance Graduate Education in Biomedical Sciences: The CBR (a) solicits and administers pre-doctoral fellowship support for students enrolled in the OU doctoral program in the Biomedical Sciences, (b) develops a coordinated Biomedical Sciences graduate recruiting program, (c) identifies additional teaching and research expertise from other collaborating institutions.

•     Provide and Maintain Biomedical Research Equipment: The CBR (a) collaborates with The Research Office on the development and submission of proposals for external funding of major multi-investigator equipment, (b) provides and maintains multi-user state-of-the-art equipment facilities, and (c) facilitates access to specialized facilities and services at other institutions.

•     Enhance Undergraduate Research in Biomedical Sciences: The CBR (a) identifies and administers stipends to support Scholar/Intern Programs in Biomedical research, (b) organizes an annual research forum, and (c) publicizes research training and career opportunities to OU undergraduates, community colleges, and high schools.

•     Improve Communication Regarding Biomedical Research: The CBR (a) maintains a website and social media to promote and publicize biomedical research at Oakland University and to highlight accomplishments of CBR members, and (b) sponsors research presentations and colloquia centered on themes involving Biomedical research.

•     Support and Expand Community Outreach Activities: The CBR (a) facilitates interactions with other institutions, including pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and (b) establishes and administers access to biomedical research equipment by qualified investigators at other institutions.