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The Writing-to-Learn Wiki

Over the spring and summer of 2011 Lori Ostergaard (Writing & Rhetoric), Andrea Kozak (Psychology), Mark Rigstad (Philosophy), Graham Cassano (Sociology) and Robby Stewart (CAS) collaborated to prepare what is now known as the Writing-to-Learn Wiki. This wiki summarizes their discussions as they explored impact of a number of high-impact educational practices that have been suggested to assist academic institutions in their efforts to foster student success in higher education. This wiki addresses issues such as
  • how to develop your students' critical thinking abilities through classroom exercises
  • a variety of suggestions of ways to prevent plagiarism by students in your class
  • a detailed discussion of the value of creating a high quality peer review process in your class
  • numerous suggestions of low-risk, scaffolded and scenario writing projects that remain instructor friendly
  • suggestions for giving students constructive feedback on their writing without increasing your workload
To access this wiki, please go to