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Request a Workshop

We love to talk shop. Here, there, or anywhere. At Career Services, we offer seven different free workshops that we will bring to you, whether you are in a student organization, dorm room, classroom, co-op, club, chapter, team, or department. Give us two weeks notice, and we’ll be there with bells on.
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Workshop Topics

Career 101: Career 101 is a first level career training that will cover a Career Services overview with an emphasis on seeking an internship, OUCareerLink instruction and a resume review.. Register for Career 101 by calling Career Services at (248) 370-3250

OUCareerLink: Become an expert in  Handshake. We’ll get you set up to register, upload documents, and find an internship or job.

Career Services 411: 
This session will showcase all of our services, including the 4-Year Career Map, interviewing skills, resume writing, career events, internships, and more.

"Hire" Fashion: 
Fashionistas will love this workshop outlining the importance of interview attire. Learn important tips for women and men on everything from clothing, hair and accessories to dressing on a budget. Play “Hired or Fired? You be the Judge!” to test your business style know-how.

Interview IQ: 
It’s all about the interview. Learn everything you need to know about researching yourself and the employer, getting an employer to want to hire you, interview prep and dress, and how to utilize the STAR model when answering questions. The workshop will also cover typical interview questions, questions to ask the employer, steps to take following the interview.

Right Resume: 
Most employers only spend 15 seconds reading a resume. The Resume Writing workshop will get yours shined up to stand out. We’ll cover the purpose of a resume, structure and sections, different resume styles, and strategies for formatting your resume. We’ll even throw in cover letter advice and how to develop references in this hour-long workshop.

Internship Insider: 
Ready to find an internship but don’t know how to start? Where to look? What to expect? This workshop covers the who, what, why, when, how and where of obtaining an internship.

Salary Negotiations The art of negotiation can be a bit intimidating. You want to make the most of your job offer but don’t know how to ask. We can get you started by outlining the steps of negotiating, the value of benefits and salary information, and how to make the best case for yourself.