Bioengineering is the fastest growing engineering specialty. It is an interdisciplinary field, grounded on the increasing symbiosis between biological sciences (as well as other life sciences) and engineering disciplines. 

The field of bioengineering is capable of realizing many diverse applications to improve human health and develop new technologies aimed at understanding biological phenomenon. These goals are achieved by applying engineering principles to a detailed understanding of biological processes.

ABET Statement

The Oakland University Bioengineering program anticipates filing an application for ABET accreditation in the winter of 2019. If approved ABET will then perform a site visit and grant accreditation in the fall of 2019. According to ABET policies, accreditation status will retroactively start in the fall of 2018. Therefore any student graduating from the new curriculum at the end of or after fall 2018 will will graduate from an ABET accredited program.

This tool should only be used as a guide — remember to meet with your academic adviser, Career Services and/or faculty to determine appropriate career options.

  • My future career:

    Bioinformatics Scientist

  • My future career:

    Bioinformatics Analyst

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    * Median salary for the state of Michigan

    ** These professional organizations provide an excellent starting point for your research. There are many more resources available online.

    Additional Considerations

    Some careers may require additional education. See your academic adviser for more information.

    • Associate Engineer
    • Computational Biologist
    • Design Engineer
    • Environmental Scientist and Specialist