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Business Ambassadors

Business Ambassadors

Oakland Business Ambassadors are a dedicated team of student leaders who represent the OU b-school across campus. You can find Business Ambassadors at recruiting, orientation, alumni, career and business leader events. Ambassadors also serve as a resource for other business students, as well as prospective students and their families. The Business Ambassadors also serve as members of the Advisory Board for the Business School Dean and Associate Dean.
Meet the Ambassadors

The current team of Business Ambassador include students representing all of the business majors as well as a host of different backgrounds and life stories.

Juti AbdullahJuti Abdullah

Major: Accounting and Finance
Hometown: Sterling Heights, MI

Why OU: I chose OU because it offers a great accredited accounting program that is close to home.

Biggest take away from you internship: I learned how to apply the theory from my accounting 310 and what a normal day as an accountant looks like.

Favorite event on campus: Accounting and finance banquet because of the opportunity to network with employers and peers.
Pooja AkkalaPooja Akkala

Major: Pre-Business Administration
Hometown: Farmington Hills, MI

Shanise BivensShanise Bivens

Major: Human Resource Management
Hometown: Detroit, MI

Biggest internship take away: Don’t be afraid to ask. If you want to do something different ask and the supervisors will guide you and help you with the field you want to go into.

Plans after graduation: Move to Texas and start my career in HR for an automotive or retail company.

Learning outside the classroom: Reading.
Dave BorkDave Bork

Major: Finance
Hometown: Sterling Heights, MI

Why Business: Versatility! The field provides opportunities to work in many different industries. Business concepts can also be applied to our personal lives.

Most significant lesson: MGT 350 (Legal Environment of Business) We took a two-week study abroad trip to Dublin and Budapest and met with local businesses and government agencies. It was great to see different cultures and business environments first hand.

Campus involvement: Business Ambassadors, Business Scholars, Collegiate DECA and SAIFE.
Headshot of Kristiana BozinovskiKristiana Bozinovski

Major: Management Information Systems
Hometown: Clinton Township, MI

Why OU: I chose Oakland University because it simply felt like home, I instantly felt connected to the culture and the atmosphere.

Campus involvement: Business Ambassadors and President of the Association for Information Systems.

Favorite Event: SBC 299's Networking with Professionals event was unique in that it was personalized for a small group of students who got a chance to practice their elevator pitch with successful professionals.
Hannah BroweHannah Browe

Major: Accounting, Finance, Marketing
Hometown: Rochester Hills, MI

Why business: Growing up with my family’s small business, every aspect of business has interested me.

Favorite part of business program: The thorough integration of business and classroom, whether it is through the application or the experience of the professors. You know you are gaining knowledge beyond textbooks.

Most significant lesson: I definitely learned the most from my macroeconomics and statistics courses. I have been able to utilize and reinforce what I have learned at my internship with Continental.

What kind of business would you start: A marketing or business consulting firm.
Headshot of Saskia CharlesSaskia Charles

Major: Marketing
Hometown: Bloomfield Hills, MI

Why I chose my major: When I was a kid, I used to make Powerpoint presentations all the time for my parents to sell them my ideas. As I grew older, I pursued brand ambassador programs and internships in the business field.

Campus involvement: Gamma Phi Beta.

Future plans: Marketing for a social media company or working in a social media marketing position for a larger company or a startup.

Leaders who inspire me: Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Brian Chesky.

Emma DonnellyEmma Donnelly

Major: Finance
Hometown: Fenton, MI

Why OU: I chose Oakland because of the community and the many opportunities I have to be involved on campus.

Why business: I chose to major in business because I know a lot about the field from my family and because as I learned about the different careers, it was something I could see myself doing.

Dream job: I think it would be really cool to have a job in the international field because I love to travel and I have an interest in the European economy and France.
Nicholas DriscollNick Driscoll

Major: Pre-Business Administration
Hometown: Saint Clair Shores, MI

Vincent GalloVincent Gallo

Major: Accounting
Hometown: Shelby Township, MI

Headshot of Matt GuarashioMatt Guarashio

Major: Accounting
Hometown: Clinton Township, MI

Why OU: It’s conveniently located around businesses that I could see myself employed in after graduation. Being a commuter and attending Oakland I am able to work year round and further establish my work experience.

Favorite Event: OASIS meetings are a great resource that helped me get involved and learn more about my major as well reiterate the importance of an internship.
Jahnavi GudiJahnavi Gudi

Major: Human Resources Management, Management Information Systems
Hometown: Troy, MI

Favorite part of the business program: Studying current events and analyzing what is happening now in the economy.

Campus Involvement: TALK, DECA, SHRM, Career Services, last year I even went to DECA Nationals in California.

What business leaders inspire you: Dan Gilbert
Headshot of Cassie HarmsCassie Harms

Major: Accounting
Hometown: St. Clair, MI

Favorite part of business program: Students have so many opportunities outside the classroom to explore their field: student orgs, events, meet and greets with employers.

Favorite class: WRT 382. I learned how to create an eye-catching resume, work in a group setting and engage in the business world.

Minor: Music. I came to OU to study Music Education. After realizing that wasn’t the right path, I changed my major to Accounting.
Headshot of Vicki HarrisVicki Harris

Major: Finance ; Minor: Economics
Hometown: Rochester, Michigan

Dream job: Working in Fraud for the FBI or CIA.

Favorite on campus event: The best networking event that I attended on campus was the Fall Career Fair.

Campus Involvement: Business Ambassador, Alpha Sigma Tau, Circle K. I have also been involved with Student Congress and Greek Council.
Xania McIearenXaina Mclearen

Major: General Management
Hometown: Washington Township, Michigan

How do you learn outside of the classroom: I learn a lot about the automotive industry from the company I work for and the people I surround myself with at networking events and online.

Biggest take away from your Internship: Find an internship that gives you autonomy and forces you to problem solve. Even though you might not always have an answer right away, keep searching!

Future plans: After graduating I hope that my business experience can allow for me to travel and learn different cultures.
Diana RachevaDiana Racheva

Major: Management Information Systems
Hometown: Veliko Tărnovo, Bulgaria

Favorite part of the business program: Seeing the application to real life examples.

Why did you chose your major: My internship at Quicken Loans was my deciding factor. Everything I did throughout my internship confirmed that I truly enjoy what I am doing.

How are you applying your learning in the classroom: Everything from my MIS classes directly applies in the current role.

What business leaders inspire you: Jay Farner, great communicator!
Tiffany ShamoonTiffany Shamoon

Major: Accounting
Hometown: Sterling Heights, Michigan

Campus involvement: Business Ambassador, Beta Alpha Psi and OASIS (Oakland Accounting Student Information Society).

What kind of company would you start: I would like to start a bakery because I find baking a fun and relaxing hobby.

Favorite part of the business program: Having great professors, mentors and peers to always help, guide and teach me. This ensures that I have a solid path to a successful professional career.

Why did you chose your major: I chose accounting because there are many different avenues and opportunities within the field.
Olga SimonOlga Simon

Major: Undecided
Hometown: Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Campus Involvement: I am involved with the International Student Community, Business Ambassadors, and The Honors College. It helps me to stay open minded, and allows me to help students at OU.

Dream job: Business attorney. My business degree at Oakland is my first step towards my dream job.

Plans for after graduation: After graduation I plan to find a job in automotive industry and apply for graduate school.
Munjot SinghMunjot Singh

Major: Marketing, Management Information Systems
Hometown: Sterling Heights, Michigan

Your biggest takeaway from your internship: Network and always make sure you are thinking ahead.
Headshot of Asia StewartAsia Stewart

Major: Accounting
Hometown: Newport, Michigan

Why OU: I received a scholarship. I absolutely love Oakland University and could not be happier.

Favorite part of business program: The faculty. They are always there to answer any questions you may have.

Most significant lesson: I enjoy Accounting. I discovered the field is a better fit for me than my original major.

Dream job: Run a dog rescue for senior and disabled dogs.

Headshot of Maham SyedMaham Syed

Major: Pre-Business Administration
International Student

Why OU: My aunt recommended it. It is the perfect selection. I love the engaging community, the people and the offices to help international students have a smooth transition.

Campus Involvement: Second Year Ambassador, Society of Human Resources Management, Muslim Students Association and Active Minds.

Future plans: To be a successful human resources manager.
Megan TackMegan Tack

Major: Operations Management, Human Resources Management
Hometown: Rochester Hills, MI

Why business: The topics studied in business affect every aspect of the world around us. Because of that, business can take you anywhere.

Campus involvement: Career Ambassador for the Career Services Office, and Student Advisor for the International Education Office, and a member of Leadership OU. In the School of Business, I’m an Business Scholar and an Business Ambassador. I’m also a member of OU’s chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

How are you applying your learning in the classroom: As an Business Scholar, I’m able to apply what I’ve learned in the classroom to analyze business problems in case competitions. These competitions allow us to aggregate our business knowledge from all the disciplines is business to come up with the best solutions to the problems we’re addressing.
Headshot of Marcelle WallaceMarcelle Wallace

Major: Marketing
Hometown: Rochester Hills, MI

Why OU: I wanted to stay close to home. Oakland is a school that is constantly growing and I wanted to be part of it.

Favorite part of the business program: The constant support and encouragement. I feel like I know most of the people in the School of Business. They are all willing to meet and study or tutor one and other.

My dream job: CEO of my own marketing firm.

Leaders who inspire me: Oprah Winfrey.
Kyle Wills

Major: Human Resources Management
Hometown: Rochester Hills, MI

Favorite part of the business program: The exposure to all of the different aspects of business in your core classes.

Learning outside the classroom: I read daily and listen to podcasts focusing on networking and business.

Future plans: I want to consult with and help small business grow and out innovate their competitors.
Kourtnie WoodcoxKourtnie Woodcox

Major: Human Resources Management
Hometown: Macomb, MI

Favorite part of business program: We are exposed to the different areas of business before we need to declare a major. This allowed me to explore my different interests and make a decision that was best for me.

Class where you learned the most: MIS 100 is the class that I found most beneficial and the most applicable to my other classes and to the outside world. I knew the basics of Microsoft office, but this class taught me the multiple skills and tools that I use on a regular basis

Internships: My experience as a Human Resources intern at BorgWarner showed me how many aspects of Human Resources there are. I learned that I personally love the recruiting/ talent acquisition part. I sort through resumes, schedule interviews with candidates, and interview them.
Become an Ambassador

Undergraduate business students interested in being a Business Ambassador must apply for the program.

Students selected as Business Ambassadors develop skills in:

  • Leadership
  • Group dynamics
  • Public speaking
  • Presentation development

To qualify for the program you must:

  • Have attended OU in the previous semester
  • Be familiar with Oakland University
  • Be a pre-business or business major
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Commit to a training on August 15, 2018 from 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
  • Commit to at least four volunteer events in both fall AND winter terms which may include nights and weekends:
    • Fall Events
      • Mandatory Orientation Part Two: September 4, 2018 from 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
      • At least 2 15-minute presentations for SBC 1990 (Total amount of time is 30 minutes)
      • Ambassador selects the fourth event that will range from participation in focus groups, ACHIEVE workshops, SBA conferences, etc.
    • Winter Events
      • Mandatory Business Day: March 2, 2019 from 7:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
      • At least 2 15-minute presentations for SBC 1990 (Total amount of time is 30 minutes)
      • Ambassador selects the fourth event that will range from participation in focus groups, ACHIEVE workshops, SBA conferences, etc.

Application Process

Contact Bani Bordoloi for more information: