Publications; Since 1994

Select Conference Papers - Since 1994 only

Fadel, K and M. Tanniru, "A Knowledge-Centric Framework for Process Redesign," ACM-SIGMIS, 2005, in Atlanta, GA (Received the best paper award). 

Y. Zhang and M. Tanniru, An Agent-based Approach to Study Virtual Learning Communities, HICSS-2005 (best paper award in collaboration track). 

Harry J. Wang, J. Leon Zhao, Jay Nunamaker, Jr., and Mohan Tanniru, AC-Composer: An Access Control System for Web Services Orchestration, presented at AIS 2004, August, New York. 

Y. Zhang and M. Tanniru, "Business Flexibility and Operational Efficiency -- Making Trade-Offs in Service Oriented Architecture," AMCIS, 2005 

Y. Zhang and M. Tanniru "Bridging the Gap between Flexibility and Rigidity in Managing Propositional Knowledge Systems: Unifying Relationships with a Hybrid Link Architecture, " AMCIS 2005 

K. Fadel, M. Tanniru and S. Weisband, "Understanding Process Knowledge Change in Enterprise System Implementation: A Framework and Case Study", ICIS 2005, received one of 20 best papers out of 450 at the AMCIS 2005. 

Tanniru, M., "Applied Technology in Business- A Model to support Industry/Academic Collaboration," AIS Conference, 2001, Boston, CA 

Sugumaran, V. and M. Tanniru, "Designing Support for Customers on the Web- A Case Study," AIS Conference, 2000, Long Beach, CA. 

S. Sharma and M. Tanniru, "Managing Projects in a Software Acquisition Environment- Issues and Challenges," AIS Conference, 2000, Long Beach, CA. 

S. Miree, M. Simon and M. Tanniru, "Understanding the role of E-commerce in B to B Sales Strategy," AIS conference, 2000, Long Beach, CA. 

V. Sugumaran, V. Storey and M. Tanniru, "An Automated System for Artifact Reuse in Systems Analysis and Design," Workshop on Information Technology and Systems, December, 1999. 

V. Sugumaran, V. Storey and M. Tanniru, "Identifying Software Components from Process Requirements Using Domain Model and Object Libraries," International Conference on Information Systems, 1999, December. 

M. Tanniru, "Knowledge Management - A Framework for Analysis," Pacific Asian Conference on Expert Systems, February, 1999, Los Angeles, CA. 

T.J. Wharton, J. Braunstein and M. Tanniru, "Problem Structuring: Overcoming the Influence of Info. Processing Heuristics and Biases," Decision Science Institute Conf., 1999. 

R. Agarwal and M. Tanniru, "Organizational Receptivity to Change and Success in Process Reengineering," ICIS Conference, Cleveland, 1996. 

S. Nambisan, M. Tanniru and D. Wilemon, "Software development: learnings from new product development," Fifth International Conference on Management of Technology, Miami, Feb. 27, 1996. 

R. Kannan, S. Khorramshahgol and M. Tanniru, "A Quantitative Method for Performing a Cost-Benefit Analysis of Expert System Projects," EPIA -The 7th. Portuguese Conference on AI -Application of ES, Portugal, 1995 

R. Agarwal and M. Tanniru, "Addressing Complexity in Process Redesign using KBS/ES Technology," Pacific-Asian Conference on Expert Systems in China during May, 1995. 

B. Suresh and M. Tanniru, "A Knowledge Based System for Diagnostic Support," Japan/Korea Joint Conf. on Expert Systems, Japan, 1994. 

M. Albers, R. Agarwal and M. Tanniru, "The Practice of Business Process Reengineering: Radical Planning and Incremental Implementation in an IS Organization", ACM-SIGCPR Conference, 1994 March.