Mohan Tanniru

 Mohan Tanniru 

Oakland University, Rochester MI 48309 

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  • 1975-78 ___ Ph.D. in MIS, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois
  • 1972-75 ___ MBA in Production and Operations Management, U. of WI- Oshkosh, Wisconsin
  • 1970-72 ___ MS in Electrical Engineering with Control Systems and Computer Logic, U. of WI- Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • 1964-69 ___ BS in Electrical Engineering, Regional Engineering College, Warangal, Andhra Pradesh, India.
Teaching and Doctoral Student Mentoring 
  • 2018-current: Senior Investigator, Henry Ford Health Systems, Detroit, MI
    • Research in health care strategy, informatics and global health
  • 2013-2018: Professor Emeritus MIS, School of Business, Oakland University, Rochester, MI 48309
    • Taught: MIS Capstone; Digital Leadership; Introduction to MIS; EMBA: Advanced Topics
  • 2007-2013: Dean of School of Business Administration, Oakland University, Rochester, MI 48309
  • 2003-2007: Professor of MIS and MIS Dept Head University of Arizona, Eller College of Management Teaching/Taught: MIS Strategy, IT Management, Systems Analysis and Strategic MIS (MBA Course)
  • 1997-2002: Professor in Management Information Systems Director of Applied Technology in Business ProgramCo-director, Center for Entrepreneurship in Information Technology School of Business Administration, Oakland University, Rochester MI 48309 Taught: Business IT Foundations, IT Project Management & Business Process Innovation
  • 1982-1996: Associate Professor in Management Information Systems Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York, 13244
  • Taught: Structured Systems Analysis and Design, Decision Support Systems, MIS concepts, MIS Synthesis, MIS Ph.D. Seminar and Expert Systems.
  • 1978-1982: Assistant Professor in Management Information Systems
  • University of Wisconsin Madison, Madison, WI Taught: Systems Analysis and Design, Computers in Business, Decision Support Systems, and Seminar in MIS (under-graduate and graduate).
  • MIS Ph.D. Student Thesis Advising: Committee chair for 9 Ph.D. students and a committee member for 6 others at SU; Committee chair of 2 doctoral students and committee member for 9 students at U of Arizona
Journal Publications 
  • Tanniru. M,. J. Khuntia, and J. Weiner, Hospital Leadership in Support of Digital Transformation (2018), Forthcoming in Pacific Asia Journal of Association of Information Systems, (PAJAIS)
  • Fowler, B.L. J. Johns, M.R. Tanniru, V. Balijepally, Y.F. Roumani, D. Bobryk, K. Mitchell, (2018), “Engaging patients through Multi-Disciplinary Rounding – The case study at a Michiga hospital,” J. of Hospital Administration, Vol. 7, No.5, 17-26.
  • Prentiss, T., J. Zervos, M. Tanniru and J.Tan,” Community Health Workers (CHWs) as Innovators: Methods & Results from a Tele-Education Pilot for CHWs in Detroit, Michigan,” Forthcoming in International Journal of Healthcare Information Systems and Informatics
  • Khuntia, J., M. Tanniru and J. Weiner, "Dimensions of Patient Experience and Overall Satisfaction in Emergency Units," Journal of Patient Satisfaction, 2017, Feb.
  • Khuntia, J., Yim, D., Tanniru, M., and Lim, S. "Patient Empowerment and Engagement with a Health Infomediary," Health Policy and Technology, Available Online Prior to Print:
  • Roumani; Y. Roumani; J. K Nwankpa and M. Tanniru, “Classifying Readmissions to a Cardiac Intensive Care Unit: An Empirical Comparison among SVM, C5.0 and Logistic Regression," in Annals of Operations Research, (2016). doi:10.1007/s10479-016-2350-x
  • Mazzola, D., R. St Louis, M. Tanniru,” The Path to the Top: Insights from Career Histories of Top CIOs,” Communications of the ACM, 2017, Vol. 60, No.3, 60-68.
  • Weiner, J., Tanniru, M., Khuntia, J., Bobryk, D., Naik, M., Page, K.L., Digital Leadership in Action in a Hospital through a Real Time Dashboard System Implementation and Experience, Journal of Hospital Administration, May, 2016
  • Khuntia, J., M. Tanniru, F. Fragoli, and M. Nawrocki, "Mindfulness Differences in Hospital Unit Operations: Analysis of Response to Nurse Call Systems," Pacific Asia Journal of Association of Information Systems, (PAJAIS), 2016, 8(1), 33-6
  • Weiner, J., V. Balijepally and M. Tanniru, "Integrating Strategic to Operational Decision-Making using Data-Driven Dashboard Implementation: The Case of St. Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital," Journal of Healthcare Management, 2015, Vo. 60, No 5, Sept/Oct. pp: 319-331.
  • Khuntia J., M. Tanniru and J. Weiner, "Juggling Digitization and Technostress: The Case of Alert Fatigues due to Intelligent Care System Implementation at a Hospital," Healthcare Policy and Technology, 2015, August, 29, Elsevier.
  • Varanasi, O. M. Tanniru, "Seeking Intelligence from Patient Experience using Text Mining - Analysis of Emergency Department Data," Information Systems Management, 2015, 32:1-9.
  • Khuntia, J, M. Tanniru and J. Zervos, "Extending Care Outside of the Hospital Walls: A Case of Value Creation through Synchronous Video Communication for Knowledge Exchange in Community Health Network," International Journal of E-Business Research, 2015, April-June, Vol.11, No. 2.
  • Khuntia J, Karimi J, Tanniru M, Meyers A. (2014). The University of Colorado Digital Health Consortium Initiative: A Collaborative Model of Education, Research and Service. Journal of Commercial Biotechnology, 20 (3): 31-37. 
  • Park, Y., Tanniru, M and Khuntia, J. "Designing a Social Media Platform in Support of Knowledge Sharing for Health Care with Synchronous Video Communication," accepted for publication at the American Journal of Information Technology (AJIT), Forthcoming in 2014. 
  • R. Lusch, Vargo S. and M. Tanniru, “Service, Value Networks and Learning: Converging Marketing and SCM on Service-Dominant Logic,” Journal of Academy of Marketing Science, 29, January 2009. 
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  • M. Tanniru, “A Framework for Supporting Decisions in a Global Context – The Case of a Global DSS (gDSS) for financial planning,” in DSS Handbook 2, eds. F. Burstein and C. Holsapple, 2008, Chapter 48, pp:239-260, Springer-Verlag. 
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Other Research

Editor of Special Issues 
  • Co-edited with Dr. T.P. Liang an issue of JMIS on Customer-centric IS, Volume 23, No.3, Winter 2006/7. 
  • Co-editor with Dr. J. Leon Zhao and Dr. Liang-Jie Zhang, IBM Research, of a special issue on "From Web Services to Services Computing: Technologies and Applications," Information Systems Frontier, Vol.9, No.1, March 2007.
Articles published in a book 
  • Mr. Henry Aigbedo and M. Tanniru, "Electronic Markets in Support of Procurement Processes along the Automotive Supply Chain," will be included in a text book, titled "Value-Based Management of Japanese Companies," co-edited by Yasuhiro Monden, Kanji Miyamoto, Kazuki Hamada, Gunyung Lee and Takayuki Asada, to be published by World Science Publishing Inc., in 2005 
  • R. Solak, M. Schrauben, and M Tanniru, Mobile commerce in Automotive Industry, in Readings in M-Commerce, edited by B. Menneckin and T. Stadler, 2002. 
  • M. Tanniru, Managing Information Technology: A Resource Enhancement Perspective, Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Technology, 1996, Vol.34, supplement 19. 
  • R. Agarwal, M. Tanniru and R. Linck, Knowledge Base Maintenance,, Handbook of Systems Management Development and Support, Auerbach Publications, 1992. 
  • R. Agarwal and M. Tanniru, Organizational Management of Expert Systems Development, Expert Systems for Management and Engineering, Ellis Horwood Ltd., United Kingdom, Nov. 90. 
Select Conference Papers - Since 1994 only 
  • Tanniru, M., Sourcing Strategy and Cross-Organizational Career Development, Keynote address, May, 2014, ACM-SIG MIS/CPR Conference, Singapore. 
  • Park Y., Tanniru, M. and Khuntia, J., "Designing an Effective Social Media Platform for Health Care with Synchronous Video Communication," HEALTHINF 2014, 7th International Conference on Health Informatics, part of a 7th joint International Conference on Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies, Anger, France, March, 2014. 
  • Tanniru, M., Health Care Value Chain: " A framework for understanding Regional vis-à-vis Global Differences", Global Health Workshop. HICSS-47, Jan. 6-9, 2013. 
  • Deng. X., Khuntia, J., Ghosh, K. and Tanniru, M, "Psychological Empowerment of Patients with Chronic Diseases - The Role of Digital Integration," ICIS Conference - 2013, December, Milan, Italy. 
  • Tanniru, M., Eveslage, B., Ellis, D., and Turaka, N., "Peer-to-Peer Mentoring with Global Reach," the 6th annual mentoring conference, New Mexico, 2013, October. 
  • Fadel, K and M. Tanniru, "A Knowledge-Centric Framework for Process Redesign," ACM-SIGMIS, 2005, in Atlanta, GA (Received the best paper award). 
  • Y. Zhang and M. Tanniru, An Agent-based Approach to Study Virtual Learning Communities, HICSS-2005 (best paper award in collaboration track). 
  • Harry J. Wang, J. Leon Zhao, Jay Nunamaker, Jr., and Mohan Tanniru, AC-Composer: An Access Control System for Web Services Orchestration, presented at AIS 2004, August, New York. 
  • Y. Zhang and M. Tanniru, "Business Flexibility and Operational Efficiency -- Making Trade-Offs in Service Oriented Architecture," AMCIS, 2005 
  • Y. Zhang and M. Tanniru "Bridging the Gap between Flexibility and Rigidity in Managing Propositional Knowledge Systems: Unifying Relationships with a Hybrid Link Architecture, " AMCIS 2005 
  • K. Fadel, M. Tanniru and S. Weisband, "Understanding Process Knowledge Change in Enterprise System Implementation: A Framework and Case Study", ICIS 2005, received one of 20 best papers out of 450 at the AMCIS 2005. 
  • Tanniru, M., "Applied Technology in Business- A Model to support Industry/Academic Collaboration," AIS Conference, 2001, Boston, CA 
  • Sugumaran, V. and M. Tanniru, "Designing Support for Customers on the Web- A Case Study," AIS Conference, 2000, Long Beach, CA. 
  • S. Sharma and M. Tanniru, "Managing Projects in a Software Acquisition Environment- Issues and Challenges," AIS Conference, 2000, Long Beach, CA. 
  • S. Miree, M. Simon and M. Tanniru, "Understanding the role of E-commerce in B to B Sales Strategy," AIS conference, 2000, Long Beach, CA. 
  • V. Sugumaran, V. Storey and M. Tanniru, "An Automated System for Artifact Reuse in Systems Analysis and Design," Workshop on Information Technology and Systems, December, 1999. 
  • V. Sugumaran, V. Storey and M. Tanniru, "Identifying Software Components from Process Requirements Using Domain Model and Object Libraries," International Conference on Information Systems, 1999, December. 
  • M. Tanniru, "Knowledge Management - A Framework for Analysis," Pacific Asian Conference on Expert Systems, February, 1999, Los Angeles, CA. 
  • T.J. Wharton, J. Braunstein and M. Tanniru, "Problem Structuring: Overcoming the Influence of Info. Processing Heuristics and Biases," Decision Science Institute Conf., 1999. 
  • R. Agarwal and M. Tanniru, "Organizational Receptivity to Change and Success in Process Reengineering," ICIS Conference, Cleveland, 1996. 
  • S. Nambisan, M. Tanniru and D. Wilemon, "Software development: learnings from new product development," Fifth International Conference on Management of Technology, Miami, Feb. 27, 1996. 
  • R. Kannan, S. Khorramshahgol and M. Tanniru, "A Quantitative Method for Performing a Cost-Benefit Analysis of Expert System Projects," EPIA -The 7th. Portuguese Conference on AI -Application of ES, Portugal, 1995 
  • R. Agarwal and M. Tanniru, "Addressing Complexity in Process Redesign using KBS/ES Technology," Pacific-Asian Conference on Expert Systems in China during May, 1995. 
  • B. Suresh and M. Tanniru, "A Knowledge Based System for Diagnostic Support," Japan/Korea Joint Conf. on Expert Systems, Japan, 1994. 
  • M. Albers, R. Agarwal and M. Tanniru, "The Practice of Business Process Reengineering: Radical Planning and Incremental Implementation in an IS Organization", ACM-SIGCPR Conference, 1994 March.
Partial List of Invited Workshops and Presentations 
  • Systematic Inventive Thinking and Implication for Enterprise Reengineering at San Jose State University (Feb, 2014), University of British Columbia-Vancouver (March 2014) and Arizona State University (April 2014)
  • Managing Information Technology in a Global Environment -- A reflective look back with an opportunity to shape its future, IIT-Mumbai and IIT-Delhi
  • Presented Process Innovation to CEO and President's Association in Tucson, March 2006
  • Co-hosted a session with Mr. Brian Ellerman of Sanofi-Aventis at the ITASA CIO SIG (IT Association of Southern Arizona, CIO Special Interest Group) on January 27th.
  • Gave a talk, "Mining the E-Commerce Gold," at the SCORE Business Success Forum on March 10th, 2004 at Holiday Inn, Tucson, Arizona.
  • KM Issues and Challenges in the KM theory session of the US Air Force Conference on Knowledge Management in Tucson, AZ, 2005
  • Participated in a panel discussion on IT Career Options on Feb 5th as a part of Key to Employment for the 21st Century (for middle and high school students), organized by Metropolitan Education Commission
  • Joined a panel of academics on "Emerging Directions for the IS Academic Community: Challenges and Opportunities," at the Gordon Davis Symposium on May 13-14 in Minneapolis, 2005.
  • Made MIS curricular presentation to the MIS faculty at the Whitman School of Management in Syracuse University on May 6th, 2005
  • Workshop on Integrating Business & IT Strategies at the 2002 IMA Annual Conference on Strategic Finance: New Trends, New Technologies, June, San Diego.
Under Review 
  • Tanniru, M., Kaljee L., Eveslage, B. Zervos, J., Parke, D. Prentiss, T.,Turaka, N., and Shipla, K. “Global Health Information Technology Solutions for a Novel Community Health Innovation Framework, under review by HICSS 2015. 
Working Papers 
  • Tanniru, M. and Margulis, R, Rethinking of Post-Discharge Care - Role of Hospital in Shaping Health Care Delivery, 2013 
  • V. Balijepalli, M. Tanniru, and J. Weiner, “Integrating Strategic to Operational Decision-Making using Data-Driven DashBoard Implementation: The Case of St. Joe Mercy Hospital, May 2014 
  • Tanniru, M., Process Redesign and Strategic Innovative Thinking – Comparative approaches for lean vis-à-vis agile thinking, June 2014  

Industry Experience 

Industry partnerships on curriculum and research 

Oakland University

  • Established Business Futures Council in 2008– to bring executive thought to shape business research and education
  • Established CIBRE in 2008– Center for Integrated Business Research and Education – to support Excellence through Integration theme of the business school

University of Arizona

  • The MIS Futures Council was established in 2003 to seek input from a national and international constituency on curriculum matters.
  • The Arizona IT Innovation Partnership Program was established in 2003 to provide doctoral and MS students the opportunity to explore new technology applications in real world settings 
  • The IT Industry Research Council was established in 2005 to seek input on specific business problems that require rigorous research by our faculty members and doctoral/graduate students  

Since 2003 these three industry partnership programs, along with the three conferences and the internship programs, were supported by over $1M in funding from corporations for the department. 

Student Project Coordination 

  • 2007: Coordinate 25 CIBRE Summer Internship and CIBRE consultancy and other economic development projects in support of experiential learning, integrative thinking and global understanding.
  • 2003-2006: Coordinated 15 graduate and Ph D student projects with Sanofi-Aventis, Flandrau Science Center, AOL, Honeywell, GM and Kaiser Permanente 
  • 1997-2002: Coordinated over 200 projects with 45 companies such as GM, DaimlerChrysler, EDS, Lear, Comerica and Compuware. 
  • 1982-1997: Coordinated over 60 projects that explored technologies and methodologies such as IT management in a global arena, business process reengineering, building a learning oriented IS organization, object oriented development, CASE, expert systems, IS bench-marking, sales force automation, and decision modeling in Syracuse, NY. 
  • 1978-82: Coordinated over 200 student projects in the systems development area with over 90 companies in Madison, WI. 

Consulting Activities
  • Consultant to Tata Infotech, India (99-01) on projects related to Knowledge management and IT Strategy. 
  • Consultant to Tata Consultancy Services (90 96): the largest software agency in South Asia: Project Coordinator for Revising Systems Development Methodology and Building an Analyst's Workbench. Other projects include learning based expert experts and information systems planning in developing countries. 
  • Consultant to Proctor & Gamble Pharmaceuticals on a project that calls of an assessment of prescription effectiveness using multiple expert view points (93 Sept. - 94 April). 
  • Consultant to Carrier-UTC (1988 89, 1991) Built a Product Configurator Expert System (which is implemented in 89) and developed training sessions for knowledge engineers. 

Other Experience 

Fund Raising 
  • Raised over $3M funding for a variety of SBA and CIBRE activities since 2007.
  • Received funding of over $400K from eight corporations over three years to support Arizona IT Innovation Project Program at the U of Arizona and $200K from SAP to support research in RFID. 
  • Received funding of $140K as a part of Industry Research Council to support faculty and doctoral student work 
  • Received funding of $150K for student internships between 2003 and 2005 
  • Coordinated the development of a major proposal for IBM SUR Grant (which was approved value equivalent to $500K in hardware). Research from this is continuing into 2005. Dr. Sudha Ram is spearheading the effort. 
  • Received funding of over $2.5 million from over 45 corporate sponsors over 5 years to support the Applied Technology in Business program at Oakland University, Rochester, MI. 
  • Received funding of $150K from Michigan Economic Development Association and Oakland University for establishing a center for entrepreneurship in information technology ($450K over three years) (2001) 
  • Received funding from Snyder Innovation Management Center ($2,500) for a project in BPR and Organizational Innovation (co-investigators: R. Agarwal and M. Tanniru) (1995-96). 
  • Received funding from Tata Consultancy Services, INDIA ($10,000.00) for research collaboration in the IT area (1994-96). 
  • Received funding from Digital Equipment Corporation, Alcoa, Welsch-Allen, Pass & Seymour and IBM funds to set up the AI-Lab and continue its operations during the years (92-95) (amount: $ 150,000 approximately) 

Conference Fund Raising for 15 years (since 1989) 

  • Received funding to sponsor two conferences (2003: $40K; 2004: $150K, 2006: $30K) in the MIS Department at the University of Arizona. 
  • Received funding to sponsor five conferences (1997-2002), as a part of the Applied Technology in Business Program at Oakland University (an average of $40K). 
  • Received funding to sponsor eight conferences (1989-1996) on Managing Advanced Information Technology in the MIS Program at Syracuse University (an average of $25K). 
Professional Activities 
  • Coordinator of CA International Case Competition on Strategic Value of IT Management 2007-
  • Co-chair of the AMCIS 2011 in Detroit, 4-8, 2011
  • Institutional Partnerships: Exec Ed Program in Product Lifecycle Management with College of Technology at Purdue University, and Proposal to develop a joint program on Service Oriented Architecture/Service Science with U of Manchester-UK 
  • Member of the Evaluation committee to select the award recipients for the Arizona Governors Celebration of Innovation of Technology in the State of Arizona in 2003-2006 
  • Coordinated MIS Round Table Discussions on March 25th in Tucson on the future of MIS with representatives from 20 of the top 25 MIS programs 
  • Established AOL Case Challenge in spring 2004, Deloitte Case Challenge in 2005, and Salter Case Challenge in 2006 for UG and G students. They work on specific projects and compete for recognition and awards. 
  • Acted as the Director of Arizona Center for Information Science and Technology (2005-2006) 
  • Director of Applied Technology in Business Lab (97-2002), Oakland University, Michigan 
  • Director of AI/ES Lab at Syracuse University (92-96): Established to facilitate Technology Transfer of AI/ES technology to Industry. 
  • MIS Area Coordinator (87;90-96): School of Management, Syracuse University. 
  • Reviewer for ISR, Decision Sciences, Journal of MIS, ACM Communications, Intl. Journal of Man Machine Studies, Decision Support Systems, MIS Quarterly, Annals of OR, IEEE Transactions on Eng. Management 
  • Co-Conference Chair of 25th anniversary of ER Conference in Tucson, AZ in 2006 and 5th Workshop on E-Business in Milwaukee-WI, 2006 
  • Program Chairperson for ACM SIGCPR conference in 1992, St. Louis 
  • Editor of ACM SIGCPR Newsletter (1983 85); 
  • Program committee member for ACM-SIGCPR 91, 93, 94, 95, 97, 99-03 
  • Program committee member for the Workshop on Information Technologies and Systems for the years 92, 93, 94, 95, 99-03. 

Other Outreach Activities 

  • Established CIBRE Conversations to support discussions on economic development 2009-10
  • Developed summer camps in 2009 and 2010 with K-12 in business entrepreneurship for minority and economically disadvantaged, as well as highly gifted international academy students
  • Established a women-IT mentorship program and 14 MIS students (UG, G and Pima Community College) 
  • Developed multiple K-12 Outreach activities 
  • A summer camp for Boys & Girls Club of Tucson in partnership with Raytheon Company and Sunnyside School District
  • Five additional summer camps for students of all ages
  • Educating high school teachers on IT opportunities
  • Developing special IT projects for high school students - work with MIS students
  • Participating in Careers for 21st Century Expo with student projects and panel discussions