Projects requiring IBC approval must be submitted using the online application via the RAM 3.0 system. Submissions must be completed at least two weeks in advance, to ensure review at the next scheduled meeting. Applicants are encouraged to review the list of topics on these pages, prior to initiating an application.
Work may not begin, until a formal notice of IBC approval is issued by Judette Haddad, Institutional Regulatory Compliance Coordinator.

Exempt from IBC review:   Those projects and proposals involving the use of  common  non-infectious  microorganisms or recombinant DNA techniques exempt from NIH Guidelines do not require approval from the IBC, but must be registered with the IBC. All such experiments may be conducted at Biosafety Level 1 containment. The Biological Safety Officer  (BSO) must be contacted and will determine if a proposal should be reviewed by the full committee. Investigators should refer to the  IBC  website for additional policies and procedures and for more detailed information. 

Minor revisions: changes that WILL NOT affect the approved project's biosafety level, are accomplished via revision of the online application ( RAM 3.0 system).

Major revisions: changes that WILL affect the approved project's biosafety level require submission of a NEW application via the RAM 3.0 system.