Call for Nominations



 AP Assembly and AP Association

The Administrative Professional (AP) Assembly and the AP Association will accept nominations for open executive board positions in February of 2019.

Questions regarding the AP Assembly or Association elections?  Please contact Dan Arnold,, for the AP Assembly or April Thomas-Powell,, for the AP Association.

Election Timeline for AP Association and AP Assembly 

February 21 - Call for nominations open
March 15 - Call for nominations closed
March 28 - AP Elections Meet and Greet  
April 1 - 14 - Elections Open  

Nomination Process

Nominations can be submitted through this google form until the nomination period closes on March 15.

Available AP Association Positions

President Elect
Representative Bands S-X
Representatives Bands J-R (2 positions available)
Member at Large

Available AP Assembly Positions

President Elect
Members at Large (3 positions available)