AP Assembly

AP Assembly - Letter from the President

Hello AP team,

My name is Meaghan Cole and I am honored to serve as your current AP Assembly President for the 2020-2021 academic year.   My hope is if you are taking the time to read this, you will join me in celebrating our amazing AP Assembly Executive Board members:

>Provide AP involvement opportunities (Community Engagement Committee);

>Support our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) as well as Senate Committees (Voice of the AP);

>Create visual inspirations to keep us informed (Secretary/Communications Committee);

>Offer a plethora of professional development opportunities (Professional Development Committee); 

>Represent us on the DEI Council and guide us through the Nominations and Elections process (President-Elect);

>Champion Recognition efforts (Past President);

>Keep us budgeted (Treasurer);

>Share important information (Senators).

I am fortunate to serve our AP population with some of your dedicated peers.  

You may ask, who is this AP Assembly in which I am clearly excited about?  It is YOU- we are dedicated to serving every AP at OU.  We serve in an advising capacity to the University President; have representation on the University Senate, as well as various Senate committees; provide opportunities for connection with our five committees (as referenced above); and strive to develop community across campus.

As your President, I will be intentional and strive to foster an environment which supports:

>Engagement-we have created a “Curiosity Corner” in each of our newsletters to better engage with APs which includes discussion topics in which we seek out answers to your questions and/or concerns.  

>Innovation- we want to hear from YOU at each and every one of our meetings- we provide dedicated time so every AP is able to engage and communicate with one another.

>Connection-each of our fabulous committees are hoping to intentionally connect with each and every AP by providing opportunities which peak to a variety of interests, passions, and learning.

My personal hope is that our AP Assembly continues to serve as your point of connection with not only OU but one another.  We truly hope you join us at meetings!  Please look for our bi-monthly AP Assembly Newsletters for updates on upcoming opportunities or check our meeting and events on this website.

Thank you for your service and dedication to Oakland University and to one another.

I hope to see you at our next meeting,

Meaghan Cole

President, AP Assembly