Association for Interdisciplinary Studies

Oakland University - Macomb County
44575 Garfield Road (Bldg. UC2, Suite 103)
Clinton Township, MI 48038
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Introduction and Memberships

Introduction and Memberships

For 40 years, The Association for Interdisciplinary Studies has offered scholars and teachers a collegial and nurturing environment at conferences and through our numerous publications and resource rich website.

As a member
  • You will be kept informed of significant issues concerning integrative studies.
  • You will share in the central scholarly task of identifying the common elements among diverse conceptions of interdisciplinary study and research.
  • You will aid the growth and enhance the quality of integrative colleges, schools, programs, and curricula throughout the nation.
  • You will receive assistance in resolving problems of interdisciplinary research, program and curricular design, and in setting the highest scholarly standards of excellence for the conduct of interdisciplinary investigation.
  • You will meet and exchange ideas with colleagues who have similar interests in interdisciplinary/integrative research and teaching.
Get Involved
The Association for Interdisciplinary Studies offers many ways you can be involved in its activities and programs and support its mission.

Be an active member
  • Join AIS, renew your membership annually, and encourage your colleagues to join, too.
  • Ask your Department Chair or Program Director to join as an institutional member to receive the benefits at that level.
  • Be an AIS ambassador: Post a link to the AIS Website on your personal webpage, espouse the benefits of AIS membership, and hand out AIS brochures at conferences for other organizations and any meetings you attend. (Brochures may be obtained from the AIS Office.)
Already a member but want to be more involved?
  • Attend an annual conference. Conferences are the best way to learn about AIS, share information with colleagues, and to network with scholars and administrators from across the country and around the world.
  • Answer a Call for Proposals for the annual conference. The CFP is usually published in the December edition of Integrative Pathways and online.
  • Join an AIS Section related to your field of interest.  Contact the AIS Office for more information.
  • Donate funds to help send a student presenter to the annual conference or to support AIS programs and resources.
  • Consider hosting an AIS conference at your institution.
  • Join an AIS task force. Recent examples include a task force to consider the honor society for interdisciplinary studies undergraduates.  Contact the AIS Office with your interest and ideas.
  • Consider proposing yourself as a candidate for an At-Large or Director's position on the AIS Board of Directors. Members are notified in Integrative Pathways and via e-mail when candidates may be proposed.  Contact the AIS President
Looking for publishing opportunities?
Other possibilities
  • Join the INTERDIS listserv to share information, seek advice, and network with other interdisciplinarians.
  • Volunteer as a peer reviewer.  Send interest to the AIS President
  • If your department or program has a job opening, submit it to Jobs in Interdisciplinary Studies. There is no charge for the postings.
  • Purchase back copies of AIS publications.
  • Check the online What's New section monthly to keep abreast of developments in AIS, and share with your colleagues.
If you have other suggestions, please contact the AIS Office.
$75 Regular 
Voluntary dues for individuals earning $60,000 or more:
  • $100 ($75 + $25 tax deductible contribution) for individuals earning $60,000-$79,999)
  • $125 ($75 + $50 tax deductible contribution) for individuals earning $80,000-$99,999)
  • $150 ($75 + $75 tax deductible contribution) for individuals earning $100,000+)
$30 Student
Regular and student members receive:
  • 1 copy of the Integrative Pathways quarterly newsletter
  • 1 copy of Issues in Interdisciplinary Studies, the peer-reviewed academic journal
  • Password for online access to the most recent editions of AIS publications
  • 1 reduced registration fee to the annual conference
$300 Institutional
Institutional members receive:
  • 4 copies of all AIS publications
  • Listings as a supporting institution in the annual conference program, in Issues in Interdisciplinary Studies, and on the AIS Website (with a link back to the institutional member's website)
  • 2 reduced registration fees at the annual AIS conference
  • The use of an AIS "hot" logo for the member institution's website
  • Eligibility to form a chapter in the International Honor Society for Interdisciplinary Studies
$100 Library
Library members receive:
  • 1 copy of all AIS publications
  • (one additional copy upon request)
Join or
AIS accepts membership payments by check, money order, credit card, or PayPal account.

Checks or money orders: Please make checks or money orders payable in U.S. funds in the amount of the membership and mail them to:

The Association for Interdisciplinary Studies
Oakland University – Macomb
44575 Garfield Road
Building UC2, Suite 103
Clinton Township, MI 48038

Please indicate that the payment is for membership dues, and include the member's name and preferred mailing address.  Please print and complete a membership form to submit with payment.

Credit card payments: You can pay your annual AIS membership dues online using MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, or PayPal account. Dues are slightly higher when paid via PayPal to cover the cost of the service.

To arrange to pay by credit card, just choose the type of membership you want (regular/individual, institutional, library, or student). In addition to the base rate, regular members earning $60,000 or more are asked to pay more, according to the levels listed in the dropdown menu below. These contributions are voluntary and thus tax deductible in the U.S. After selecting the membership rate, click on the "Pay Now" button to complete your payment.

Please note: Don't have a Paypal account? You can pay dues by credit card without creating an account. If you have a valid MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover credit card and wish to pay your membership dues using one of those, you will be able to pay without creating an account. If you do not have a PayPal account, you will be taken to a page that allows you to enter your credit card information using the Paypal system; you will not be required to create an account.

Please be aware that if your credit card is ever rejected during the online transaction, PayPal is simply relaying information from the institution that issued the credit card. We recommend that you should then contact the financial institution that issued the credit card.

Please visit here to submit online payment.

Wire Transfer:  Members who live outside the United States also may arrange to pay their dues by a bank-to-bank wire transfer. To find out how, e-mail the AIS Office at

Donations help support AIS program:
The Association for Interdisciplinary Studies welcomes donations to support its programs. Supporters may send checks, payable in U.S. funds, to AIS, Oakland University - Macomb, 44575 Garfield Rd., Bldg. UC2, Suite 103, Clinton Township, MI 48038, with a note that the funds are intended as a contribution. AIS is registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c) (3) corporation.  Donations made by U.S. members are fully tax deductible.

Fact Sheet
The Association for Interdisciplinary Studies (formerly Association for Integrative Studies) is an international professional association for interdisciplinary teachers, scholars, and researchers. AIS serves as an organized professional voice and source of information on interdisciplinary and integrative approaches to the discovery, transmission, and application of knowledge.

The Association for Integrative Studies was founded in 1979. The name of the association was changed to Association for Interdisciplinary Studies on January 1, 2013.

The AIS membership database includes more than 1,500 members, past and present, predominantly representing colleges and universities throughout the East, Midwest, South, and West in the United States. The Association’s global sweep is well represented by memberships in Australia, Canada, The Netherlands, and The United Kingdom, as well as other nations.

AIS holds an annual fall conference, hosted by one of its member institutions. The conferences attract teachers, administrators, graduate students, and independent scholars with a keen interest in developing research and instruction in interdisciplinary studies. Sessions cover a wide range of topics, and attendees have the opportunity to network and share viewpoints in an atmosphere of mutual respect, interest and encouragement.

AIS publishes the refereed annual journal Issues in Interdisciplinary Studies, and the quarterly Integrative Pathways newsletter. It has published the Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Programs: A Directory (2nd ed., 1996), and the online Master’s Program Directory and Doctoral Program Directory (AIS website). In recent years, AIS has sponsored the publication of the textbook, Interdisciplinary Research: Process and Theory, by Allen Repko, (2008), and The Politics of Interdisciplinary Studies: Essays on Transformations in American Undergraduate Programs, Tanya Augsburg and Stuart Henry, eds., (2009).

AIS is affiliated with the Association of American Colleges & Universities and the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and has held joint conferences with the American Association for Higher Education (AAHE), the Association for General and Liberal Studies (AGLS), and the Society for Values in Higher Education (SVHE). In 1990, AIS worked cooperatively with the Society for Values in Higher Education on the Interdisciplinary Studies Task Force of the AAC's Study-in-Depth Project. In 2009, AIS was an Academic Partner for the AAC&U’S Network for Academic Renewal Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Currently, AIS is teaming up with TD-net in the EU and the Center for the Study of Interdisciplinarity to organize a seminar and then a conference in Europe on integrating interdisciplinary studies and transdisciplinary studies.

AIS is a 501(c)(3) corporation, incorporated as a non-profit educational association in the state of Ohio.

Antioch University - Interdisciplinary Studies  
Arizona State University - Leadership & Interdisciplinary Studies
Athabasca University - MAIS Program
Auburn University - Interdisciplinary Studies
Biola University - Interdisciplinary Studies
Brigham Young University Honors Program
California State University Channel Islands
Central Michigan University - Master of Science in Administration
Champlain College - Core Division
Coastal Carolina University - HTC Honors College and Center for Interdisciplinary Studies 
Colorado State University - Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts, College of Liberal Arts 
Creighton University - Department of Interdisciplinary Studies
Elizabeth City State University - Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Faulkner University - IDS
Florida A&M University - Interdisciplinary Studies
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Henderson State University - Integrated Studies
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James Madison University
Kansas Wesleyan University - Behavioral Sciences
Kennesaw State University - Leadership and Integrated Studies
Maastricht University - Global Studies
Merrimack College - Interdisciplinary Institute
Miami University - Western Program
Michigan State University – Center for Integrative Studies 
Norfolk State University - History & Interdisciplinary Studies 
North Greenville University
Oakland University - Integrative Studies 
Oxford College of Emory University
Plymouth State University - Interdisciplinary Studies 
Rochester College - Music, Theatre, Dance
Sacred Heart University - College of Arts and Sciences 
Saint Leo University - Interdisciplinary Studies and Experiential Learning
Salve Regina University 
Seattle University - Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies 
Simpson College - Education
Slippery Rock University - Interdisciplinary Programs
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council
Sonoma State University
Southern Utah University - Integrative & Engaged Studies
Spalding University - School of Liberal Studies
SUNY Geneseo
SUNY Polytechnic Institute - Interdisciplinary Studies Program
Texas Christian University
Texas Tech University - University Studies 
The College at Brockport, SUNY
University of Amsterdam - Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies 
University of Arkansas at Little Rock - Philosophy & Interdisciplinary Studies
University of Central Florida - Interdisciplinary Studies
University of Mount Union 
University of New Mexico
University of Oklahoma - College of Liberal Studies 
University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma - Arts and Humanities
University of South Florida – Sarasota-Manatee 
University of Southern Mississippi - Interdisciplinary Studies
University of West Georgia - Interdisciplinary Studies
Virginia Commonwealth University - Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies
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Weber State University 
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