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LGBTQ Studies Minor


The LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) minor cuts across disciplinary boundaries and investigates what is means to divide people into social categories of "male" and "female," "straight" and "gay," or "bi" and “queer.”  The minor in LGBTQ studies combines historical, social science, interpersonal and institutional investigations of sexualities, sexual identities and gender identities in U.S. and global contexts.

Students receive an overview of the subject, a focus on theoretical frameworks, and hands-on experience in the form of internships as well as examinations into culture and institutions such as education, medicine, government and the family. The LGBTQ Studies minor is facilitated by the Women and Gender Studies (WGS) Program. Read more about the LGBTQ minor requirements.  To earn a minor, students must complete a minimum of 20 credit hours as follows:


  • WGS 3010 (Formerly WGS 303) – Intro to LGBTQ Studies (4).
  • WGS 4931 (Formerly WGS 398) – Field Experience in LGBTQ Studies (4) with approval of the WGS director. (Students majoring in WGS and minoring in LGBTQ Studies will have this course double counted.) Offered every semester. Students must contact the WGS director for permission.
  • WGS 4010 (Formerly WGS 404)/SOC 4800 (Formerly SOC 404) – Queer Social Theory (4).

Courses are sequenced to make completing the minor in a timely manner possible.

8 credits from the following list:

  • WGS 3830 (Formerly WGS 207)/SOC 3110 (Formerly SOC 207) – Human Sexuality (4)
  • WGS 3814 (Formerly WGS 336)/SOC 3620 (Formerly SOC 336) – Sociology of Gender (4)
  • WGS 4810 (Formerly WGS 382)/EST 5304 (Formerly EST 582) – Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Education (4)
  • WGS 3827 (Formerly WGS 387)/COM 3606 (Formerly COM 387) – Media, Gender and Sexuality (4)
  • COM 4602 (Formerly COM 414) - Sexuality and Communication (4)

Students may petition to have additional courses such as WGS 3900 (Formerly WGS 301) – Special Topics – count for the minor.