Project Upward Bound

South Foundation Hall, Room 261
308 Meadow Brook Road
Rochester, Michigan 48309-4454
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(248) 370-3218
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Social Enrichment

Social Enrichment

Being in Project Upward Bound provides endless opportunities for social enrichment. Since it services several high schools, participants regularly interact with students from other communities. At student leadership conferences, participants interact with TRiO students and staff from across the state, the region, and the nation. In addition, PUB participants are constantly surrounded by PUB alumni and professionals who consistently model acceptable social behavior for participants.

Social enrichment activities also include:
  • Visiting with and hosting other Upward Bound Programs
  • Learning social graces/courtesies 
  • Hosting participants from other pre-college programs
  • Being surrounded by PUB alumni
  • Participating in Family Fun Day each summer
  • Hosting guests for the Annual Scholarship Gospelfest
  • Conflict Resolution/Peer Mediation Training
  • Living on campus in a residential academic community
  • Negotiating Privileges as a part of Student Council
  • Hygiene, health, and healthy relationship workshops
  • Dining Etiquette Training
  • Final Exam Blowout at local games venues
  • Choosing the attire for the occasion, body language, and conversational speaking workshops
  • Learning/practicing acceptable social behaviors
  • Learning/practicing self-responsibility through the summer trip incentive system
  • Appropriate behavior in hotels, tipping, packing for travel
  • Teamwork, Time Management
  • Giving and earning Respect in relationships, behavior, and communication
  • Appropriate timing and usage of cell phones and social media
In essence, by the time participants graduate from PUB, they are a lot more “polished” than when they came in!

Community Service

PUB sponsors several community service opportunities annually to teach participants how to be a better world citizen. In the fall PUB partners with the Lighthouse of Oakland County for their annual Thanksgiving Project - food drive, packing meals, and delivering meals. In the winter is PUB’s hat, scarf, and glove drive donated to various human service agencies. And in February we make and deliver lap blankets and Valentine cards to nursing home residents.