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Property Management

Also known as Inventory and Property Control or Equipment Inventory. The Property Management office is responsible for tracking all university equipment purchased, released or marked for disposal.

We offer surplus equipment FREE to university offices. Surplus equipment is also offered FOR SALE to individuals and organizations. Most equipment is in working order. All items are released or sold as is. All sales are final.

PM Sept 1 Notice
Property Release 

A Property Release Form must be submitted to the Property Management Department for any equipment released, regardless of cost, condition, inventoried or non-inventoried.  Download the  Property Release Form. All computers must be securely erased before being released to PMO. Download and complete  the notice of computer release form.


Request to Take Equipment Off Campus

Download the Request To Take Equipment Off Campus form .  Laptops and similar portable computing devices are excluded.

Electronic Waste

As a high volume generator of electronic waste (E-Waste), Oakland University is required by law to dispose of all surplus and scrap electronic equipment in an environmentally responsible manner. The PMO works closely with electronic recycling companies to insure proper disposal of all e-waste. E-Waste  may not  simply be thrown into the trash! It must be sent to GUS (Grizzly University Storage) in conjunction with an Inventory Release Form.

Items that constitute E-Waste include, but are not limited to: electronic lab equipment, computers, monitors, keyboards, mice, speakers, printers, fax machines, copiers, phones & TV's.  In fiscal year 2010, Property Management needed to arrange pickup of 30,000 lbs of E-Waste from its storage building (GUS) using recycling firms specializing in such disposal.

Contact Information and Business Hours 

Appointments for viewing or purchasing equipment can be made by contacting Departments may contact Property Management for appointments. 
Police and Support Services Bldg.
201 Meadow Brook Rd. Rm 15  
(248) 370-4220 
Fax: (248) 370-4544 
Hours: Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (closed noon - 1 p.m.)

Kathryn Walters, Director University Services & Property Management
Roberta Carlson, Office Assistant II
Melissa Brockington, Assistant
Eric Nelson, Digital Technology Specialist (248) 370-3193
& Procedures

Property Management - Policies and Procedures

  • Departments must complete a  Property Release Form and submit the original to the Property Management Office (PMO) for any equipment a department wishes to have removed. Removal of unwanted equipment is completed by submitting a work control request with the Moving and Setup department. PMO does not move equipment.
  • Departments must complete a Notice of Computer Release Form for surplus computers (and any other equipment with a hard drive, including copiers) to accompany the Property Release Form.  
  • For removal of items, departments must submit a work order to the Work Control Center.
  • Equipment released to the Property Management office is available to all departments for office use.
  • The donation of University Property to third parties is discouraged. On an exception basis, written requests to donate property with little or no value may be submitted to PMO. Further information is included in Policy #365 - Surplus Disposal. Click here for Donation Guidelines.
  • If the equipment title has remained with a federal agency, send the Property Release Form to the Property Management office. For further information refer to the Policies and Procedures. Michigan sales tax must be collected on sales to individuals and to organizations not holding a certificate of tax exemption.
For the complete Policies and Procedures Manual for Property Management, please refer to  Policy 360 in the Administrative Policies and Procedures.  

Surplus items are available at no cost for use in University offices.

Contact us at to inquire about our current inventory. Please be specific in what you are looking for so we can better determine if we have something in inventory that may suit your needs.

Most equipment is in working order. All items are released as is.

Departments are responsible for contacting Facilities Management Work Control to move larger items from the storage facility to their office.

The staff of Property Management are not located in the (GUS) Grizzly University Storage facility. Therefore  appointments for viewing equipment for department transfers must be made by contacting If you are going to be late to an appointment or need to change your appointment date and time please contact the office at 4220.
Surplus Sale

Oakland University Surplus is not holding open public sales at this time.

Surplus items are still available for public purchase by appointment. Contact us at to set up an appointment. When requesting an appointment please be specific in what you are looking for so we can better determine if we have something in our current inventory that would suit your needs.

GUS view two.jpg

  • Most equipment is in working order
  • You should try to determine whether the item is working prior to purchase
  • All items are released as is
  • No warranties are given for surplus property
  • Warehouse personnel are not allowed to troubleshoot computer problems or offer any type of warranty on merchandise
  • Michigan sales tax must be applied to all sales
  • All sales are cash (or check with ID) and carry; We cannot accept credit or debit cards
  • The purchaser is responsible for removing the equipment from the storage area at the time of purchase; Staff cannot help load items

There are no offices, restrooms or phones in GUS. Our PMO office is located in Room 15 Police and Support Services Bldg., GUS is located at 3921 Lonedale Rd, Rochester, MI 48309.  Lonedale Road can be accessed via Squirrel Road using the new entrance or you can enter campus via Pioneer Drive.  When entering the university by way of Pioneer Drive, take the first right at the traffic circle, take the first right at the second traffic circle and make a left at the dirt road, which is Lonedale Road.


Contact us at  Many items are frequently posted to Craigslist Detroit under  "Property Mgt".

Off Campus
For equipment that will be taken off campus, please complete a Request To Take Equipment Off Campus form and submit the original copy to the Property Management Office. Laptops and similar portable computing devices are excluded. You will need Department Head and Dean or Divisional VP approval.