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Employee Recognition

Outstanding AP
of the Year
To recognize the contributions of the Administrative Professional (AP) community, the AP Assembly established an annual Outstanding Administrative Professional Award in 1984. This award is given to an AP who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in his or her professional role. Oakland University provides a $1,500 stipend that accompanies this award.

2015 Outstanding AP of the Year: Angie Schmucker
Oakland University’s Outstanding Administrative Professional of the Year Award maintains a relatively succinct expectation of potential honorees – simply that they demonstrate outstanding achievement in their professional role.

While this is the case, there is nothing simple about what 2015 Outstanding AP of the Year Angie Schmucker has accomplished.

A 13-year Oakland employee who now serves as executive director of planned and annual giving, Schmucker has impressed colleagues, students, alumni, donors and many others with her heartfelt and steadfast dedication to the University; her vast knowledge and mastery of fundraising best practices; her innovative thinking; and her willingness to mentor, support, collaborate with, and acknowledge the talents and contributions of others in the campus community.

During her career, Schmucker has secured millions of dollars to support the programs and initiatives of academic units and departments across the University. In 2014 alone, she stewarded $9 million in planned giving cash and more than $2 million in future gifts.

“There is not a school, college or division on campus that hasn't been improved by a donation secured by Angie,” one colleague wrote.

She has helped create countless academic scholarships, thereby opening doors of opportunity to students who might not otherwise be able to pursue a college degree.

Schmucker and members of her team have created numerous additional support initiatives as well, including the Student Philanthropy Committee, the Senior Class Gift, the Black and Gold Loyalty Society, the Planned Giving Vision Society, and the Parent/Family Giving Campaign.

Oakland’s retired faculty and staff have certainly not escaped her caring attention, as evidenced by her having played a central role in the creation of the Pioneer Club, which works to keep OU retirees informed and involved in campus events. In this way, retirees have a means to stay involved in the life of the University and remain connected with campus news, current employees and fellow retirees.

On a managerial level, Schmucker has accomplished a great deal during her time at OU. She oversaw the merging of planned and annual giving operations on campus, for example, which not only resulted in increased donations, but also reengaged thousands of former OU faculty, staff, alumni and friends who had not been contacted in years. 

She is also active off campus, having maintained prestigious Certified Fundraising Executive status since 2007, as well as having maintained membership in the Southeast Michigan Planned Giving Roundtable, the Partnership for Philanthropic Planning, CASE, and the nonprofit mentoring organization Women of Tomorrow.

“Angie Schmucker is long overdue for recognition of the work that she has done to advance this University,” a colleague wrote. “She is a diplomat who can turn any situation into a positive one, a great communicator both internally and externally, and is so dedicated to OU that she may possibly bleed gold.”

Schmucker and her family are season ticket holders for both basketball games and Meadow Brook Theatre performances. One of her nominators said that she exemplifies what it means to be a proud employee and an enthusiastic community ambassador.

“Perhaps the most important quality exhibited by Angie is her positive and optimistic
attitude,” one of numerous nominators wrote. “Angie recognizes the value and importance of the role of the University for students, faculty, staff and the community.”

Among countless additional accolades on Schmucker’s behalf was the following praise: “Angie's fundraising efforts … are a reflection of where we have been as a University, an acknowledgement of where we are today and, most importantly, where we are going.”

A celebratory reception honoring Schmucker’s accomplishments and dedication to the University will take place in Banquet Room A of Oakland Center on Tuesday, June 2. All are welcome to attend the event, which is set from 3-5 p.m.

Past Recipients
Rosalind Andreas, 1984
Patrick Nicosia, 1985
Joan Stinson, 1986
Elaine Chapman Moore, 1987
Clair McVety, 1988
Jean Ann Miller, 1989
Arthur Griggs, 1990
Thomas Kirchner, 1991
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Felecia Bumpus, 1998
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Sheryl Klemanski, 2004
George Preisinger, 2005
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Tricia Westergaard, 2007
Mila Padgett, 2008
Jennifer Gilroy, 2009
Samuel Lucido, 2010
Steve Shablin, 2011
Eleanor Reynolds, 2012
Peggy Cooke, 2013
Greg Jordan, 2014
Angie Schmucker, 2015
Employee of
the Month
Do you know an employee who:
  • Shines by Their Attitude: Has a positive attitude and performance in serving the needs of the university staff from other department, students, visitors, faculty, etc.
  • Reaches Higher: Dedication and work ethic that is above and beyond that required.
  • Performs Exceptionally: Proven and demonstrated methods of improving the efficiency of the work place; exceptional performance in a project or task, which results in a savings of money/time, or increases revenues, productivity and/or morale.
  • Promotes Teamwork: Builds positive working relationships with individuals and with teams on cross-functional projects.
  • Rallies in Support of OU: Aligns their work in support of Institutional Priorities.
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November 2015 Employee of the Month


Career Coach
Length of Service: 1 Year
Employee of the month for November 2015

Andrea is an excellent example of what can be accomplished with determination, creativity and a passion for excellence.  In her short time with the Career Services Department, she has exhibited an ability to successfully build relationships with students, employers and the university community.

Andrea was hired as a Career Coach with a primary focus on student career development and strategies to build career community in the School of Business Administration. As a result of staff changes over the past few months, she was asked to extend her responsibilities to build and maintain relationships with employers and develop recruitment strategies/ programs to engage students with opportunities in industry. Andrea stepped up to the plate without a moment's hesitation. She has done an outstanding job supporting the SBA ACHIEVE Program and building partnerships with academic advising and faculty to enhance programming initiatives. She has also been very successful at expanding employer meet and greets and industry specific programs across multiple industry sectors to help students explore career options.

In a very short time, Andrea has proved herself as a trusted resource and a wealth of knowledge for students. Students consistently praise Andrea for her knowledgeable consultation, thoughtful advice, and encouraging spirit. In fact, one of Andrea's students thought so highly of her work they nominated her for the Professional Academic Adviser of the Year Award praising Andrea for her outstanding guidance, advice, and ability to think outside of the box.

In addition to Andrea's exemplary performance, she exudes positive energy. She manages the busiest of days with a positive attitude and a contagious smile. She is nothing short of a delight to work with.

Congratulations to Andrea on her selection as the November 2015 Employee of the Month!

October 2015 Employee of the Month


Visiting Coordinator
Length of Service: 5 Years
Employee of the month for October 2015

Emily is the epitome of the phrase "hard worker." Emily's boundless energy, creativity, work ethic and passion for OU inspires those around her. She challenges her staff and colleagues to step outside of their comfort zone, in order to truly grow as an individual and as a professional.

Emily arrives early and stays late, putting her work and the betterment of this University before all else. She believes in helping to shape the higher education experience of those in her charge, and dedicates herself to making a positive influence.

Under Emily's guidance and leadership, Undergraduate Admissions has seen a significant increase in the number of yearly visitors. Our Daily Campus Tours alone have seen a 33 percent increase in prospective student attendance. We host almost 9,000 students on campus for various events throughout the year, and their experience is truly heightened by the effort Emily inserts into our visit programs. Emily's work and dedication to this institution deserves recognition!

Congratulations to Emily on her selection as the October 2015 Employee of the Month!

September 2015 Employee of the Month


Executive Legal Secretary
Length of Service: 26 Years
Employee of the Month for September 2015

Carolyn has worked in the Office of Legal Affairs for twenty-six (26) years and for many of them as the Executive Legal Secretary. She provides excellent support to a team of four attorneys in an office that is often fast paced and pressure filled. Carolyn does so with a quiet resolve, good humor and always delivers an exemplary and timely work product.

Known to work after hours to ensure that her work is complete, Carolyn prides herself on doing what it takes to get the job done. Carolyn is truly a "quiet warrior" and is very deserving of this recognition.

Carolyn is competent, efficient, and always handles her tasks of the Office of Legal Affairs in a way that leaves you with a lasting positive impression. She brings to the job a high degree of energy, commitment, flexibility and professional conduct which reflects positively on the Office of Legal Affairs.

Congratulations to Carolyn on her selection as the September 2015 Employee of the Month!

August 2015 Employee of the Month


Information Technology Specialist
Length of Service: 3 years
Employee of the Month for August 2015

While Bill has made many contributions as the IT Specialist in the First Year Advising Center in three years, he has greatly exceeded expectations in his ability to collaborate with others across campus to bring technology to the forefront for the benefit of efficiency, student support and transparency.

Several examples include:
  • Leading a training series on the Banner Relationship Management (BRM) for all advising units
  • Educating Student Affairs departments on the benefits of BRM (CMI, University Housing, Career Services, Financial Aid, The Tutoring Center)
  • Creating a campus-wide communication campaign for the mid-semester evaluation process using the BRM
  • Serving as the technical lead on the Faculty Feedback (Early Alert) committee
  • Partnering with Leo Debiaggi on a training series for IT staff across Student Affairs on Banner data reporting
Bill is focused on the big picture, but also pays attention to the finite details that need to be accomplished.  He has established a solid working relationship with colleagues across all divisions and brings people together to work smarter.  His friendly disposition and can-do attitude make others feel open to utilizing him for support and assistance.   And, his willingness to investigate new solutions to problems ensures we are always moving forward.

Although Bill works in the First Year Advising Center, he has become an ambassador to many other areas in and out of our division.  He is the model of a team-player and should be recognized as an Employee of the Month for his above-and-beyond efforts.

Bill sits on many committees and groups at the University and provides insight and advice on a variety of topics as it pertains to resourcefully using technology to reach university goals. Always willing to identify a solution to a problem, Bill serves as a troubleshooter for various departments who utilize the BRM system or interested in reporting student data. He is always willing to go above his job duties in an effort to use technology to increase the levels of efficiency for the FYAC office and the university. Bill does this while maintaining many campus relationships and partnerships.

Bill has started and orchestrated a users group in the Division of Student Affairs to help departments learn about their data and how to use it to make decisions. As a lead implementer of the Faculty feedback group, the committee is relying on his expertise to start this program in fall 2015. We are very proud to work with Bill every day and extremely grateful that he is a part of the OU family!

Congratulations to Bill on his selection as the August 2015 Employee of the Month!

July 2015 Employee of the Month

ROBERT PERREAULT  EOM.Perreault.57_20150723085517_870310.jpg

Hazardous Waste Specialist
Length of Service: 2 years
Employee of the Month for July 2015

Those who work with Bob will agree that he approaches his work with a contagious enthusiasm. He treats coworkers and campus clients with courtesy and respect. Bob is a team player who relishes in joining or helping organize moral boosting events for our office.

Bob takes tremendous pride in providing University clients the safest and most affordable practices to manage chemicals in their workplace. He has helped develop programs which improve environmental compliance and at the same time has helped reduce disposal costs for various university hazardous materials.

Bob is known for being well organized and prepared for all projects he manages or supports. Bob interacts with faculty, staff and students, providing hazardous materials training and consultation services for the University. Bob's favorite part of his job is when he is able to pass along the wisdom he has gained through his many years of experience in the Environmental Health and Safety industry. He responds to university consultations and inquiries with prompt and well researched responses. Bob is an exceptional employee and booster for Oakland University!

Congratulations to Bob on his selection as the July 2015 Employee of the Month!

June 2015 Employee of the Month


Coordinator of the Gender and Sexuality Center
Length of Service: 4 years
Employee of the Month for June 2015

Grace serves as the Coordinator of the Gender and Sexuality Center (GSC).  The GSC serves multiple purposes, as does Grace, supervising the needs of women, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, allies, and asexual students. During her time at Oakland University the GSC grown and developed into a welcoming place for students and staff.

Grace has established herself as the “go to” resource person regarding LGBTIQA issues and concerns on Oakland University’s campus for students, faculty and staff. The Gender and Sexuality Center is growing not only in usage, but is firmly recognized as a campus resource with a timely sense of purpose and direction through Grace’s leadership.  She has worked collaboratively and cooperatively, as well as with passion and pride, resulting in a very productive year with highly visible success. Grace is a truly talented and valued member of the Center for Student Activities staff, as well as a dedicated source of support for OU students and the OU community.

The center serves as a meeting place for organizations, a resource center to gain information, and a refuge between classes. One of Grace's biggest tasks is getting students, faculty, and staff S.A.F.E. (Students, Administrators & Faculty for Equality) trained. Grace is constantly holding training sessions on campus to break down the stereotypes of the LGBTIQA population. To become a recognized "Ally" in the S.A.F.E. on Campus program, individuals take part in a two-hour training session and sign a S.A.F.E. On Campus agreement. Many student organizations, offices, and departments have asked Grace to train them based on the success of this program.

Other programs she has helped initiate and groom include the Queer Peers Mentoring Program, the annual drag show (which now hosts over 500 people), Lavender Graduation, the Bra Show, Women's History Month, the Coming out Monologues, the Vagina Monologues, Pride Week, and Take Back the Night. These programs are all successfully attended and serve not only a diverse group of students, but the entire student body.

Grace is an asset to the entire student body. Students meet with her constantly and discuss important issues such as programming, coming out, and sexual health. At most universities Grace's job would be done by multiple people, but she is able to balance many tasks at one time.

Congratulations to Grace on her selection as the June 2015 Employee of the Month!

May 2015 Employee of the Month

RENEE DEMBECKRenee Dembeck EOM photo

Executive Office Assistant
Length of Service: 2 years
Employee of the Month for May 2015

Renee has worked in the Office of the President for only two years, but it feels as though she has been in the office longer. It is a pleasure to have her as an important member of our office team.

Renee has a very calming and positive demeanor. Even if she is having a bad day, you will never know it because she is always cheerful and pleasant. As the first contact in the office, Renee oftentimes has to respond to parents, students and others who often call (or visit) the Office of the President for assistance and to resolve issues. She responds in a very caring and professional manner, listening patiently to their concerns and then directing them to the appropriate office if needed. She then follows up to ensure that their concerns have been addressed or their issue resolved.

As the office has grown, so has Renee's workload. She does an outstanding job of managing the many day-to-day requests that come her way from multiple administrators in the office. In addition to her normal job duties, she consistently goes above and beyond by assisting with special projects and initiatives many of which are very time consuming. For example, she assists with executive searches, strategic planning, and most recently the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Conference. Renee's contributions for the conference were invaluable. She took the lead for the registration process, worked with our IT staff to meet the multiple and diverse needs of the multiple presenters, and spent countless hours assisting with coordinating the details associated with planning what resulted in a very successful event.

Renee is always looking for ways to improve processes in the office and to ease the workload of others. She is a team player and has developed positive relationships with others across campus to ensure a successful outcome. She takes the initiative to learn as much as she can about OU by attending and volunteering for campus events.

In addition to her calm demeanor, she has a great sense of humor. As busy and crazy as our office can get at times, Renee always finds a way to inject humor into what could easily become a stressful situation. You will never hear her complain. She would rather find a solution. We are very fortunate to have Renee in our office.

Congratulations to Renee on her selection as the May 2015 Employee of the Month!

April 2015 Employee of the Month

Office Assistant II
Length of Service: 3 years
Employee of the Month for April 2015

Sarah Erskine has always been an upbeat, smart, productive bright spot, but she's gone far beyond that, exemplifying the values of OU, CAS, and our department.

Sarah is an employee that is a joy to work with. She is very responsive to the department’s needs rising to the occasion with the utmost professionalism, and strong work ethic. She is very quick to respond to people's needs and does so with a cheerful attitude. She is very knowledgeable about not just the Social Work program but the department as a whole. She is a fantastic representative of the importance office assistants play to the success of the department as a whole as well as the University.

Sarah's personality and willingness to help in all aspects of our department shine! When Sarah is tasked with something, she finishes it within a day and informs you upon completion. If Sarah is asked to complete something she has never done before she looks at it as a fun challenge. For example, a team member questioned if a report existed that could give information regarding what county our students are from. We did not need anything formal, just a quick number for a staff meeting. She produced the number within an hour and was excited that she learned something new.

When Sarah has been asked to review documents, she returns them the same day with suggested changes. She gives honest opinions when approached on program ideas. Having someone to go to with ideas, who will give an honest, thought out response is appreciated. She does everything with a smile and a contagious laugh. She is not only an amazing OU employee but an awesome person.

Sarah recently was called upon to serve the other three programs-Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice. It was a very hectic time, with visits from faculty candidates, scheduling, reimbursements, and other tasks. Though Sarah typically handles these matters just for Social Work, circumstances required her to do so for the wider department-a threefold increase in workload. Sarah ensured that our candidates' needs were fully met while also managing arrangements for the Social Work faculty search. She cheerily took on these extra tasks without complaint. In addition, she also processed a large backlog of department paperwork within mere days. Her efficiency imparted order and calm, freeing up her colleagues to focus on teaching, research, and service.

Sarah has always gone above and beyond what is expected of her. Her attitude is always great and she is extremely competent at her job.

Congratulations to Sarah on her selection as the April 2015 Employee of the Month!

March 2015 Employee of the Month

Coordinator, Orientation/New Student Programs
Length of Service: 3 years
Employee of the Month for March 2015

Amy is an outstanding employee who has gone far above and beyond her job description to make a positive impact with students and the campus community.

  • Amy supervises the Orientation Group Leader and Orientation Assistant staff which is responsible for facilitating the university's orientation program. Each year her students feel that their experience with orientation has changed their life and that is testament to the training and effort Amy puts into her job as student supervisor.
  • During her three years, Amy has taken on several projects and made significant changes that have positively impacted the campus.
  • During this past year Amy worked closely with staff in the First Year Advising Center to create and implement our Week of Workshops (W.O.W. Week).
  • Also, Amy chaired the Student to Professional Conference which saw record numbers of registrations which was a huge success that impacted multiple students and departments.
  • Amy is also co-hosting a regional conference on OU's campus that is connected to her area of work in orientation.
  • Amy has been instrumental in making changes with the New Student Convocation Committee to continue to improve and enhance this critical program.
  • Lastly, Amy has been involved with the AP Assembly in a multitude of ways that has spread a positive infectious attitude and message to other AP's on campus.
One of Amy's phrases she uses with students often is "Today is the best day ever", when looking at her contributions to the university as a whole she should consider changing it to "Best employee ever".

Congratulations to Amy on her selection as the March 2015 Employee of the Month!

February 2015 Employee of the Month

Assistant Registrar for Systems and Technology
Length of Service: 4 years
Employee of the Month for February 2015

Josh Stotts has made a positive and lasting difference in the Office of the Registrar. As a team player, he brings a positive attitude to the office. Whether making co-workers laugh, or motivating change, Josh inspires those around him to perform at their best.

Since joining the Office of the Registrar, Josh has taken the lead on initiating positive changes in several areas of the office. In particular, he led a team that automated the AP credit process. He essentially took a manual job that took at least 5 weeks and reduced it to approximately one week.

Another initiative that Josh took on is with the improvements he has made to the graduation auditing process. Utilizing existing technology, Josh has developed a process that has resulted in a substantial time savings for the graduation auditor. Not only has there been a time savings, but the new process eliminated 13.6 reams of paper in one semester!

During this time, Josh has continued to meet deadlines for state reporting initiatives, as well as represent the Office of the Registrar on many university-wide initiatives. He juggles a large workload, and yet he maintains a positive, can-do attitude. Every opportunity to improve a process is greeted with enthusiasm.

Congratulations to Joshua Stotts on his selection as the February 2015 Employee of the Month!

January 2015 Employee of the Month

Custodian III/Facilities
Length of Service: 14 years
Employee of the Month for January 2015

Angelita is an outstanding employee in virtually every category. Along with her regular duties as a custodian on the 3rd shift of the Campus Cleaning department, which include maintaining the Presidents and Provosts Office suites at Wilson Hall in which she excels, Angie provides valuable service to the department as a Functional Leader.

Angie creates an inspiring example of dedication to OU through her unfailing reliability in her work ethic, attention to detail, and overall professionalism. Whenever cleaning projects arise Angie quietly steps up and pitches in until the jobs are done, usually demonstrating time and labor saving techniques.

As an expert custodian, new employees are often sent to receive training from Angie. She keeps her finger on the pulse of her area, seamlessly adjusting her nightly work plan to accommodate late performances at MBT, dealing with heavy snow, or late meetings held in the President's area. Angie regularly demonstrates the unique talent of discretion by knowing when to address an issue directly and when to remain quietly focus on her own responsibilities.

Angie's attendance is excellent, her cooperation unconditional, and the quality of her work exceptional!

Congratulations to Angelita on her selection as the January 2015 Employee of the Month!

December 2014 Employee of the Month

Office Assistant III
Length of Service: 8 years
Employee of the Month for December 2014

Roz is the epitome of a student advocate. She has suggested many services for students that have been implemented, such as paper and plastic recycling and credit card readers on vending machines. She recognized the need for more laptops in the computer lab and opening the computer classroom, when not in use, to students. Her latest initiative is to streamline the distribution of parking permits to 800+ students and faculty by using laptops. She is also instrumental in budget processing, event planning and summer career camps, to name a few of her many responsibilities. She is a valuable team member of the OU Macomb County staff. Not only is Roz extremely accurate and timely with conducting her day-to-day duties, she is also very generous with her time and always willing to help with planning events and initiatives that will benefit Oakland University’s students and staff. Roz’s combined experiences with student services, technology, organization and leadership, make her a welcome addition to any team.

Working with Roz is fantastic. Her concern for students is infectious, and her care for our campus can’t be exceeded. She resolves problems no matter the size and prevents countless more before they arise. Maybe it’s because her constant activity and attention to detail make the AFC a great place to be, but she’s always cheerful and positive with students and colleagues whether it’s early or late, and busy or calm. Roz has a first-class work ethic and demonstrates exemplary service to all students, faculty and staff. She is always looking for ways to enhance the student and faculty experience in Macomb and many of her suggestions have been implemented at the Anton/Frankel Center. Roz consistently exceed the expectations of her position and well-respected member of our OU Macomb County team. Her great attitude and personality allows her to have fun with our students, faculty, and staff that she comes in contact with. She has gone the extra mile with the "technology hat" she will throw on at times for any support that is needed. Roz plays a huge role in helping others feel welcome. She is always willing to stop what she is doing to help a co-worker. She exemplifies the meaning of teamwork on a daily basis. Roz is one of the first people students see when they walk into the Anton/Frankel Center and there is truly no better person to be “the face” of the AFC. Her welcoming disposition and genuine character helps students know they are valued. She always puts the needs of students first and continually finds ways to improve the student experience at the AFC. Roz is an invaluable member of the OU-Macomb County team!

Congratulations to Roz on her selection as the December 2014 Employee of the Month!

November 2014 Employee of the Month

Financial Assistant
Length of Service: 1 year
Employee of the Month for November 2014

Maureen is an outstanding employee with a contagious positive attitude. She treats everybody with respect and grace. Her compliments and good words brighten our days.

Maureen takes on new projects with enthusiasm and a can-do attitude. We can always count on her to get the work done and do it well. She will do everything she can to understand and figure out a problem. In addition she goes above and beyond her responsibilities to help others with budget or technical questions. If she doesn't know the answer, she will find out. Maureen did an exceptional job with one of our latest self-service implementations. The new process helps improve the accuracy of redistributions of payroll transactions and ultimately saves a lot of time and effort for many departments on campus. She did a lot of research on the process, including all the technical issues that we encountered and made sure we did a lot of testing prior to going live. The way she handled it was impressive.

Maureen is a very valuable employee to our team and the University because she embraces innovation, takes initiative, delivers and does it all with a great positive attitude. We are very lucky to have her.

Congratulations to Maureen on her selection as the November 2014 Employee of the Month!

October 2014 Employee of the Month

Director, Video Services Classroom Support/Tech Services
Length of Service: 13 years
Employee of the Month for October 2014

Those who work with Heather Haughey share their sincere appreciation for all of the work that she has done for the Second Year Experience (SYE) videos. This truly has been a labor of love as the first time we filmed the video, we lost all of the footage and had to start over due to an equipment glitch. Mind you the first filming was done all in one day and that wasn't the case for getting the new footage. Heather has worked tirelessly to make this happen from working around other people's schedules, ensuring the film crew was available, to coordinating schedules with staff and students. Not to mention she is a dynamite editor and creator with the graphics and looks for videos. The final product is amazing--it is well beyond what we imagined and she most certainly is an exceptional person to work with and collaborate with on projects!

Congratulations to Heather on her selection as the October 2014 Employee of the Month!

September 2014 Employee of the Month

Coordinator for Student Development
Length of Service: 11 years
Employee of the Month for September 2014

Marie VanBuskirk regularly performs beyond expectation and tackles new initiatives with a positive attitude and a willingness to cooperate.

Marie recently demonstrated all of the categories for this recognition when she led in organizing a Division-wide student employee training for over 400 students. Marie understood that this would have significant impact on all of the student employees and departments within the Division. In organizing this event, Marie began by coordinating training efforts with the other two largest departments within the Division. Marie found speakers and invited all of the departments within the Division to participate. At a university of this size, with 21 departments participating, it is nothing short of a miracle that this event took place. To manage all the logistics, Marie willingly stayed every night covering every detail. The purpose of this event was to save time and money in not duplicating training efforts - e.g. all would attend one afternoon of the "Active Shooter" training rather than OUPD having to do 21 training sessions. In response to the Campus Climate Survey, special attention was dedicated to covering issues of diversity and S.A.F.E. training. Additional sessions included conflict resolution and an understanding of the BIG picture of recruitment, retention and collaboration. The President of the University welcomed the students and Interim Vice President for Student Affairs presented a message for the student leaders.

Marie has worked at OU for over 10 years and she has been outstanding in developing quality customer service for our Welcome Center student employees as they are front line students who greet all who enter the Rec Center. Recently, we have shifted her duties to Student Development.

Marie excels at planning, leadership and execution in all she does. Congratulations to Marie on her selection as the September 2014 Employee of the Month!

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