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Employee Recognition

Outstanding AP
of the Year
To recognize the contributions of the Administrative Professional (AP) community, the AP Assembly established an annual Outstanding Administrative Professional Award in 1984. This award is given to an AP who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in his or her professional role. Oakland University provides a $1,500 stipend that accompanies this award.

2017 Outstanding AP Nomination form

2016 Outstanding AP of the Year: Nancy Schmitz
Oakland University’s Outstanding Administrative Professional of the Year Award maintains a relatively succinct expectation of potential honorees – simply that they demonstrate outstanding achievement in their professional role.

For more than 30 years, Nancy has demonstrated these exceptional qualities in her work at OU and has moved steadily through positions of increasing responsibility. As the assistant vice president for student affairs and dean of students, colleagues describe Nancy as highly professional, selflessly dedicated to OU and its mission, kind, caring, supportive, collaborative, knowledgeable, versatile, motivated and positive, and she is an exceptional mentor to colleagues. Nancy played an instrumental role in creating the highly successful First Year Advising Center and championed physical and mental health services for students through Graham Health Center and OU Counseling Center.

A celebratory reception honoring Schmitz’s accomplishments and dedication to the University will take place in the Banquet Rooms in the Oakland Center on Tuesday, June 14. All are welcome to attend the event, which is set from 3-5 p.m.

Past Recipients
Rosalind Andreas, 1984
Patrick Nicosia, 1985
Joan Stinson, 1986
Elaine Chapman Moore, 1987
Clair McVety, 1988
Jean Ann Miller, 1989
Arthur Griggs, 1990
Thomas Kirchner, 1991
Elizabeth Millwood, 1992
Ron Kevern, 1993
Virginia Allen, 1994
David Herman, 1995
Lynn Hockenberger, 1996
Katie Kazarian, 1997
Felecia Bumpus, 1998
Glenn McIntosh, 1999
Dawn Aubry, 2000
Vicki Larabell, 2001
Leonard Brown, 2002
Gerald Compton, 2003
Sheryl Klemanski, 2004
George Preisinger, 2005
Melvin Gilroy, 2006 
Tricia Westergaard, 2007
Mila Padgett, 2008
Jennifer Gilroy, 2009
Samuel Lucido, 2010
Steve Shablin, 2011
Eleanor Reynolds, 2012
Peggy Cooke, 2013
Greg Jordan, 2014
Angie Schmucker, 2015
AP Awards
In recognition of the many outstanding accomplishments of Oakland University’s AP employees, the University is pleased to open nominations for the AP award program for calendar year 2016. The award this year is $1,000.

The deadline for submitting nominations is Monday, March 20, 2017. This year's AP Award recipients will be announced in late March. AP Awards will be distributed in April 2017 paychecks. 

Supervisors, peers or coworkers may nominate colleagues, or employees may self-nominate using the AP Award Nomination Form. The nomination form should state the basis for the nomination, focusing on the employee contributions above and beyond his or her job responsibilities. Contributions should be explained within the context of AP award meritorious performance criteria.

The AP Award Fund, established specifically for this recognition, honors exemplary service and exceptional contributions made by individual AP employees. Nominations for this award are separate from the Outstanding Administrative Professional Award.

Nominations may include additional comments from the Nominee’s supervisor. To be eligible for the awards, AP employees must have been hired before January 4, 2016. Employees who received "Needs Improvement" ratings on their last performance appraisals will not be eligible to receive this award. There are no restrictions placed on the frequency an employee can receive an award. However, consideration will be made to ensure that all employees are given the chance to be recognized for their initiative to go above and beyond their daily responsibilities.

Any employee with questions regarding this award program should call Kevin Venet at ext. 3477 or e-mail to
Sharon Wilhelm
This award is established in honor of Sharon Wilhelm, who served the University in various support and administrative roles for 45 years.

Mrs. Wilhelm began her career in 1962 when the University was still an extension of Michigan State University and its enrollment was less that 1,000 students. When she died in October of 2007, enrollment was more than 18,000 students.
Throughout the years, Mrs. Wilhelm’s devotion to outstanding service grew proportionately with the University’s enrollment.

Mrs. Wilhelm is remembered and celebrated for her extraordinary work ethic and supportive can-do attitude, which assisted faculty, staff and administrators in serving their most important constituency – University students.
The award will recognize eligible employees who provide high-level, administrative support and mirror Mrs. Wilhelm’s exemplary work standards.

The Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost provides a stipend that accompanies this award. All members of the Oakland University community are invited to submit nominations.

Selection Criteria
To reward a full or part-time Oakland University clerical employee who:
  1. consistently demonstrates exemplary service to the University community;
  2. builds positive working relationships with supervisors, peers and students;
  3. serves the needs of the University with a positive attitude and work ethic;
  4. displays dedication by going above and beyond by participating in University activities outside of work responsibilities;
  5. exhibits sustained and proven methods of improving the efficiency of the work place; and exceptional performance in a project or task that results in a savings of money or time, or increases revenues, productivity and/or employee morale.

All OUPSA and excluded clerical staff with at least five years of service.

Nomination forms are available to download here or using the button below. All nominations must be submitted to Gail Ryckman in University Human Resources, 428 Wilson Hall or, by Tuesday, March 21, 2017.
Employee of
the Month

Do you know an employee who:
  • Shines by Their Attitude: Has a positive attitude and performance in serving the needs of the university staff from other department, students, visitors, faculty, etc.
  • Reaches Higher: Dedication and work ethic that is above and beyond that required.
  • Performs Exceptionally: Proven and demonstrated methods of improving the efficiency of the work place; exceptional performance in a project or task, which results in a savings of money/time, or increases revenues, productivity and/or morale.
  • Promotes Teamwork: Builds positive working relationships with individuals and with teams on cross-functional projects.
  • Rallies in Support of OU: Aligns their work in support of Institutional Priorities.
If so, please fill out the form below!

Nomination Form

March 2017 Employee of the Month

Allison Radell

Assistant Director Allison Radell
Length of Service: 3 years
Employee of the month for March 2017

Allison always has a smile on her face and is willing to help our International Students in all capacities necessary, never wavering from her positive attitude. She is always thinking of ways to increase the programming offered to our students so that they can feel welcome and excel at their studies.

She has taken her new position as Assistant Director to new heights, using it to hire and train excellent student workers and expects a lot out of them to help our office run smoothly. Employees love working for and with her, and enjoy learning about their position, as well as developing a passion for helping the international population.

Since being hired as Assistant Director, Allison has improved efficiency and productivity in the office, most of all by re-vamping our new student orientation from the ground-up. She has thought of many new and innovative ways to keep the students engaged throughout the day, as well as make the process run much more smoothly for the staff. 

Allison is always thinking of ways to collaborate with other departments, meeting with them to think of ways to bring their expertise to our students. Allison willingly takes on the responsibilities of any other employee without notice. She has worn every hat, and excels at every position.

Congratulations to Allison on her selection as the March 2017 Employee of the Month!

February 2017 Employee of the Month

Tracey Kosaski

ChemistryTracey Kosaski
Administrative Secretary
Length of Service: 9 years
Employee of the month for February 2017

Tracey Kosaski, Administrative Secretary of the Chemistry Department, truly deserves the “Employee of The Month Award" as a result of her towering work output and excellent communication skills.  Tracey has consistently provided exemplary service to OU, and to both faculty and students. Tracey serves in a key position at the crossroads of the department, by location and responsibility.

One of the essential elements in this office starts with interacting with prospective and guest students. We encounter a large contingent of students from other schools, who are seeking to take OU summer classes. Those students often lack the required prerequisites, sometimes have difficulty identifying appropriate courses, and are unfamiliar with OU regulations and registration system. Tracey is essential to a successful admission. Her knowledge and competence not only streamlines the registration process, but also increases OU's enrollment.

Tracey is highly knowledgeable (beyond her position) and committed to OU which leads to registration/tuition growth. It should be mentioned that many of our classes are rich in prerequisites, and linked to laboratories (listed as separate courses), which need to be taken concurrently. As a result, the number of overrides is skyrocketing. Tracey never responds in a negative way or complains; the "positive rays" are always coming from her office, increasing departmental morale.

Another important example of Tracey's work is assistance in travel.   Travel is required to present findings and results of our laboratory at symposia, conferences, workshops and at various Universities.  Filling out the travel forms, are really cumbersome. Tracey takes care that all the steps from travel authorization to the travel expense summary are handled correctly, and she follows up on the travel reimbursements.  

Tracey's friendly and helpful attitude cannot be overstated. Although she is constantly in demand with her phone ringing off the hook and nonstop interruptions, she always is willing to set aside her plans to offer help when you step into her office. Students frequently need assistance and Tracey makes them feel welcome, offers assistance, and sometimes just listens to their frustrations. She is like a "Supermom", always available to meet their needs.

Whatever Tracey does, she always goes the extra mile. Her assistance for faculty members preparing for review also illustrates this exemplary work ethic.

In short, Tracey is a remarkable asset to the Chemistry Department, making our jobs easier and more enjoyable!

Congratulations to Tracey on her selection as the February 2017 Employee of the Month!

January 2017 Employee of the Month

Nick Flores

HVAC - Plant Maintenance Flores
Mastery Level VII - HVAC
Length of Service: 2 years
Employee of the month for January 2017

The School of Health Sciences Team is excited and honored to work in the Human Health Building (HHB) - a building whose very design and construction exemplifies the best science and engineering practices that advance human-environment interactions. We understand that humans impact the environment and that our environment to a large degree determines the quality and quantity of our lives. HHB is our work environment and it surely has impacts on our daily lives and work.  Nick Flores - more than anyone - makes it possible for all of us to teach, learn, research, and engage in meaningful service here. We've struggled with getting the heating and cooling regulated sufficiently and to everyone's satisfaction. Impressively, Nick works tirelessly and without complaint, striving to meet our needs, make fine adjustments, and frankly to reconcile entirely incompatible personal preferences. He is, every day and in every way, patient, thoughtful, caring, and humble. Nick isn't just our building's HVAC guy - he is an extension of the Health Sciences Team and a key part of our larger HHB family.  

Nick was on call this past holiday time between Christmas and New Year’s. He was amazing taking care of 3 emergency water main breaks as well numerous other emergency calls. Nick isolated the water break single-handedly at 2:00 a.m., saving thousands of gallons of water. He is an awesome HVAC Technician that is a huge asset to the University and we are lucky to have him on the OU Team!

Nick has a great sense of humor and takes frequent issues with heating/cooling in HHB in stride. He works hard and is dedicated to solving problems.  His efforts are appreciated by all!

Congratulations to Nick on his selection as the January 2017 Employee of the Month!

December 2016 Employee of the Month

Maggie Phelps

ID Card Office Maggie Phelps
ID Card Assistant Manager
Length of Service: 1 year
Employee of the month for December 2016

Maggie goes above and beyond to help others and has a positive attitude. She works well with students, faculty, and staff, in coordinating and filling their ID card needs.

Maggie is always willing to lend a hand and provides great customer service. She supervises a robust student staff and has a professional demeanor. In 2016, Maggie Phelps transitioned from student to full time staff and has not looked back. Using the tools learned as a student worker to move into a full time position after graduation, Maggie continues her education in the graduate program, is an asset to the department and has a bright future ahead.

In summary, Maggie provides excellent customer service for the ID Card Office, is knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. She completes every task quickly, efficiently and the results are always above expectations. She is a great addition to the Oakland Center, a team player and respected by her student staff and coworkers.

Congratulations to Maggie on her selection as the December 2016 Employee of the Month!

November 2016 Employee of the Month

Heidi Donnelly

School of Nursing Heidi Donnelly
Office Assistant III
Length of Service: 5 years
Employee of the month for November 2016

Over the past twelve months the SON has been preparing to implement a new enterprise system (Empower) to manage student records. Heidi has taken the lead on this project, all while maintaining the duties of her full-time position and completing coursework toward her Bachelor's degree with a focus on LEAN management. Heidi's courses have actively applied the theory that she has learned in her coursework in our office to help our operation run more efficiently.

Heidi diligently works to keep the SON organized, as well as be a mentor and leader to the student assistants who are employed in our office. As the student assistant supervisor, she helps the students understand the importance of doing the job right the first time and how this type of work ethic will apply once they graduate from OU. As a result our office has some of the best student assistants on campus due to Heidi's excellent management skills. Heidi is a great employee and we all appreciate her contributions to our office.

Congratulations to Heidi on her selection as the November 2016 Employee of the month!
October 2016 Employee of the Month

Amanda Fylan

Alumni Engagement Amanda Fylan
Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement
Length of Service: 4 years
Employee of the month for October 2016

As the Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement, Amanda has successfully overseen several programs and most notably the development of Leadership OU Student-Alumni Program, recognized by the Council of Advancement and Support of Education (CASE). Leadership OU connects undergraduate students to leadership, mentoring and networking opportunities. Amanda supervises the graduate student who plans an alumni speaker series and plays an active role in connecting participants with an alum mentor.

Amanda is the mastermind of the Young Alumni Council, comprised of ambitious alums that graduated within the last 10 years. Through Amanda's fearless leadership and guidance, the Council has been able to develop engaging, fun events to recognize the work young alums in their field, connect them to the University, each other and the greater community.

In addition to the many successful programs Amanda coordinates for the Alumni Association, she is a part-time instructor teaching undergraduate communication courses, COM 101 and Body Barre at the Recreation Center. In the past she has also aided in the planning of the Student to Professional Conference. Amanda's smile, positive attitude and willingness to help are contagious. She genuinely cares about the alumni of Oakland University, students, her colleagues and everyone she comes in contact with.

Congratulations to Amanda on her selection as the October 2016 Employee of the month!

September 2016 Employee of the Month

Krista Malley krista malley

Office of the Senior Associate Provost
Manager of Student Success
Length of Service: 7 years
Employee of the month for September 2016

Krista is fond of saying that people are "worth their weight in gold" and she certainly exemplifies the "gold standard" when it comes to an OU Employee. She brings passion, energy, drive, and an upbeat attitude to work every day. She truly sets herself a part by her positive, "can-do" attitude.

Following are many examples of why Krista not only meets – but exceeds the criteria for Employee of the Month!

Shines by Their Attitude: 

Those who know Krista will tell you her positive attitude and energy are contagious. She inspires others to give their all to our university, colleagues, and students.

Reaches Higher:

For every project Krista heads, for every committee she chairs, and for every event she facilitates Krista goes the extra mile. She will provide inspiration quotes or fun feel good take a ways at every meeting she leads. This is something she does from her heart and her own pocket that does change the way an OU staff member or student feels that day.

Performs Exceptionally:

A notebook could be filled with all of the projects, committees, events, initiatives that Krista has a part in. Krista is the mortar to our bricks here at Oakland University and should be recognized for all she does above and beyond her own job to make our university a happy place for students, visitors, and OU staff.

Promotes Teamwork:

It is important to mention that Krista has stepped up to Chair the Bring Your Child to Work Day committee. This was a committee that went from 18 members to 7 and was funded by the President. Krista is working for all OU staff APs, CTs, Administrators, and Faculty to put on an event that will make employees happy. On the first day of registration (a registration Krista advertised and set up) 125 children of OU employees were registered to come to this amazing event.

Krista is the first person to recognize others on campus and never thinks twice about all of the amazing things she is doing here at OU. She does it because she is proud to be a part of our community and wants to see OU at its best. She not only fosters positive relationships with others, she connects and brings people together.

Rallies in Support of OU:

Krista always takes a step back when working on projects/committees to think about how the work she is doing aligns with the goals of OU.

In addition to all of the above, Krista takes organization to a new level with student success in leading the Great Lakes Student Success Conference, assisting with the EAB SSC initiative, promoting service learning and growing the Second Year Experience program to name a few. Krista is a true leader with a blend of caring, support and practical planning. She is proficient in working in a team setting to meet departmental and university goals. Krista has an outstanding ability to build a trusting relationship, sincere empathy for faculty, staff, graduate assistants and student workers. Her outstanding work ethic, positive attitude, and unmatched organizational skills are evident in any project she works on. Krista consistently manages many tasks at once with a smile and is always available to support other staff in their duties and professional development. Krista is a dedicated, responsible and a caring worker who is committed to bringing out the very best in those who she works with. 

In conclusion, Krista will lead the AP Assembly as our President in the upcoming year and in this role, she has made it her mission to recognize all APs on campus, generating a Recognition month for all APs! This month was facilitated by her teamwork skills. Krista is a genuinely kind and caring person who puts her heart and soul into everything she touches and this talent was evident in her Recognition month. She is incredibly organized and strives to always be inclusive to whatever population she is serving. She is an asset to this campus!

Congratulations to Krista on her selection as the September 2016 Employee of the Month!

August 2016 Employee of the Month

Stephanie Willis
Stephanie Williams
University Recreation and Well-Being
Wellness and Education Outreach Coordinator
Length of Service: 4 years
Employee of the month for August 2016

Stephanie is an asset to OU and the Department of University Recreation and Well-Being. She has the best interest of OU employees and students in mind when she plans and implements programs and services to support their personal well-being. Since coming to OU four years ago, Stephanie has revamped the well-being offerings to be more focused on the issues and interests of the campus population. She listens to needs and wants and provides a balance of opportunities that are both educational and fun. She is embracing all the dimensions of well-being and is intentional in her planning. Stephanie is providing the campus community with avenues to better themselves in all areas.

Stephanie has been and continues to be a driving force ensuring OU employees are taking care of themselves emotionally and physically. She has supported/created group exercise classes, supplied drink fruit-infused water to departments across campus, created a wellness Facebook page and sends out wellness e-mails alerting the OU community of the initiatives geared toward enhancing our well-being. Her positive spirit and creative mind has helped all as we strive to be a "healthier" and productive employee at OU.

Stephanie also planned both the annual Poker Walk and the first-ever employee Kickball Tournament. Both were huge successes and attracted participation from all over campus. These were excellent team-building events – especially helpful for OU groups in transition. I'm sure many campus leaders and staff members found these activities to be very positive for their own team building!

Stephanie is a team player. She works collaboratively with others across campus to maximize the use of resources for all well-being offerings. She is beyond organized and very thorough in her communication and delivery of information to colleagues, students, and other patrons of the Recreation Center. She has demonstrated time and again a dedication to her department and to the betterment of the campus community. She truly wants to see people succeed in their well-being efforts. Over the past year she has expanded into teaching group exercise classes which provides her another avenue to reach employees and engage with them on another level. She is passionate about her work and employees really like working with her.

Congratulations to Stephanie on her selection as the August 2016 Employee of the Month!


July 2016 Employee of the Month

Jennifer De La O 
Jennifer DeLao
Undergraduate Admissions
Office Assistant III
Length of Service: 1.5 Years
Employee of the month for July 2016

Jeni consistently has a positive attitude. She motivates her colleagues and remains optimistic even in the most stressful peak periods of work.

Jeni has a solid work ethic and demonstrates outstanding performance. She takes initiative and she is desirous to do an exceptional job in all that she tackles.

Jeni is a team player and promotes the same spirit within the department. She is well respected by her peers and superiors alike.

Jeni is a supporter of OU and contributes to the life of the institution and its priorities, including creating a model Banner training manual for her colleagues. Jeni's commitment to the University and her determination to achieve excellence provides solid evidence that she is well deserving of the Employee of the Month honor.

Congratulations to Jeni on her selection as the July 2016 Employee of the Month!

June 2016 Employee of the Month

Lou Kondek  
Louis Kondek
Systems Engineer
Length of Service: 5 Years
Employee of the month for June 2016

Lou Kondek is definitely one of OUs best employees!

One of Lou's responsibilities is Banner Document Management (BDM) at OU. He has been the driving force that has assisted several departments on campus implement BDM. Over the last year or two, Lou has been working with the Office of the Registrar to implement student record imaging. Initially, Lou joined the implementation group that consisted of representatives from Graduate Studies and Lifelong learning, Undergraduate Admissions and the Office of the Registrar to plan and document the process of how our shared records would be imaged for university use. Lou guided us as we formulated a strategy, always taking into consideration university policy, storage constraints, and long-term planning objectives. During these conversations, Lou has always stood out as a leader helping to guide the group to our current process. During the implementation portion, Lou was always ready and waiting to assist in any way he could. If there was a technical issue, he never hesitated to come over the help trouble shoot. When we needed to create new document types, Lou made it happen. He did a lot of testing for quality purposes, which allowed us to ensure the quality of the imaged student transcript. If it weren't for Lou, there is no doubt that the imaging of more than 50,000 student transcripts in our office alone would not have gone as smoothly as it did.

Lou brings humor, a positive and collaborative attitude, and is generally just a great person to work with on a project. Congratulations to Lou on his selection as the June 2016 Employee of the Month!


May 2016 Employee of the Month

Christine Earl  
Christine Earl
Office Assistant III
Length of Service: 2 Years
Employee of the month for May 2016

Christine has worked in the Office of the Registrar for many years in different capacities. Currently she is an Office Assistant III and has been in this position for a little over a year. Chris has embraced and welcomed the challenges that come with this position. Her knowledge of Oakland University's policies and procedures and her communication skills with students, parents and the university community are all great qualities required in this position.

This past year Oakland University was looking at how we could increase and improve our graduation numbers. With that Grad Path was initiated. Approximately 20 representatives met for 2 hours each week for a whole semester to discuss our processes and from those meetings significant changes were made. Chris was the one most affected by these changes and was responsible for those changes to happen. The most significant change is saving our office 20,000 pieces of paper a year by eliminating the copying of transcripts and graduation compliance for each undergraduate candidate for degree. Chris has had to work with other team members across campus to help automate the auditing processes for graduation. The on-line application for degree had to be adjusted with a work flow notification to the students letting the students know that their application had been submitted successfully. This notice also alerts the student and advisers of any deficiencies found that may affect their graduation status. This information is immediate, giving the student time to adjust their record. This has shortened the time from when a student applies to graduate to the time their degree is posted to their transcript and receives their diploma.

Approximately 3,800 undergraduate and graduate students apply to graduate in a year. Even though Chris is the undergraduate auditor she interacts with a good majority of the candidates by phone. This experience for most students at any level is stressful and very confusing so many students call Chris for answers to their questions. The most often asked question is explaining the difference between graduation and commencement. It is truly amazing how many students do not know the difference!

Chris, also, is often the bearer of bad news. She notifies students by email if there is a problem or deficiency. Many of her phone calls are in response to these emails and are from angry students that are upset and often crying. This requires empathy, patience, tact and knowledge from Chris. Chris has a positive attitude, is dedicated to her position, has good work ethics, is very smart and loves Oakland University.

Christine Earl is someone that makes OU always look good. She is that type of a person you can count on, no matter what. Christine is known to her colleagues and leadership as an extremely dependable, trustworthy person who genuinely wants the students to succeed. Christine Earl exemplifies the excellence. Chris received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in December 1982 and is an active member of the Alumni of OU!

Congratulations to Christine on her selection as the May 2016 Employee of the Month!


April 2016 Employee of the Month

David Ollie Ray  
David Ollie
Office Assistant III
Length of Service: 28 Years
Employee of the month for April 2016

David Ollie Ray has always been an exemplary employee, but during the past few months he has gone above and beyond. David is one of three employees in an office, so you can imagine when one person is gone, it creates additional work for those remaining.  Last month, due to the resignation of one staff member and a family emergency for the other, on most days, David was the only staff member in the office. During this time, he ensured the Orientation and New Student Programs office was functioning at full capacity. David answered hundreds of phone calls, supervised four student employees, coordinated several new orientation processes, and put the finishing touches on OGL recruitment - all on top of his day-to-day responsibilities. What's even more outstanding is that David accomplished all this with a positive attitude and a spirit of teamwork. Over the years, we've relied upon David many times, and in the last month, he proved he's always ready for the challenge. ONSP is very lucky to have him on our team.

David's strong work performance, knowledge of the university and ability to connect with others sets him apart from every other staff member.  For the past 27 years David has served as Office Assistant to Orientation. David is an amazing resource to not only the office of Orientation and New Student Programs, but to all those who are connected to us including faculty and staff. David's strong work performance as Office Assistant has afforded our office the ability to be effective, efficient, and well organized. Additionally, David is very knowledgeable about the university history. Our office rarely makes a repeated mistake due to David's ability to recall good and bad decisions we have made over the past quarter century. Lastly, David's ability to cultivate relationships with faculty and staff is the skill that truly sets him apart from other staff members on this campus. David has a special talent for connecting with people of all backgrounds. Most of the individuals that have worked in our office have maintained communication with David as he continues to make unique connections with everyone who has worked with him.

Congratulations to David on his selection as the April 2016 Employee of the Month!


March 2016 Employee of the Month

Rosezine Payne  Rosevine Payne

Length of Service: 16 Years
Employee of the month for March 2016

Rosezine Payne is dedicated to Oakland University and is committed to its success. She is always willing to help out staff and she always keeps a positive attitude. She takes pride as a custodian.

Rosezine goes above in beyond to keep the spaces in she oversees in their best conditions. She has great attention to detail. Numerous compliments about Rosezine and her work ethic are heard in O'Dowd Hall. Some of the comments heard are "She works hard and with a smile, one of the best custodians I have ever met, always friendly, always works hard, leave no dirt untouched." Also, "She loves her job. She always goes the extra mile, ensuring that the office is completely clean with dusting, vacuuming. She leaves no area in O'Dowd Hall unturned."

Congratulations to Rosezine on her selection as the March 2016 Employee of the Month!


February 2016 Employee of the Month


Athletic Academic Adviser
Length of Service: 5 Years
Employee of the month for February 2016

Evan stands with the best of outstanding Oakland University Employees! As an Academic Adviser for the Athletics Department, the crux of his job is to work with over 300 student-athletes!

Evan advises student-athletes by assisting with their major selection, registering them for classes that work for their career goals, and minimizing class conflicts with their athletic schedules. He also has long conversations with each student-athlete, making sure they are in courses that benefit their strengths and overall goals, not just placing them in courses that are required. Evan oversees they have a balanced class load. He provides for them what is in their best interest.

Playing on a college sports team is time consuming. Student athletes are busy on weekends, evenings and even through holiday breaks! During these busy times, Evan is in the office on weekends, late nights, and over university breaks doing what’s needed to make sure OU student athletes have success!

Evan is one of the nicest men around who successfully goes about his business and excels at his job. He truly embodies what Oakland University stands for!

Congratulations to Evan on his selection as the February 2016 Employee of the Month!!

January 2016 Employee of the Month


Marketing Coordinator SEHS
Length of Service: 1 Year
Employee of the month for January 2016

James Silvestri, the School of Education and Human Services' Marketing Coordinator, makes faculty, staff, and students smile through his positive and personal approach to his work. James is universally known for his personality, can-do attitude and encouragement of us to reach higher as a School.

James has been instrumental in showcasing the School through our annual magazine and weekly newsletter, both of which tell our story through images and anecdotes. He has chronicled 30+ events this year, capturing over 4,000 images. 

James has led the initiative to create a unified brand across all departments, giving the School the most professional look possible, from departmental publications, event publicity, and on-going website improvements. He promotes teamwork through cross-functional project.

James always gets the job done, working beyond traditional work hours to achieve our goals. Truly going above and beyond, James has twice taught an eight-session Photoshop class to students on the Autism Spectrum. Through our "Why Teach?" project, James has worked with colleagues, interviewing local teachers to share their inspiration for education with our current students. He is a true artist whose work has brought this project to life. James' approach, talent, and humor make him a truly valuable member of SEHS.

Congratulations to James on his selection as the January 2016 Employee of the Month!

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May – Domenico Luongo
April - Matt Bruer
March – Patti Bowman
February – Leo Debiaggi
January – Bridget Green
2010 Employees of the Month

December – Andrew Keyosky
November – Marsha Packer
October – Robert Vaughn
September – Lateacha Carr
August – Dan Kirkland
July – Monica Milczarski
June – Luke Fleer
May – Cora Hanson
April – Sandra Sala
March – Joan A. Love
February – Cynthia Ferrera
January – James Leidel
2009 Employees of the Month

December – Sheryl Hugger
November – Todd Welscott
October – John Coughlin
September – Joann Denby
August – Dennis Bolton
July – Elisabeth Putnam
June – Julie Dermidoff
May – Ronda Ferguson
April – Deanna Wohlfeil
March – Greg Jordan
February – Claire Cooper
January – Jocelyn Baldwin
2008 Employees of the Month

December – Kellie Klinck
November – Kathleen Lesich
October – Sue MacDonell
September – Nancy Schmitz
August – Scott Allison
July – Kevin McDougall
June – Peggy Chiu
May – Manjit Gill
April – Mariann Hodge
March – Paul Battle
February – Kim Schultz
January – Ann Marie Besaw