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Employee Recognition

Outstanding AP
of the Year
To recognize the contributions of the Administrative Professional (AP) community, the AP Assembly established an annual Outstanding Administrative Professional Award in 1984. This award is given to an AP who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in his or her professional role. Oakland University provides a $1,500 stipend that accompanies this award.

2017 Outstanding AP Nomination form

2016 Outstanding AP of the Year: Nancy Schmitz
Oakland University’s Outstanding Administrative Professional of the Year Award maintains a relatively succinct expectation of potential honorees – simply that they demonstrate outstanding achievement in their professional role.

For more than 30 years, Nancy has demonstrated these exceptional qualities in her work at OU and has moved steadily through positions of increasing responsibility. As the assistant vice president for student affairs and dean of students, colleagues describe Nancy as highly professional, selflessly dedicated to OU and its mission, kind, caring, supportive, collaborative, knowledgeable, versatile, motivated and positive, and she is an exceptional mentor to colleagues. Nancy played an instrumental role in creating the highly successful First Year Advising Center and championed physical and mental health services for students through Graham Health Center and OU Counseling Center.

A celebratory reception honoring Schmitz’s accomplishments and dedication to the University will take place in the Banquet Rooms in the Oakland Center on Tuesday, June 14. All are welcome to attend the event, which is set from 3-5 p.m.

Past Recipients
Rosalind Andreas, 1984
Patrick Nicosia, 1985
Joan Stinson, 1986
Elaine Chapman Moore, 1987
Clair McVety, 1988
Jean Ann Miller, 1989
Arthur Griggs, 1990
Thomas Kirchner, 1991
Elizabeth Millwood, 1992
Ron Kevern, 1993
Virginia Allen, 1994
David Herman, 1995
Lynn Hockenberger, 1996
Katie Kazarian, 1997
Felecia Bumpus, 1998
Glenn McIntosh, 1999
Dawn Aubry, 2000
Vicki Larabell, 2001
Leonard Brown, 2002
Gerald Compton, 2003
Sheryl Klemanski, 2004
George Preisinger, 2005
Melvin Gilroy, 2006 
Tricia Westergaard, 2007
Mila Padgett, 2008
Jennifer Gilroy, 2009
Samuel Lucido, 2010
Steve Shablin, 2011
Eleanor Reynolds, 2012
Peggy Cooke, 2013
Greg Jordan, 2014
Angie Schmucker, 2015
AP Awards
In recognition of the many outstanding accomplishments of Oakland University’s AP employees, the University is pleased to open nominations for the AP award program for calendar year 2016. The award this year is $1,000.

The deadline for submitting nominations is Monday, March 20, 2017. This year's AP Award recipients will be announced in late March. AP Awards will be distributed in April 2017 paychecks. 

Supervisors, peers or coworkers may nominate colleagues, or employees may self-nominate using the AP Award Nomination Form. The nomination form should state the basis for the nomination, focusing on the employee contributions above and beyond his or her job responsibilities. Contributions should be explained within the context of AP award meritorious performance criteria.

The AP Award Fund, established specifically for this recognition, honors exemplary service and exceptional contributions made by individual AP employees. Nominations for this award are separate from the Outstanding Administrative Professional Award.

Nominations may include additional comments from the Nominee’s supervisor. To be eligible for the awards, AP employees must have been hired before January 4, 2016. Employees who received "Needs Improvement" ratings on their last performance appraisals will not be eligible to receive this award. There are no restrictions placed on the frequency an employee can receive an award. However, consideration will be made to ensure that all employees are given the chance to be recognized for their initiative to go above and beyond their daily responsibilities.

Any employee with questions regarding this award program should call Ron Watson at ext. 3487 or e-mail to
Sharon Wilhelm
This award is established in honor of Sharon Wilhelm, who served the University in various support and administrative roles for 45 years.

Mrs. Wilhelm began her career in 1962 when the University was still an extension of Michigan State University and its enrollment was less that 1,000 students. When she died in October of 2007, enrollment was more than 18,000 students.
Throughout the years, Mrs. Wilhelm’s devotion to outstanding service grew proportionately with the University’s enrollment.

Mrs. Wilhelm is remembered and celebrated for her extraordinary work ethic and supportive can-do attitude, which assisted faculty, staff and administrators in serving their most important constituency – University students.
The award will recognize eligible employees who provide high-level, administrative support and mirror Mrs. Wilhelm’s exemplary work standards.

The Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost provides a stipend that accompanies this award. All members of the Oakland University community are invited to submit nominations.

Selection Criteria
To reward a full or part-time Oakland University clerical employee who:
  1. consistently demonstrates exemplary service to the University community;
  2. builds positive working relationships with supervisors, peers and students;
  3. serves the needs of the University with a positive attitude and work ethic;
  4. displays dedication by going above and beyond by participating in University activities outside of work responsibilities;
  5. exhibits sustained and proven methods of improving the efficiency of the work place; and exceptional performance in a project or task that results in a savings of money or time, or increases revenues, productivity and/or employee morale.

All OUPSA and excluded clerical staff with at least five years of service.

Nomination forms are available to download here or using the button below. All nominations must be submitted to Tracey Zang in University Human Resources, 429 Wilson Hall or, by Tuesday, March 21, 2017.
Employee of
the Month

Do you know an employee who:
  • Shines by Their Attitude: Has a positive attitude and performance in serving the needs of the university staff from other department, students, visitors, faculty, etc.
  • Reaches Higher: Dedication and work ethic that is above and beyond that required.
  • Performs Exceptionally: Proven and demonstrated methods of improving the efficiency of the work place; exceptional performance in a project or task, which results in a savings of money/time, or increases revenues, productivity and/or morale.
  • Promotes Teamwork: Builds positive working relationships with individuals and with teams on cross-functional projects.
  • Rallies in Support of OU: Aligns their work in support of Institutional Priorities.
If so, please fill out the form below!

Nomination Form

December 2017 Employee of the Month

Sarah Wood
Sarah Wood
Office Assistant III
International Students & Scholars
Length of Service: 3 years
Employee of the month for December 2017

Sarah started at the ISSO in October 2014 and learned her new role very well and very fast. She is one of those employees who makes the office environment a better place. She is always positive, eager to help and learn new tasks and processes to help our department to be more efficient and effective.

Sarah played a key role as we have welcomed over 150 international students this fall. She is responsible to enroll each of them in our health insurance program and help them with the waiver process. The insurance process is often very complicated to explain to international students. She has created sample videos on how to sign up or waive the insurance that streamlined the sign up process.

ISSO does not have a receptionist up front, only part time student workers.  Sarah has stepped in to make sure that the flow of the in –person student traffic, as well as phone calls, are taken care of in a timely fashion with accurate answers. During such a busy time Sarah is able to stay positive, focused and get things done with grace, poise and a smile!

Sarah also started a successful new program "English Corner" on campus that allows international students to practice their English with fun and laughter as they play different American board games. She is an amazing worker! 

Congratulations to Sarah on her selection as the December 2017 Employee of the Month!

November 2017 Employee of the Month

Christine Talbert
Senior Recruitment Adviser
Length of Service: 3 years
Employee of the month for November 2017

Christine is always a bright, welcoming, and positive presence in the office. She bears the high pressure of recruitment and yield with poise and determination. She is always presenting new ideas to make the office more efficient and customer service oriented. She has led the way this year with the highest territory numbers, but is always focused on aiding students in their college decision-making and accommodating her advising to each individual student and their unique circumstances. She is genuine and a fun colleague to work with, and will always be one of the first to volunteer if her colleagues need coverage or help.

Congratulations to Christine on her selection as the November 2017 Employee of the Month!

October 2017 Employee of the Month

Jenny Cloutier Jenny Cloutier

Office Assistant III
Length of Service: 41 years
Employee of the month for October 2017

Whenever faculty, staff, and students in SEHS have questions, we all know we can count on Jenny to know the answers, and to willingly and kindly share those answers. From OU policies & procedures to BANNER insight to knowing who to go to for what, Jenny is the person that everyone can turn to for help. Her positive attitude and stellar performance help her to stand out personally and professionally, and her 40+ years of dedicated service to the university add to her wealth of knowledge.

Recently, Jenny helped the Center for Autism earn an “Exceptional” rating in a university audit by demonstrating process improvements she created to help OUCARES operate more efficiently and increase participation and revenue.

Jenny also always strives to go above and beyond her written job duties to improve not only her department’s processes, but the processes that affect the university globally as well. In August, she volunteered as a Wellness Ambassador through University Recreation & Well-being to help spread her personal passion and motivation for health and wellness to the rest of her colleagues in Pawley Hall and across the university.

Congratulations to Jenny on her selection as the October 2017 Employee of the Month!

September 2017 Employee of the Month

Kelly Smith

Marketing Writer
Communications & Marketing
Length of Service: 13 years
Employee of the month for September 2017

The Office of the Registrar has collaborated with University Communications and Marketing under Kelly's direction and work to overhaul its messaging to the student body. These collections of marketing campaigns and web enhancements are aligned with university goals of recruitment, retention and increased graduation rates. (Examples include: comprehensive website redesign; overhaul of transfer credit communications to admitted students; awareness campaign for graduation application; course renumbering and online AP, IB and CLEP equivalency tool.) One of her most important initiatives with the Office of the Registrar is a total redesign of the office website which has been recognized by students, faculty and staff. Her attention to detail, her positive "can do" attitude and her willingness to go beyond the ordinary are exemplary.

Congratulations to Kelly on her selection as the September 2017 Employee of the Month!

August 2017 Employee of the Month

Mark Mathiak

Custodian III - Facilities
Campus Cleaning
Length of Service: 12 years
Employee of the month for August 2017

Mark does an incredible job within our department and throughout North Foundation Hall. He not only does a great job each and every day, but he is always kind, has a great attitude and goes above and beyond. No matter who asks him a question, whether it is regarding cleaning, directions or a special request, he is very accommodating and does it with a “smile."

Mark is dependable, easy going with a good sense of humor.  He is also quick to take care of last minute tasks or problems.  Mark is an all-around hardworking and loyal employee.  His efforts are appreciated by all!

Congratulations to Mark on his selection as the August 2017 Employee of the Month!

July 2017 Employee of the Month

Christina Radowick

Registrar Office Coordinator
Length of Service: 3 years
Employee of the month for July 2017

Christina Radowick is an amazing asset to Oakland University, where she exceeds in her role as Registrar Coordinator.  She is a wealth of knowledge for the registration area and will always assist a student navigating the university. She can assess the needs of the students and assists them quickly and thoroughly.

Christina is often the first to volunteer to be a special event coordinator and has impressed the office with themed lunch celebrations. She is a team player, and oftentimes is the team lead! She organizes the office for the Poker Walk (and ensuring an awesome theme); as well as captaining the office kickball team! She has built positive working alliances within the office, as well as across campus. Other departments say, Ms. Radowick is efficient and prompt when called upon for assistance in regards to our office when we call for help. She is always willing to go that extra mile to help resolve a student's concerns and goes above and beyond to help out students, staff, and faculty at the university. Every day she is patient, helpful and giving of knowledge to anyone and is always willing to jump in and assist in any need the department needs.

As the coordinator of Registrar Services, (the “face” of the office), she is committed to providing exemplary service to all constituencies who contact the Office of the Registrar.  Christina is committed to the CORE VALUES of the Division of Enrollment Management and the Office of the Registrar.

Christina demonstrates a high regard for the dignity and worth of each person at Oakland University.

Christina is honest and straightforward in all relationships and work tasks/responsibilities.

Christina adjusts her work schedule to accommodate high priority situations with ease and grace.

Christina provides ultimate care for all students and the importance of her position in supporting their educational goals.

Christina is a total team player!  Her attention to detail, her positive ”can do” attitude and her willingness to go beyond the ordinary are exemplary.

Congratulations to Christina on her selection as the July 2017 Employee of the Month!

June 2017 Employee of the Month

Brian December

OUWB School of Medicine
Faculty Affairs Coordinator
Length of Service: 4 years
Employee of the month for June 2017
Brian December

Shines by His Attitude - Brian willingly takes on any project that he is assigned with a positive attitude. He goes beyond expectations by servicing faculty and staff at both the Oakland and Beaumont Health campuses. Brian maintains a level of superior service that is recognized often by others. We have received numerous commendations on his behalf. One of our customers wrote “Brian has always been there to support me. Brian never complains and always has a great attitude. If he doesn't know the answer to my, sometimes crazy, questions he gets back to me in a timely manner. His attitude and customer service is top notch.” 

Reaches Higher - Brian's dedication and work ethic is often unmeasurable. He often goes above and beyond his responsibilities by making personal visits to our affiliate job sites to manage faculty concerns. When he has completed his job assignments, he is looking for ways to improve our processes by openly communicating with our customers.

Promotes Teamwork - Brian often volunteers to train individuals to ensure that our processes are understood and followed. Although not his responsibility, he often serves as the first point of contact and makes every effort to resolve concerns prior to forwarding them to his supervisor. He often assists in areas outside of Faculty Affairs; working on Student Affairs projects and projects within Information Technology. If there is a need to work beyond his scheduled hours or to assist a team member with a project, he is always an uplifting and willing participant.

Congratulations to Brian on his selection as the June 2017 Employee of the Month!

May 2017 Employee of the Month

Melissa Mondro

Kresge Library
Library Electronic Resources Assistant
Length of Service: 3 years
Employee of the month for May 2017 Melissa Mondro

Since starting in her newly-designed position in 2015, Melissa has spearheaded numerous initiatives to organize the work of the electronic resources acquisitions/maintenance team, to streamline problem resolution for the library's users, and to improve communication across departments within the library.

Her major accomplishments in the past year include:  

  • Designing and implementing a large-scale MS Access database to track the library's electronic resource subscriptions and license agreements, which has simplified and organized the department's work flows. [Performs Exceptionally]
  • Developing a collaborative work relationship with the library's technology services staff to quickly address technology issues that affect OU students and faculty. [Promotes Teamwork]
  • Creating on-demand electronic resources usage reports that provide more sophisticated data analysis, precision and clarity for decision-making than what is requested by the library faculty and administration. [Reaches Higher]
  • Thoroughly and efficiently addressing the electronic resources problems that the OU community encounters using the library's databases, e-journals and e-books.

Melissa communicates clearly with users, providing them with solutions when available. [Shines by their Attitude] 

Melissa cares deeply about our department's ability to consistently provide access to important information sources for our users, and she has led the way in streamlining our work flows and communications. Melissa is the peer that everyone wants to have on his/her team. Her team-mindedness and attention to detail have earned her this fabulous reputation. Her position has a lot of cross-over to the technology team. Together, we have worked on student supervisory initiatives, collections development reporting and, most recently, electronic resources.

Additional accomplishments include:  

  • Collaboration on and Development of a Student Handbook for all Library student workers.
  • Analysis of collections development data and providing this data in a useful format for collections forecasting.

Continued monitoring of e-resource proxy information to ensure end user access to important research data. Melissa has that can-do attitude that will bring her, and our library staff and patrons, continued success.

Congratulations to Melissa on her selection as the May 2017 Employee of the Month!

April 2017 Employee of the Month

Kendra Agee

Pre-College Programs
Administrative Project Coordinator Kendra Agee
Length of Service: 2 years
Employee of the month for April 2017

Kendra has proven to be an outstanding ambassador for Oakland University.  Her primary work is working with 12th grade students in three different high schools, three days a week.  She has earned the trust and respect from principals, teachers, parents and most importantly the students.  

Kendra worked in the Pre-College Programs office as a student mentor and office assistant.  As a result, her passion grew surrounding the program mission: “help middle and high school students discover the potential of a college education”.  In March 2015, Kendra became the Administrative Project Coordinator for the department. 

Kendra displays a passion for inspiring, motivating and cultivating helpful relationships.  Her engagement with OU’s student mentors (a role she once held), has been exceptional.  She also has a dedicated commitment to the pre-college students that participate in the varied programs provided by Pre-College Programs.  Kendra’s resoluteness is revealed in her ability to help, encourage and guide the pre-college students with preparing academically, socially and culturally so that they are equipped for a successful entrance into college.

Recently, during winter break for one of our service schools, several of the 12th grade students asked if they could come to campus and would she assist them with completing their college applications.  Even though she was not obligated, she readily agreed, and the students had a successful visit.  Moreover, at least two of the students are admitted for Fall 2017 at OU!

Congratulations to Kendra on her selection as the April 2017 Employee of the Month!

March 2017 Employee of the Month

Allison Radell

Assistant Director Allison Radell
Length of Service: 3 years
Employee of the month for March 2017

Allison always has a smile on her face and is willing to help our International Students in all capacities necessary, never wavering from her positive attitude. She is always thinking of ways to increase the programming offered to our students so that they can feel welcome and excel at their studies.

She has taken her new position as Assistant Director to new heights, using it to hire and train excellent student workers and expects a lot out of them to help our office run smoothly. Employees love working for and with her, and enjoy learning about their position, as well as developing a passion for helping the international population.

Since being hired as Assistant Director, Allison has improved efficiency and productivity in the office, most of all by re-vamping our new student orientation from the ground-up. She has thought of many new and innovative ways to keep the students engaged throughout the day, as well as make the process run much more smoothly for the staff. 

Allison is always thinking of ways to collaborate with other departments, meeting with them to think of ways to bring their expertise to our students. Allison willingly takes on the responsibilities of any other employee without notice. She has worn every hat, and excels at every position.

Congratulations to Allison on her selection as the March 2017 Employee of the Month!

February 2017 Employee of the Month

Tracey Kosaski

ChemistryTracey Kosaski
Administrative Secretary
Length of Service: 9 years
Employee of the month for February 2017

Tracey Kosaski, Administrative Secretary of the Chemistry Department, truly deserves the “Employee of The Month Award" as a result of her towering work output and excellent communication skills.  Tracey has consistently provided exemplary service to OU, and to both faculty and students. Tracey serves in a key position at the crossroads of the department, by location and responsibility.

One of the essential elements in this office starts with interacting with prospective and guest students. We encounter a large contingent of students from other schools, who are seeking to take OU summer classes. Those students often lack the required prerequisites, sometimes have difficulty identifying appropriate courses, and are unfamiliar with OU regulations and registration system. Tracey is essential to a successful admission. Her knowledge and competence not only streamlines the registration process, but also increases OU's enrollment.

Tracey is highly knowledgeable (beyond her position) and committed to OU which leads to registration/tuition growth. It should be mentioned that many of our classes are rich in prerequisites, and linked to laboratories (listed as separate courses), which need to be taken concurrently. As a result, the number of overrides is skyrocketing. Tracey never responds in a negative way or complains; the "positive rays" are always coming from her office, increasing departmental morale.

Another important example of Tracey's work is assistance in travel.   Travel is required to present findings and results of our laboratory at symposia, conferences, workshops and at various Universities.  Filling out the travel forms, are really cumbersome. Tracey takes care that all the steps from travel authorization to the travel expense summary are handled correctly, and she follows up on the travel reimbursements.  

Tracey's friendly and helpful attitude cannot be overstated. Although she is constantly in demand with her phone ringing off the hook and nonstop interruptions, she always is willing to set aside her plans to offer help when you step into her office. Students frequently need assistance and Tracey makes them feel welcome, offers assistance, and sometimes just listens to their frustrations. She is like a "Supermom", always available to meet their needs.

Whatever Tracey does, she always goes the extra mile. Her assistance for faculty members preparing for review also illustrates this exemplary work ethic.

In short, Tracey is a remarkable asset to the Chemistry Department, making our jobs easier and more enjoyable!

Congratulations to Tracey on her selection as the February 2017 Employee of the Month!

January 2017 Employee of the Month

Nick Flores

HVAC - Plant Maintenance Flores
Mastery Level VII - HVAC
Length of Service: 2 years
Employee of the month for January 2017

The School of Health Sciences Team is excited and honored to work in the Human Health Building (HHB) - a building whose very design and construction exemplifies the best science and engineering practices that advance human-environment interactions. We understand that humans impact the environment and that our environment to a large degree determines the quality and quantity of our lives. HHB is our work environment and it surely has impacts on our daily lives and work.  Nick Flores - more than anyone - makes it possible for all of us to teach, learn, research, and engage in meaningful service here. We've struggled with getting the heating and cooling regulated sufficiently and to everyone's satisfaction. Impressively, Nick works tirelessly and without complaint, striving to meet our needs, make fine adjustments, and frankly to reconcile entirely incompatible personal preferences. He is, every day and in every way, patient, thoughtful, caring, and humble. Nick isn't just our building's HVAC guy - he is an extension of the Health Sciences Team and a key part of our larger HHB family.  

Nick was on call this past holiday time between Christmas and New Year’s. He was amazing taking care of 3 emergency water main breaks as well numerous other emergency calls. Nick isolated the water break single-handedly at 2:00 a.m., saving thousands of gallons of water. He is an awesome HVAC Technician that is a huge asset to the University and we are lucky to have him on the OU Team!

Nick has a great sense of humor and takes frequent issues with heating/cooling in HHB in stride. He works hard and is dedicated to solving problems.  His efforts are appreciated by all!

Congratulations to Nick on his selection as the January 2017 Employee of the Month!

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