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What Makes a Great Partnership?

What Makes a Great Partnership?

Great partnerships are created when both sides trust and understand each other

UCM understands that, as a department, you are trying your best to communicate and market your services with little resources and time. Departments trust that we are talented, strategic thinkers who do things for a reason. We might suggest a different communication vehicle because we know it'll be more effective. We design materials a certain way so that it capitalizes on the university's brand and overall advertising efforts.

Sometimes it takes awhile to get there, but with trust and understanding we can create a successful, positive partnership that will result in an effective communications and marketing strategy for your department.

But don't just take our word for it. Read on for a sampling of satisfied OU departments:

"The partnership we have created with UCM has been invaluable. The UCM team has assisted us with a multitude of projects and invests time in the entire process — from the initial brainstorm to the final product. They have helped us create informative and inviting web and print communications that allow us to maximize our resources and leverage our marketing efforts to students and parents. Whether we need to completely hand over a project or just need their consultation, the UCM team is always ready, willing and eager to help. It's a pleasure working alongside such a talented group of professionals."
Sara Webb
Director, First-Year Advising Center