Once UCM develops your e-newsletter or e-mail, we'll insert the template into the university's Content Management System (CMS). You are required to take CMS training, specifically for the e-newsletter module. Once that training is complete, you'll have access to edit the content and send out your e-newsletter/e-mail. 

Note: UCM does not handle email/subscriber lists; departments must maintain their own lists through UTS. Download this document on the Mailing List Creation Process for help accessing the Mailman system, populating your mailing list with e-mails, and distribution using the CMS. More information is available on the UTS website
UCM can help you develop e-mail communication for a variety of initiatives, including event invitations, general department communication and student recruitment campaigns. Contact your account manager for more information. Feel free to view OU brand guidelines for details on messaging, creative and practical examples.
e-Mail Templates
E-newsletters can be an effective communication tool for departments who have a dedicated list of subscribers and important, relevant information to share with them. Content should be quick, easy-to-read tidbits with links to more information. Contact your account manager to develop an e-newsletter template that best fits your needs.