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Required CMS Training

Required CMS Training

The five video segments covering the basic use of the Content Management System (CMS) are located in the tabs below. After viewing all segments, answer the questions that are listed in the tab titled "CMS Training Assessment." Once the questions are answered, make sure to click submit.  

Download the CMS Basic Training document for future reference or as an alternate/supplement to watching the videos. 

Access to the requested CMS pages will be available within three business days.  Questions regarding CMS training should be directed to your UCM account manager.

Logging in to CareWorks
This video gives a brief description of logging in to the CareWorks system. It will cover how to log in, how to reach the control panel/edit screen, how to change a password, and how to recover a password if it's forgotten.


Download video transcript

Adding and locating pages to edit
This video explains the beginning phases of updating pages in the CMS. It will cover how to locate a page, how to update a page, and how to understand the site tree of a page.


UPDATE: To add a page, contact your UCM account manager

Download video transcript
a page

Creating a page
This video offers a brief description of each field in the edit screen necessary for editing pages on a site. It will include information on how to edit the page title, indicate what order the title will appear in the site tree, include information about the page for search engine optimization, and how to indicate which type of content is being used on the page.


UPDATE: To add a page, contact your UCM account manager.
Download video transcript

Adding content to your page
This video explains the three different areas available for adding content to a page. It will also explain how to hide/unhide a page, how to delete a page, and how to recover a deleted page.


Download video transcript
Rich Text

Rich Text Editor
This video covers all areas of the Rich Text Editor. Each tool available for use will be listed and explained. Several tools that are more extensive, such as the format strippers and the hyperlink manager will be explained in more detail. This video is essential for understanding how to properly add content to a page.


Download video transcript
Add events to the calendar
List department events in the main OU calendar with the option of displaying them on your department's home page. The event calendar feed is pulled to various places, including the OU home page. All official events should go in the calendar for maximum exposure to the OU community. 
NOTE: Student org events automatically pull into the main OU calendar if they are marked as community-wide events.
CMS Training

Please allow 2-3 business days for processing. If you need immediate assistance, contact your UCM account manager.


Successful completion of the CMS training assessment is required for access to make edits to content pages. The documentation below is provided for additional modules.  You may need to specifically request access to additional modules. Check back for additional training materials for optional modules within the content management system. 

Collect responses for surveys, contact or information requests. Results can be sent to a specified email and manually exported.  
Publish OU News articles or special announcements to your department website. 
Send e-newsletters to your audience. Note: UCM does not handle email/subscriber lists; departments must maintain their own lists through UTS.  Download this document on the Mailing List Creation Process for help accessing the Mailman system, populating your mailing list with emails, and distribution using the CareWorks CMS. More information is available on the UTS website
All scholarships are moving to the new scholarship manager tool. The tool allows us to publish scholarships specific to a department, and also publish all scholarships based on the type of student that is eligible and the school/college the student is in. See an example on the alumni website. 
Create and edit media galleries for the top of your department pages. Also how to edit photos for photo-only banners.