Explore Your Options

    Explore your interests and strengths with your academic adviser each semester
  • FYAC advisers are the first professional advisers you’ll meet with
  • Narrow your major/career choices by utilizing self-assessment instruments
    Become involved on campus
  • Join a student org related to your major/interests
  • Participate in a community service event
  • Play intramurals, club sports or join a group exercise class
  • Get an on-campus job (create a resume with OUCareerLink’s Resume Builder)
  • Attend academic, athletic and other fun events
  • Contribute to campus publications like WXOU radio station, OUTV and The Oakland Post
    Investigate and decide on the major and career option best for you
  • Research these options through online career exploration, informational interviews, job shadowing, volunteering and more
    Introduce yourself to your professors and visit their office hours
  • Professors are experts in their field and can provide you with valuable resources. They are here to help you
    Earn at least 28 credits and aim for a 3.0 or higher cumulative GPA
  • Reach sophomore standing by the end of your first year (farewell freshmen!)

Engage in Your Major

    Meet with your academic adviser each semester to review your degree evaluation
  • Now that you declared a major, you’ll meet with an academic adviser from your school/college
    Participate in the Second Year Experience (SYE)
  • Be a proud sophomore -- participate in at least two engagement activities
    Gain leadership skills through campus involvement
  • Take your involvement to the next level by applying for a student leader position such as Academic Peer Mentor, Admissions Ambassador, Career Ambassador, CMI Peer Mentor, CSA Leadership Consultant, Orientation Group Leader, Resident Assistant, SI Leader, student organization officer, tutor or writing consultant
    Set short- and long-term SMART goals that complement your major and career decision
  • Take a cue from this example SMART goal: I will meet with Career Services in October to review my resume in order to have a final draft completed by winter break
    Engage with Career Services to explore possibilities
  • Learn about career-related options for your major
    Earn at least 56 credits and aim for a 3.0 or higher cumulative GPA
  • Reach junior standing by the end of your second year (sayonara sophomores!)

Gain Relevant Experience

    Meet with your academic adviser to review your degree evaluation
  • You’ve become pretty good friends with your academic adviser, right?
    Narrow career options then search for career-related experience
  • Employers expect 2-3 internships before graduation. Now is the time to do internships, co-ops, field placements, clinicals and patient-care experience
  • Also gain experience through volunteering, research, study away or abroad or job shadowing a professional
    Consider your graduate/professional school options and prepare for admission to intended programs
  • Investigate graduate school options, research the standardized tests and registration deadlines, and obtain letters of recommendation
    Capitalize on resources within Career Services to give you a professional, competitive edge
  • Meet with a career consultant to create/update your resume, complete a mock interview and get help with your job search
  • Attend career-related events that can connect you to employers
    Earn at least 91 credits and aim for a 3.0 or higher cumulative GPA
  • Reach senior standing by the end of your third year (adiós juniors!)

Launch Your Future

    Meet with your academic adviser the semester before you graduate to complete your graduation audit
  • Run your degree evaluation before meeting with your adviser
    Apply for graduation early by the posted deadline
  • Graduating in April or June? Apply by the last Friday in January
  • Graduating in August? Apply by the last Friday in May
  • Graduating in December? Apply by the last Friday in September
  • Don’t forget to attend the graduation fair!
    Visit Career Services to ensure you’re ready to apply for jobs or graduate/professional school
  • Finalize your job search strategies, ensure your resume is market-ready and prepare for tough interview questions.
    Proactively pursue multiple leads connecting to employment opportunities
  • Use more than one way to connect to prospective employers: continue to build a professional network, attend career/job fairs, maximize job searching and networking features of social media
  • Consider alternatives to full-time employment like part-time jobs, internships, volunteering or other experiences related to your career goals
    Walk across the stage at commencement
  • Congratulations, you reached the finish line! Welcome to your future!

Current Students

One of the best things about college life is discovering yourself and what makes you happy. At OU, you’re given the chance to do and be virtually anything you want.

You can grow fresh produce for underserved urban communities, deejay at WXOU, build a formula-style race car, conduct research in our biological preserve, take future students on campus tours, and so much more. This is your chance to make the most of your OU experience.

Student Resources

OU provides endless opportunities for making your mark in the community — well before you graduate.

Take care of yourself right on campus with counseling services, crisis intervention, physical exams and more.

Relive OU’s greatest moments by reading The Oakland Post, watching OUTV, listening to WXOU or following #ThisIsOU.

Be at the top of your academic game by committing to health and wellness.

Academic tutors, organized study groups, learning seminars and technology loan programs help you stay ahead in your studies.

GPA Calculator

For each class, input the number of credit hours and the numerical grade you received. Your GPA is determined by multiplying the number of credits for each class by your grade points and then finding the average.

This GPA calculator should only be used as a resource to help you understand how grade point averages are calculated, the results are not official. Official GPA calculations are completed by OU's Office of the Registrar and can be found in your SAIL account.

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