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Assistant Professor of Anthropology
533 Varner Hall
(248) 370-4453

Curriculum Vitae


I am an anthropological archaeologist with research interests in cultural transmission, social interaction and integration, political and economic organization, and the social science applications of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in combination with computer modeling and simulation. I am a Registered Professional Archaeologist (RPA) who specializes in the archaeology of the Eastern Woodlands of North America. I am also an FAA licensed drone pilot.


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I Teach AN1511: Human and Cultural Evolution, AN1111: Culture and Human Nature, AN3127: Racial and Ethnic Relations, AN3133: The Food Quest (Economic Anthropology), AN3450: Archaeology of North America, AN3260: Native Peoples and First Nations of North America, AN3581: Archaeological Field School, AN3900: Special Topics in Anthropology: Cartography, AN3900: Special Topics in Anthropology: Remote Sensing, AN3900: Special Topics in Anthropology: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS), AN3900: Special Topics in Anthropology: Archaeological Laboratory Methods, AN4391/LBS5903: Anthropological Theory, LBS5943: Seminar in the Social Sciences.