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Faculty and Staff

Graham Cassano
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Brandeis University, Sociology
Urban sociology, theory, labor history, mass media, race, gender and class
Dennis Condron
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Ohio State University, Sociology
Sociology of education, statistics and research methods, social stratification
Linda Gjokaj
Visiting Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Michigan State University, Sociology
Immigration, immigrant families, ethnic and racial identities, gender
Heidi Lyons
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Bowling Green State University, Sociology 
Family, population, social demography, life course, sex and gender, quantitative methods 
Terri L. Orbuch
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Sociology
Interpersonal relationships, race/gender, interrelationships between relationships, marital stability and quality, sexuality and sexual norms, account-making and narratives
Maria Paino
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Georgia, Sociology
Education, organizations, occupation and work, gender and inequalities, research methods, deviance
Jo Reger
Ph.D., Ohio State University, Sociology
Social movements, gender, qualitative methods, organizations
Derek Roberts
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Michigan State University, Sociology
Culture, self and society, social class, sociology of the body, urban sociology
George Sanders
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Vanderbilt University, Sociology
Sociology of religion, stratification, research methods, theory
Cynthia J. Schellenbach
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, Human Development
Family systems and the ecology of marriage and the family, community-based prevention and intervention, adulthood and aging, youth and adolescence
Jon Carroll
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Michigan State University, Anthropology 
Cultural transmission, social interaction and integration, GIS and computer modeling
Henri Gooren
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Utrecht University, Anthropology
Religion, Latin America
Dorothy Nelson
Professor & Vice Provost for Research
Ph.D., Michigan State University, Anthropology
Ethnic differences in skeletal health, bone mass and body composition in growth and development, osteoperosis
Suzanne Spencer-Wood
Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, Anthropology
Feminist theory in anthropology and archaeology, archaeological theory and method, historical archaeology, industrial archaeology and cultural resource management
Stephanie Brandimarte
Director of Field and Student Services
MSW, University of Michigan
Gerontology, end-of-life care
Erin Comartin
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Wayne State University, Social Work
Sex offender registries, sex offender registries, public policy  
Dalton Connally
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Texas at Arlington, Social Work
Human behavior, social work field experience
Maria DeVoogd-Beam
Program Director
MSW, Michigan State University
Program evaluation, community and organizational development, grant writing, developmental delays
Heather El-Khoury
Coordinator of Field and Student Supports
Mount Clemens Campus Anton Frankel/Center
MSW, Wayne State University 
At-risk youth, youth homelessness, crisis intervention
Angela Kaiser
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Wayne State University, Social Work
Organizational and community processes
Linda Morrison
Visiting Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, Sociology
Mental health, social and human services, advocacy and social justice
Scott J. Smith
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Arizona State University, Social Work
Sexual health, health disparities, international social work
Amanda Burgess-Proctor
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Michigan State University, Criminal Justice
Criminological theory, feminist criminology, intimate partner violence, juvenile justice
Lori Burrington
Assistant Professor
J.D.,Ph.D., Ohio State University, Sociology
Contextual effects on adolescent and early adult crime, delinquency, and health-risk behaviors;race, ethnic, class, and gender disparities in problem and health-risk behaviors
Kimberly Byrd
Coordinator of Field Services & Student Support
MSW, Wayne State University 
Jacob H. Becker
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, Sociology
Communities and crime; quantitative analysis; urban sociology; neighborhood social control
Wendi L. Johnson
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Bowling Green State University, Sociology
Criminological theory, delinquency, health and well-being, family and parenting, inequality, adolescence and emerging adulthood, quantitative methodology
Raymond V. Liedka
Special Instructor
Ph.D., Cornell University, Sociology
Statistics, organizations, criminology, stratification, research methods
Albert J. Meehan
Ph.D., Boston University, Sociology
Policing, ethnomethodology, conversation analysis
Peter Bertocci
Ph.D., Michigan State University, Anthropology 
William E. Bezdek
Ph.D., University of Chicago, Psychology 
Judith K. Brown
Ed.D., Harvard University, Human Development
James W. Dow
Ph.D., Brandeis University, Anthropology 
David R. Maines
Ph.D. University of Missouri, Sociology
Curriculum Vitae 
Jacqueline Scherer
Ph.D., Syracuse University, Sociology 
Gary Shepherd
Ph.D., Michigan State University, Sociology
Curriculum Vitae 
Richard B. Stamps
Ph.D., Michigan State University, Anthropology
Eric Beasley
Deanne Bukari

DeAnne Bukari, LMSW, is the Chief Probation Officer at the 52-3 District Court in Rochester Hills. An OU graduate, she has worked in the corrections field for decades. In 2005, she helped develop the 52-3 DC’s Sobriety/OWI Court, where she supervises an intense caseload of repeat alcohol/drug offenders. She is an LMSW, LPC and a CAADC and has been teaching SW 364: Substance Abuse Theory & Addiction I & II, since 2011. In Fall 2013, she will also teach CRJ 324: Corrections & Rehabilitative Institutions at AFC. She also “employs” 3-5 OU interns annually, training them to become future probation officers!
George Constance

George Constance has been an Assistant Attorney General with the State of Michigan for the past 2.5 years. Prior to that, he was an attorney within the City of Warren City Attorney office for 25 years. He has taught at the community college and university level for 25 years. Also, he was the Macomb County Public Service Institute (Police Academy) Instructor of the year in 2010.
George Corser

George Corser, PhD candidate, Oakland University Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) department, holds a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from Princeton University and a master's in Computer and Information Sciences from the University of Michigan-Flint. His current research focuses on Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANETs), specifically in the areas of security and privacy. In 2012 he wrote two award-winning papers in the fields of network and cyber security and published an educational YouTube channel which as of May, 2013 had over 200 subscribers and 50,000 views. In 2013 he developed and published a VANET privacy modeling simulation software program in Python and published a journal paper on measuring computer hacker motivation. He has also lectured on topics of computer ethics, computer crime, computer programming and business/economics at Oakland University and other educational institutions. Prior to joining Oakland University, he managed technical recruiting operations in the United States and South Korea, filling positions for technical professionals, managers and executives worldwide. For more details, visit
Linda Darga

Linda Darga, Ph.D., earned her doctorate in biological anthropology from Wayne State University. She had a three-year NIH research fellowship at Children's Hospital of Michigan and then conducted research at the Beaumont Weight Loss Clinic with numerous publications in weight loss and its physiological correlates, and also worked with drug studies conducted at the clinic. she then conducted studies at the Karmanos Cancer Institute and Wayne State University in breast and prostate cancer. She also held positions in Oncology at Children's Hospital and Karmanos working with clinical trials. She has taught many years, both undergraduate and graduate courses, in anthropology at Wayne State University, Oakland University, and the University of Windsor.
William Eastwood

William Eastwood, Ph.D., is a Special Lecturer at Oakland University. He received his Ph.D. in Social-Cultural Anthropology from Indiana University in 2010. He has research interests in Christian religious identity and faith practice, national identity, state power, ritual with an emphasis on pilgrimage, and pastoral power. He has conducted extensive ethnographic fieldwork in the Republic of Georgia, studying the personal and political struggles of Baptists in an overwhelmingly Orthodox Christian country.
Beverly Fogelson

Beverly Fogelson is a Special Lecturer in both the Department of Sociology and Anthropology and the Department of International Studies. She received her Ph.D in Cultural Anthropology from Wayne State University where she was a Lecturer and the Department Graduate Advisor. Her primary interests are in Globalization, Legal Studies, Urban Anthropology, Psychological Cultural Anthropology, Human Evolution, and Latin America. She served on several Business Anthropology research projects at General Motors as a consultant. Prior to becoming an Anthropologist she was a Certified Court Reporter working in all levels of both the local and federal court systems.
Daniel Kennedy

Daniel Kennedy, Ph.D., began his career in criminal justice and security administration as a civilian crime analyst with the Detroit Police Department in 1966. Over the next decade, Dr. Kennedy also served as a counselor for the Federal Bureau of Prisons, as a probation officer in Detroit, and as a senior administrator of two police academies in southeastern Michigan. While serving in these capacities, he studied sociology and criminology at Wayne State University, earning B.A. (1967), M.A. (1969), and Ph.D. (1971) degrees along the way. Since completing his formal education, Dr. Kennedy has had extensive specialized training in various aspects of criminal behavior, policing operations, corrections operations, and private sector security management. For the past twenty-five years, Dr. Kennedy has developed expertise in forensic criminology: the application of criminological knowledge to matters of immediate concern to various courts of law.
John Kinkel

R. John Kinkel received his Ph.D. in sociology from Ohio State University. His research has appeared in the ASA annual Research In Sociology of Health Care publication.
Samuel Lucido

Sam Lucido is the Chief of Police for the Oakland University Police Department. Chief Lucido served for 25 years as a member of the Detroit Police Department. He experienced the full range of working in an urban policing environment while assigned to patrol operations, criminal investigations, training and staff/administration. He served in the ranks of police officer, investigator, sergeant, lieutenant and retired at the rank of inspector in 1997.Following his retirement from DPD, he taught for two years full-time as an assistant professor of criminal justice and undergraduate student advisor at Madonna University. He then served for four years as Chief of Police in Northfield Township (near Ann Arbor) and the next eleven years as Chief of Police here at Oakland University. He earned a BS in Police Administration and an MS in Criminal Justice, both from Wayne State University. He also attended numerous professional training programs, including additional graduate work at Northwestern University and coursework at the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia. He has also taught part-time at Wayne County Community College, Henry Ford Community College and here at Oakland University in the MPA Program.
J. D. Macri

Joseph D Macri, Ph.D. began his career as a sworn Probation Officer in the city of Detroit. After 10 years he moved to the University of Detroit as full time faculty and became Department Chair and Program Director in the Criminal Justice Department of the Graduate School. He then went to Oakland Community College as District Wide Director of Public Safety and Campus Police, also serving as Academic Dean for all Criminal Justice/Public Safety programs, including the Oakland Police Academy and the Oakland Fire and EMT Academies. After taking an early retirement from OCC Dr Macri spent 2 ½ years at a comprehensive Medical Center in Miami FL (Jackson Memorial Hospital-Public Health Trust) where he was Vice President for Safety, Security and Emergency Management. Dr Macri has served in both the US Army and US Navy Reserves and is currently a Marine Safety Staff Officer in the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, working primarily in Planning and Analysis roles. He is also a certified instructor/facilitator in the US Coast Guard TCT(Team Coordination Training –Operational Risk Management) program. His formal education includes BA, MA (Eastern Michigan University) and Ph.D. (Wayne State University),all in Sociology, Criminology, and Criminal Justice Education, in addition to several specialized Police Academy and Military programs,primarily in criminal justice, planning and data analysis topics. 
Elizabeth Rose Pare

Elizabeth R. Paré graduated from Wayne State University in December 2009, earning a Ph.D. in Sociology. Her dissertation, “Mother and Student: The Experience of Mothering in College,” explored the nature of student motherhood and whether educational institutions are equipped to handle students who have full-time parenting responsibilities. She is currently working on publishing parts of this dissertation in article form. Her primary research interests include family, gender, and education. Her work has been published in the Michigan Family Review, Journal of Family Issues and Advances in Gender Research.
Mike Pytlik

Mike Pytlik is a Visiting Instructor of Anthropology and the newly-appointed Director of Judaic Studies. He teaches The Archaeology of Israel, God Through Jewish History, Written Tradition of Judaism, and Intro. to Judaism. He is a frequent traveler to Israel, and has participated in several excavations in Israel. Since 2009 he has organized and leads a group of OU students to Israel for a tour and dig. Students interested in this program should consider the Archaeology of Israel courses and contact Mike by early January if they wish to go on the trip. He is interested in the formation of the Israelite state, the development of the synagogue, Jewish Theology and Hebrew. He is very active in the Jewish community, is involved in Christian and Muslim Jewish dialogue groups. Mike is also the current faculty adviser for the Jewish Student Organization on campus. 
Dennis Savard

Dennis ‘Denny’ Savard is a part-time faculty member at Oakland University. He received his BA in political science from Adrian College and MA degree from the University of Detroit Mercy in criminal justice. Currently, Denny is working towards his Ph.D. in sociology at Wayne State University. He has published in Security Journal and has a forthcoming chapter on shopping center security in Corporate Security in the 21st Century: Theory and Practice in International Perspective. In addition to his scholarly activities, Denny is Director of Research for a forensic criminology consulting firm. 
Matthew Switalski

The Honorable Matthew Switalski was elected to the Macomb County Circuit Court in 2002. The youngest of seven children, he graduated from Roseville High School in 1987, received his B.A. from the University of Michigan in 1991, and his J.D. from the University of Detroit in 1994. He served as Assistant City Attorney for St. Clair Shores, Eastpointe, and Grosse Pointe Farms from 1995 to 1998. As a Macomb County Assistant Prosecutor for 1999 to 2002, Judge Switalski won jury convictions for murder, rape, arson, carjacking, kidnapping, and armed robbery. As a Circuit Judge, he presides over criminal and juvenile matters, including adoptions and the Macomb County Juvenile Drug Court.
Aaron Westrick

Aaron Westrick, Ph.D., is a police supervisor with 31 years of law enforcement experience having served in many capacities including corrections supervisor, assault (SWAT) team member, hostage negotiator and major case detective. He is a highly decorated officer. Because of his status within law enforcement and the commercial body armor industry, he is able to access most ballistic fabrics. Dr. Westrick is a recognized expert in most armor materials and ballistic use of force issues. 
James Windell

James Windell, M.A., teaches criminal justice classes at Wayne State University and Oakland University. Previously he was a court clinical psychologist with the Oakland County Circuit Court's Psychological Clinic for more than 25 years where he conducted group therapy with delinquent adolescents and co-led the high-conflict post-divorce group ADEPT. He was a probation officer in juvenile court and a supervisor in Oakland County Youth Assistance, a delinquency prevention program. As a psychotherapist, he specialized in work with disruptive and oppositional children and teens.
Paul Vigeant

Paul Vigeant, M.A. teaches World Geography and Urban Studies at Wayne State University and World Geography at Oakland University. He has also taught part time at College for Creative Studies. In 2005 he won a major competition from the State of Michigan for a redesign of downtown Jackson, Michigan. This fall Paul will teach World Regional Geography An 200 and AN/ISS 350 at Oakland.
Donna Lackie

Donna Lackie, LMSW ACSW is a social worker with 30 years experience in Parenting and Early Childhood Programs. At Oakland Schools, Donna is responsible for Great Parents education programs and also serves as Co-Coordinator of Great Start Collaborative-Oakland. Her area of expertise include “protective factors” that strengthen families ? resiliency, social connections, knowledge of parenting and child development, concrete support of basic needs and social/emotional competence. According to research, these factors promote optimal child development. Since 2004, Donna served as the Early Childhood Consultant for United Way for Southeastern Michigan. In 2006, Donna was awarded the Collaborative Champion Award by the Human Services Collaborative Council. Donna also actively participates on the Parent Education and Family Support state advisory board for the Early Childhood Investment Corporation. In 2011 Donna was named the recipient of the Great Start “Fierce Heart” established by the Early Childhood Investment Corporation (ECIC). Ms Lackie teaches Social Work Field Seminar and serves as a field liaison.
Ryan Fox

Ryan Fox, MSW is a part time lecturer of social work for Oakland University’s Department of Sociology, Anthropology, Social Work, and Criminal Justice. He received a BA in Psychology from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA and an MSW from West Chester University in West Chester, PA. Ryan has 10+ years of field experience in hospice care working with terminally ill patients and their families providing education in end of life care. He has held various positions in the hospice industry including: Social Worker, Director of Supportive Services, and Executive Hospice Director.

In addition to teaching the social work practicum seminar class, Ryan currently serves as a Hospice Care Consultant for a local hospice in Southeastern Michigan educating the community about the benefits of hospice and palliative care. Mr. Fox teaches Social Work Field Seminar and serves as a field liaison.
Katharine Morgan

Katharine Morgan, MSW, LMSW received a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and a Master’s Degree in Social Work with an emphasis on Policy, Planning and Administration from Western Michigan University. She is a fully Licensed Masters Social Worker who has worked as a collegiate academic advisor and community mental health practitioner for over 10 years. Katharine is vested in the development and implementation of social service programming and outcome measures to ensure effective service delivery with emphasis on: federal grant writing, program planning/ design, creating/ facilitating community trainings related to treatment planning and supervision, staff recruitment/ development, fiscal audits/ reviews and event planning/ marketing tasks. Katharine currently works for a local community mental health agency supervising the coordination of over $2.1 million dollars in federal public housing funds designated throughout Michigan. She sits on various committees related to public housing and currently volunteers her time as a civil court mediator with the Oakland Mediation Center facilitating conflict resolution and legal negotiation. Ms. Morgan teaches Social Work Field Seminar and serves as a field liaison.
Megan Widman

Megan Widman, MSW is the Social Action Program Director at HAVEN – an agency in Oakland County Michigan committed to serving victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. She oversees both the Advocacy / First Response team and Personal Protection Order team. Both teams provide legal advocacy and support for survivors of domestic and sexual violence throughout Oakland County. The Social Action team is committed to improving victim safety and empowerment as well as offender accountability in all stages of the criminal justice process. Megan joined HAVEN in April 2006 in her previous position as Prevention Education Program Director. 

Megan is the co-chair of the Oakland County Coordinating Council against Domestic Violence, a multi-sector community response taskforce aimed at developing systems-wide prevention, response and education on domestic violence. Megan also frequently provides expert witness testimony in criminal domestic violence cases. In addition to her professional role at HAVEN, Megan teaches on a part-time basis at Oakland University’s School of Anthropology and Social Work. Megan holds a Master's Degree of Social Work with a concentration in Community Practice and Social Action from Wayne State University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Spanish from the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor. Ms. Widman teaches Social Work Field Seminar, serves as a field liaison and Social Welfare Polices.
Maureen Okasinski

Maureen Okasinski, MSW has 19 years experience in leadership, program development, research, design and evaluation, employee and intern supervision, grant writing and reporting, team work, budget management, case management, counseling and group work. This includes nine years of social work teaching, fourteen years of direct social work practice and five years in consulting. She has an MSW from the University of Michigan with a major in policy and evaluation and a BA in Criminal Justice from Michigan State University. She has taught at the University of Michigan and Madonna University. Ms. Okasinski teaches Social Work Field Seminar, serves as a field liaison, and Introduction to Social Work.
Elizabeth Montemayor

Elizabeth Montemayor, LLMSW is a social worker with 10 years experience working with the Department of Human Services for the State of Michigan, as a Foster Worker in Genesee County, a Children's Protective Services Investigator in Ingham County, and is currently a Children's Protective Services Supervisor in Ingham County. In this capacity, she supervises investigators, ongoing services, and maltreatment in care investigations. Her area of expertise includes extensive knowledge in the foster care and child protective services systems, knowledge of judicial court systems involving abuse/neglect matters, providing casework services to dependent, neglected, abused, and delinquent children and youths, children with disabilities, socially and economically disadvantaged and dependent adult clients, and other individuals and families. Elizabeth is a graduate of the Leadership Academy through DHS. During her time in the academy she completed extensive work regarding Human Trafficking, participating on a committee to develop and write the formal Human Trafficking Protocol for the State of Michigan. Elizabeth currently participates in the county's Child Death Review panel, the Children's Protective Services Statewide Advisory Committee, the Family Dependency Treatment Court Committee, and the Statewide Continuous Quality Improvement Team. Elizabeth studied at Michigan State University earning both a Bachelor of Science in Family and Community Services and Master of Social Work degree. Ms. Montemayor teaches Child Welfare (SW 360).
Cassandra Barragan

Cassandra Barragan, LMSW Ms. Barragan currently serves as Oakland University’s Assessment Coordinator through the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment in a part-time capacity. She earned a BSW and MSW from the University of Illinois School of Social Work in 1994 and 1998 respectively and is a Ph.D candidate at Wayne State University. She currently teaches part-time with Baker College and has more than fifteen years of social work practice experience as a geriatric social workers. Ms. Barragan is interested in the policies and legislation that impact the nursing home industry and specifically, the effective use of social workers in health care as part of interdisciplinary teams. Additional areas include community based program implementation of services for seniors. Ms. Barragan teaches HBSE I & II (SW 310 & SW 311) and Practice II Macro Social Work (SW 406).
Sarah Erskine
Office Assistant II
Social Work
Elizabeth Forester
Office Assistant II
Sociology, Anthropology & Criminal Justice