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Social Work Alumni

Alumni is important to a university for many reasons. Alumni can serve as great role models and inspirations for current students as they start their own careers.  It can be encouraging for current students achieving a degree to be able to interact with alumni and hear their stories about their college experiences.

Alumni is also beneficial to an university because they offer support to the department in ways such as fundraising, mentoring, promoting their university through work experiences and success. When an university has close relations with its alumni, it is an opportunity to promote the importance of a program by displaying the accomplishments of their past students. Here, we will turn the spotlight to alumni of the Oakland University

Social Work Alumni

Elizabeth Kici, BSW
Elizabeth is from Holly, MI is graduating from Oakland University-MSW Program in 2015. Currently, Elizabeth holds a position at Hope Network New Passages of Flint, MI as an Adult Case Manager. When she is asked why she chose Social Work, Elizabeth replies, “As Dr. Smith always told us, social work chose me-I didn’t choose social work.  Mental health is my passion, I plan to do policy work with my MPH in order to positively impact the physical and mental wellbeing of adults with mental illness. Closing the gap between mental illness and negative health outcomes!”

For Fun: “My social life and my dog keep me sane! I love to travel and explore Michigan Breweries.”

Elizabeth’s advice to aspiring social workers: “Never work harder than your client. Never lose sight of how important you are to your community and those you serve. One good day trumps one hundred bad days and you will have “ah-ha” moments that reinforce WHY we do this. Self-care should be your number one priority at all times or you'll dig yourself a grave!”

Karen Hanks, LMSW, BSW
Karen of Shelby Township, MI is a graduate of Wayne State University’s class of 2012.  She is currently a Licensing Worker at Bethany Christian Services in Madison Heights, MI.  Karen chose social work because it she felt it “just seemed like natural fit.” Karen volunteers at Common Ground on the crisis line and recently completed 4000 hours to receive her full license.  She also is a volunteer Discipleship Director at Kensington Community Church’s Shelby Township Campus.

Karen’s advice to aspiring social workers: “Find what you love and work hard for it.”

Tara Guffy, MSW, BSW
Tara is from St. Clair Shores, MI is a recent 2014 graduate of Wayne State Type to enter text University.  She is employed at Neighborhood Service Organization (NSO) in Detroit, MI as a Residential Supports Coordinator.  Tara volunteers for the Wobbly Kitchen in Detroit, MI.

Tara’s advice to aspiring social workers: “Education: Get ready to write and write and write some more! Work: Never forget why you went into this field in the first place and do not allow lack of funding to thwart your practice…be creative, advocate, and do whatever you can to fight against the status quo!” ~OU 2014

Meghan Magdalenic, MSW, BSW
Megan of Wyandotte, MI is a 2013 graduate of Wayne State University.  She is employed as a Behavioral Health Consultant at Starfish Family Services in Taylor, MI.

Meghan’s advice to aspiring social workers: “Be the change you want to see in the world.  Touching one person’s life is the most incredible feeling.” ~OU 2012

Michael Fiorillo, LMSW, BSW
Michael of Madison Heights, MI graduated from the University of Michigan in 2010.  He currently holds a position as a Clinical Services Manager for Spectrum Juvenile Services of Highland Parks, MI. Michel is an active member of the MI Board of Social Work, He also enjoys staying active playing any/all sports, traveling and associating with friends/family.

“As for choosing the field, I was hooked after taking my first psychology class. As for staying in the field, seeing a client internalize/utilize intervention.”

Michael’s advice to aspiring social workers: As a colleague, always set goals. Whether it's earning the MSW, passing the licensing exam or earning a promotion. Once you achieve a goal, set another.