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Program Overview

The Wellness Health Promotion and Injury Prevention Program at Oakland University is accredited by the National Wellness Institute (NWI) Council on Wellness Accreditation and Education (CWAE), PO Box 827, Stevens Point, WI 54481, 715.342.2969.


WHP graduates from May 2006 onwards who attained an overall GPA of 2.75 may automatically register with the National Wellness Institute (NWI) as Certified Wellness Practitioners (CWP).  Individuals who graduated earlier from the WHP program may also apply to become CWPs but need to follow a different certification path. Visit the NWI Website for more details.


WHP Instructor Lucy Sternburgh is offering a new course in Winter 2016 and Summer 2016. WHP 405 Mindfulness in Wellbeing. This course may be used as an elective for select WHP and HS concentrations. Discuss with your academic adviser to see if this course fits with your major concentration. For more information about the course please see the flyer

Wellness, Health Promotion and Injury Prevention

The primary goal of the WHP program is to prepare students for entry to graduate programs of study in fields such as exercise science, health education, human resources, injury prevention, psychology, nutrition, public health, and related professional and medical fields such as a second degree in nursing, physician assistant, medicine, or occupational safety and health. WHP graduates with a 2.75 GPA may automatically register as certified wellness practitioners (CWP) with the National Wellness Institute. Therefore, a parallel secondary function of the WHP program is to prepare students for entry-level employment in a variety of allied health, commercial, industrial, government, hospital, community and non-profit organizations. Professional skills of graduates are utilized in health enhancement, disease prevention, injury prevention, health education/promotion, health and fitness, corporate and work-site wellness, as well as human resource practice and management.
The School of Health Sciences at Oakland University is pleased to offer the Bachelor of Science degree in Wellness, Health Promotion, and Injury Prevention. We are confident that the program will meet the interests and needs of prospective students seeking careers in this emerging field of study. Take a moment to read through the survey questions below, and if you answer yes to more than one of the questions, this choice of university degree program is probably what you are looking for to prepare you for a future career.

We see this dynamic program geared to meeting the needs of young professional students. The carefully crafted curriculum has been designed after consultation with industry experts in order to meet future qualification and skill needs in the health promotion fields. Strengths of the program include the flexibility to choose a specialization in one of eight focus areas, the option to take related minor programs of study, and the sound preparation you will receive if you later progress to a graduate program of study in an allied health field.

I invite you to consider this unique degree as your program of choice, and welcome inquiries from prospective students. I can be contacted at the address below.

Good luck with your choice and decision about university study.

-- Stafford C. Rorke, D.Phil., FACSM

What are you interested in?
  1. Are you interested in subjects such as exercise, nutrition, health, health promotion, business, human resource development, psychology, stress management, alternate/complementary medicine, wellness, prevention of disease, and prevention of unintentional or intentional injury?
  2. Do you like working with people?
  3. Do you like helping others?
  4. Would you like to work with people who are essentially healthy, but need assistance to stay healthy and prevent disease, rather than working with those who are sick and require rehabilitation?
  5. Are you interested in any of the careers or emerging opportunities in this field such as health and fitness technician/instructor/leader/specialist; exercise leader/trainer/specialist/director; personal trainer, health promotion or wellness coordinator/manager/director; injury prevention advocate, employee assistance manager, health benefits manager, counselor, human resources practitioner, patient educator/interpreter, patient services coordinator, health information management, health and fitness sales/equipment/marketing, computer- or health-data management, among many other occupations in this growing field?
  6. Do you potentially see yourself continuing to graduate school in fields such as public health, exercise science, human factors, human resource development, psychology, counseling, or executive MBA; among others related to this emerging field of study?
B.S. In
The Wellness, Health Promotion and Injury Prevention program prepares students for graduate study and to address growing societal needs for specialists in diverse allied health fields.

The curriculum provides students with a broad-based introduction to this emerging multi-disciplinary field of study and provides a specialization within one of eight focus areas: Additional Major in Psychology; general health enhancement; intervention strategies in health promotion; complementary medicine; injury prevention; exercise science; nutrition and health; and a pre-health professional option.  All students should note that where a particular course is identified on the checklist, that specific course, or a direct equivalent transfer course, must be offered for the WHP degree

To access the core WHP curriculum checklist and curriculum checklist for Focus areas, please click   Bachelors degree - WHP checklist. The checklist is effective Fall 2016.
In addition to a core curriculum, students choose one of the eight focus areas:
  1. Additional Major in Psychology (targeting psycho-social issues and human health behaviors).
  2. General Health Enhancement (minor in psychology, plus possible additional minor).
  3. Health Promotion Intervention Strategies, emphasizing legislation, managed care and human resources (options for different minors possible e.g. HRD minor in training and development).
  4. Complementary Medicine, exploring different healing traditions (options for different minors possible).
  5. Injury Prevention.
  6. Exercise Science (minor in exercise science).
  7. Pre-Health Professional focus (preparation toward careers in nursing, medicine, dentistry, occupational safety and health, plus others).
  8. Nutrition and Health focus (minor in nutrition and health).
A 28 credit-hour minor in wellness, health promotion and injury prevention is available to students majoring in other programs such as anthropology, integrative studies, health sciences, human resource development, psychology, or sociology. Although a 28 credit hour minor, several credit hours can be used to satisfy University General Education requirements. View the WHP minor checklist for the 2015-16 academic year or the WHP minor checklist for the 2016-17 academic year.
Expectations of students in the WHP program are high. Students should consult the  WHP Student Handbook for a detailed description of the program expectations. When declaring the WHP major students must provide a signed copy of the WHP student regulations agreement to the SHS Adviser.
WHP Student

The WHP student society is designed for students who are majoring or minoring in the Wellness, Health Promotion, and Injury Prevention program. As a society we promote health on and around campus. We also provide our members with several networking connections to assist them with their collegiate career as well as their future after graduation.

This is a fun society where WHP students from Oakland University can get together to discuss important news regarding the WHP major or minor, answer each others questions, find out about upcoming events or activities, and opportunities that will help everyone out. We have similar interests that we can share in this group!