The OU PT Program welcomes Dr. Kornelia Kulig back to OU

The OU PT Program welcomes Dr. Kornelia Kulig back to OU
OU PT program
From left to right: Art Griggs, Kevin Ball, John Kraus, Kris Thompson, Melody Kondratek, Kornelia Kulig, Dough Creighton, Sean Johnson, Chris Wilson

The OU PT Program was pleased to welcome Dr. Kornelia Kulig, an OU graduate and former faculty member back to Oakland University. Dr. Kulig and her colleague Dr. Sean Johnson graciously provided a course on Saturday November 19th, 2016 titled, “Not all tendons are created equal – Implications for differing treatment approaches in the shoulder and the foot,” to support scholarships for physical therapy students at Oakland University.

The course builds on the professions’ long-standing discussion asking whether intervention approaches for tendinopathies can be, or should be, similar or different across the upper and lower extremities. The course builds on recent literature and laboratory and clinical experiences, proposing additional strategies for management of tendinopathies. The course incorporates laboratory data; ties them in with technology assisted clinical assessment strategies, manual therapy and physical capacity assessments and well-founded therapeutic interventions.

Kornelia Kulig, PhD, PT, FAPTA, FAAOMPT (Hon) is a Professor and Co-Director of the Jacqueline Perry Musculoskeletal Biomechanics Research Laboratory at the University of Southern California.

Sean Johnson, DPT, OCS is clinical faculty and Interim Director of UPC Physical Therapy Associates at the University of Southern California.

Revenue from this course supports the Elizabeth Pfister Scholarship Award for Physical Therapy Students. This award was established by Dr. Kulig, a former OU faculty member, in memory of Elizabeth Pfister. Ms. Pfister was a dear friend and colleague who was an administrative assistant for the Physical Therapy Program. As Ms. Pfister was a strong supporter of students, this award is to recognize physical therapy students who demonstrate excellence in the classroom and clinic as well as a commitment to the profession of physical therapy.