Oakland University Senate

The Senate is an all-university governance body whose membership includes administrative officers, students and faculty members elected for two year terms to represent their academic units. The Vice President for Academic Affairs is its presiding officer. It serves as a legislative forum that meets monthly during the academic year. The Senate recommends new degree programs to the president and the board and must approve the constitutions of colleges and schools. It determines academic policies and provides opportunity for public deliberation on issues of importance to the university.  Contact the OU Senate via email at senate@oakland.edu.
Meeting Dates, Agendas and Minutes
(view previous years' minutes in the archive)
September 17, 20153 p.m. OC Banquet Room B
October 15, 20153 p.m.OC Banquet Room B
November 19, 20153 p.m. OC Banquet Room B
December 3, 2015 - CANCELED  
January 21, 20163 p.m. OC Banquet Room B
February 18, 20163 p.m.OC Banquet Room B
March 17, 20163 p.m. OC Banquet Room B
April 21, 20163 p.m.OC Banquet Room B
May 12, 20162 p.m.OC Banquet Room B