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Dr. Harry T. Hahn
Dr. Harry T. Hahn

The family of Dr. Hahn, Mary Ann Hahn-Strand, John Hahn and Thomas Hahn.
The family of Dr. Hahn, Mary Ann Hahn-Strand, John Hahn and Thomas Hahn. 

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To request a paper application, email or contact the Reading and Language Arts department at (248) 370-3065.

Application Deadline
February 9, 2108

Applicants are notified at the end of the term prior to term in which award is to be used.

For further information, contact:
  Department Chair,
  Reading and Language Arts
  485K Pawley Hall
  Oakland University
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Scholarship Recipients

2017  Wen Wu
          Johnnie Blunt 
2016  Sherry Andrews
          Laura Gabrion
          Wen Wu
2015  Taraneh Matloob Haghanikar
          Li Pei
2014  Michelle Ewald
          Li Pei
          Sara Trotter
          Wen Wu
          Xin Zhang 
2013  Deborah Kitson 
2012  Taraneh Matloob Haghanikar 
2011  Ashelin Currie
2010  Carmela Gillette
2009  Julie Schrauben
2008  Wendy Croel
          Danielle Diamond
          Julie Schrauben


Harry Hahn Reading Endowment Award

Dr. Harry T. Hahn came to Oakland University, where he founded the Department of Reading and Language Arts, the Oakland University’s Reading Clinic and the reading education specialization. During the 1960s, Dr. Hahn conducted studies to determine the effectiveness of using a language experience approach with beginning readers. As a result of his work, Language Encounters, a strategy for teaching language arts by integrating thinking, speaking, reading, writing and listening, was developed. This developed strategy was used by 45 off-campus sites and one outcome of Language Encounters was the Young Authors Conference, which is a celebration of the publication achievements of elementary students.

Due to Dr. Hahn’s groundbreaking work, Oakland University’s Department of Reading and Language Arts is recognized around the world by educators and scholars. More than 10,000 children have benefited from the reading clinic, where a plaque of Dr. Hahn hangs as a permanent reminder of all his hard work and dedication. Dr. Hahn’s legacy of commitment to the development of many students’ literacy skills is perpetuated by a generous gift from the Hahn family to establish this endowment.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Ph.D. student, full-time or part-time faculty members in the Department of Reading and Language Arts.

 Award Information:

The Harry Hahn Reading Endowment Award will be used to pursue scholarly, teaching, or service activities in reading, writing and language arts. The award amount will depend upon the needs outlined in the proposal; the maximum amount awarded in any one year is $1,500.

Hahn Scholarship Award Winner

2017 scholarship recipient Johnnie Blunt with
Dean Jon Margerum-Leys

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If you would like to help the Harry Hahn Reading Endowment Award grow, you can give online or contact the School of Education and Human Services development office at or (248) 370-4233.