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Jobs for Students

Career Volunteer
If you are interested in posting an ad for an education-related volunteer opportunity, please fill out the volunteer and student job opportunity submission. Please note that Oakland University is not responsible for, nor are we recommending, those who may respond to your ad. We are simply providing an avenue for the community to find the assistance they need.

Volunteer Opportunities

Auburn Recycling Club (Avondale/Oakland University Partnership)
Volunteers are needed on Mondays from 3:40–5 p.m. If interested, please contact Lori Sakalin at (248) 537-6040 or

Busy Bees: Before/After School Homework Helper (Avondale/Oakland University Partnership)
Volunteers are needed Monday–Friday with times varying between 7:45–8:30 a.m. and 3:45–6 p.m. If interested, please contact Peggy McConnell at (248) 285-2336 or

Camp Tall Tree — Howell
Looking for volunteers for Camp Tall Tree, an overnight camp for children and adults with autism, siblings and peers. The goal at Camp Tall Tree is to give children with unique challenges the opportunity to enjoy a traditional summer camp experience. The program is hosted at the Howell Nature Center and includes traditional camp activities, such as swimming, boating, ropes course, campfires and archery, among others.

Week one is an adult program that gives adults on the spectrum a camp experience with friends, as well as a learning opportunity to increase their skills in cooking, self-advocacy, independence and wellness. Week two is for children 7–17 years old on the autism spectrum to experience a typical camp experience with the support they need to thrive. We also run a sibling program and a peer program that is designed to pair neurotypical participants ages 13–17 with participants on the spectrum, so that both can learn from one another. 

Each summer, the Camp Tall Tree team will go through a comprehensive training and have a lot of on-the-ground support from the staff. They work in groups of 3–4 staff with 6–8 campers. This is an overnight commitment from July 24–August 8, 2020, but there is flexibility for those who can only commit to one of the weeks or some of the time. As a professional in the field, Camp Tall Tree provides upcoming professionals with a base of skills to work with anyone who thinks differently and how to work as a team to help those around you. We have Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA), Social Work, Nursing and Occupational Therapy represented on our director team to provide training hours, experiences and many people make lifelong network connections from joining our team.

Interested individuals can apply online or contact Kristin McMaster at (443) 907-8288.

Paint a Miracle — Rochester
Looking for an individual to assist instructors and students during art classes. We serve individuals who are living with a disability or challenge. We provide instruction and assist them in exhibiting and selling their work. Class size is 5–10 students. Classes are 1.5–2 hours each. We have day classes and after-school classes. Looking for education, special education and art majors. For more information, contact Lynn Reardon at or (248) 652-2702.

Weston Preparatory Academy — Detroit
Seeking after-school tutors for grades K–8. Volunteers must be enrolled in the School of Education and Human Services or have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. For more information, contact Farrah Adams at

Career Information

Elementary School Teacher Jobs

  • As of 2012, there were over 1.3 million elementary teachers in the United States.
  • There are 46,740 projected annual openings.

Secondary School Teacher Jobs

  • As of 2012, there were 955,800 secondary education teachers in the United States.
  • There are 31,260 projected annual openings.


  • Teacher wages in Michigan are higher than the national average.
  • 2014 median pay for elementary teachers nationally was $54,100.
  • 2014 median pay for elementary teachers in Michigan was $64,300.
  • 2014 median pay for elementary teachers in metro Detroit was $69,800.

Career opportunities outside of teaching

Oakland University Career Services:
To view available job and volunteer opportunities, visit Handshake and build your profile. 

Career Services has curated job search resources for SEHS students.

These policies include "no show" for academic advising appointments, faculty/student concern report, felonies/misdemeanors, grades in major/minor courses and the grade grievance policy.

Process for Submitting a Petition of Exception
  1. Students consults with their academic adviser
  2. Student completes and submits an online Petition Form.
  3. The completed Petition of Exception is forwarded to the Petitions of Exception committee members. The Chair of the committee shall have the discretion to rule on petitions individually or choose to call the full subcommittee for a ruling.
  4. The final decision is communicated to the student via her/his Oakland University email.

The School of Education and Human Services has established policies and procedures to support its instructional programs. There are circumstances, however, that warrant special consideration. The petition of exception process was established to allow students to request such special consideration.

It is essential that students preparing a petition of exception understand that this process requires:

  • A clear identification of the policy or procedure petitioned (Citation of Rule section). Students are expected to know and understand policies related to their programs of study.
  • A specific description of the outcome desired (Variance of Rule Request section), and
  • A compelling rationale for the exception (Rationale for Variance of Rule section). 

When preparing a petition, students are advised to be respectful, take responsibility and demonstrate to the Petitions of Exception Subcommittee how the student will reinvent himself/herself to be successful in the future.

Student must consult with an academic adviser prior to submitting a petition.

Review of petitions will be based on the completeness and clarity of the information provided and the rationale. Failure to provide clear and complete information and a compelling rationale to justify the exception will result in a denial of the petition. The following two documents are guides to submitting petitions of exception:

  • To begin Major Standing Courses in Elementary Education without passing the Michigan Basic Skills Requirement (for the first 2 semesters of major standing courses)
  • To continue Major Standing Courses in Elementary Education without passing the Michigan Basic Skills Requirement (for 2 more semester of major standing courses) 

The Petition of Exception Committee cannot approve petitions for: 

  • Permission to student teach before successfully completing the MTTC Professional Readiness Exam, or SAT (this is state law) 
  • General Education course substitutions (these petitions should be directed to the General Education committee) 

Decisions by the Petitions of Exception Subcommittee are final. Unless a re-submission is requested by the committee, petitions that are denied may not be resubmitted. It is, therefore, important that the initial submission be complete and present a clear and compelling case in support of the request. The only circumstance where a decision may be reconsidered is one in which new information relevant to the decision but not available to the student or the Petitions of Exception Subcommittee at the time of the decision, becomes available. The Chair of the Committee shall have the discretion to rule on the matter of reconsideration individually or choose to call the full subcommittee for a ruling.