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Elementary Education

Similar to a waiting list, students may add their name to an  Enrollment Planning List (EPL) for closed (education) classes.
The purpose of the Enrollment Planning List (EPL) is to obtain information about the potential need for additional course sections. The Department of Teacher Development and Educational Studies will add sections only when there are available faculty and classroom space. The EPLs are not waitlists, in that students are responsible for continuously checking SAIL for an open seat if other students have dropped from a class. 
EPLs will only be available after all sections of a course are closed. 

If a new section opens: 
  1. The EPL for that course will be removed. Students will no longer be able to add their name to the list. 
  2. The SEHS Advising Office will contact students via their Oakland University e-mail or phone number. Students will have 72 hours to add themselves to the new section.
  3. After the 72-hour time frame, the course will appear on SAIL. If additional seats remain open, students may continue to add themselves to the section through the SAIL system. 
  4. If there is not a sufficient need for a class, no additional classes will be added to the schedule. 
Apply for

Checklist to apply for major standing

Once you've been accepted to Major Standing check out the Professional Course Sequence! Be sure to have an adviser help with your program planning. 


Many of the courses you will take while working towards your degree require a field placement. In order to be eligible to be assigned a field placement, there are required meetings ( or seminars) to attend. Here you can find information on those meetings.

Introduction to Field Placements Meeting

This meeting is only for students enrolled in EED 312, EED 313 and SED 300. This meeting serves as an introduction to field placements for education students. During this meeting, students will gain an understanding of the eight requirements for placements. Also, this is a chance for students to learn how to use this opportunity to professionally network. The following calendar year these students will move on to attending annual field seminars.

Field Seminars  

All Education Students are required to attend one field seminar per calendar year. These seminars are offered in February, April and June every year. Visit the School and Field Services page for the dates, times and locations of these seminars.

During these seminars students will partake in a great deal of group collaboration and active participation while discussing necessary topics. These topics revolve around how to be proactive and make the most out of each field placement. Additionally, students will be informed of any changes made to the field placement requirements. 

The last field seminar a student is required to attend is in the calendar year of the student's final field placement. (It is important to note that full time student teaching is not considered a field placement.) 

Additional Meeting Information

The only thing student's must bring to the Introduction to Field Placement Meeting and the Field Seminars is some form of photo identification  (Oakland University ID Cards are preferred). 

The dress for these events is casual. 

It is important that student's arrive on time to these events and make plans to stay the entire time. 

For more information

Please visit the School of Field Services webpage for more information and direct any questions to Brad Parks, Field Services Coordinator, at