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Academic Advising: (248) 370-2201

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Please call for an appointment


Adviser meetings are currently by appointment only.

Academic Advising

Course Withdrawal

The last day to withdraw from a class and receive a “W” grade is Thursday, Nov. 5.

Withdrawal grades do not count against your Grade Point Average and they do not factor into the number of attempts you can make of a course under SECS policy for major standing and graduation.

It is important to do the following if you are considering withdrawing from a class:

  1. Discuss your progress with the course professor;
  2. Contact the SECS Advising Office to meet with an adviser about your classes;
  3. Consult Financial Services to ensure that withdrawing will not negatively impact financial aid or scholarships.

All withdrawals are processed through the Office of the Registrar (100 O’Dowd Hall).


Major Standing

Students finishing up the Math/Science and Core components of their degree programs in the Fall 2015 or Winter 2016 are encouraged to file Major Standing paperwork with the SECS Advising Office ahead of March 2016.

The requirements for major standing can be found at:

Students are not eligible to take 300- and 400-level courses without major standing approval.

The Major Standing Form may be completed and submitted at the SECS Advising Office. 


Take the initiative

Our advisers are here to help you throughout your educational journey with the School of Engineering and Computer Science, but the first step can only be taken by YOU! Take the initiative and begin today by setting up an appointment with an adviser. Call (248) 370-2201. 

You should also keep the following in mind:

  • Be aware of important deadlines.
  • Understand requirements for your major and degree.
  • Learn to make decisions. Advisers can present options, but you must make the decisions.
  • Ask questions if anything is unclear.
Come prepared

Schedule your advising appointment early before registration begins.

  • Prepare a list of questions or concerns before your appointment.
  • Bring your plan of study; bring copies of other relevant materials.
  • Write down your current schedule and a tentative plan for the next semester.
  • If you are a transfer student, bring a copy of your transfer credit evaluation or transcripts.
Stay on track
  • Keep copies of your relevant academic records.
  • Follow through on referrals and recommendations made during the advising session.
  • Consult with your academic adviser before making drastic changes to an agreed-upon schedule.
  • Be aware of important deadlines, policies, and procedures. Read the academic catalog, especially the part about academic policies and procedures.
  • Make final decisions and take responsibility for your academic success.
Know your stuff

Read the academic catalog, especially the part about academic policies and procedures
how advisers

The academic advisers at the School of Engineering and Computer Science provide students and potential students with important educational, procedural and informational support. Our advisers are knowledgeable about the university’s policies and procedures, the requirements for successful enrollment within the school, and the best ways to achieve your educational goals at OU.

Our academic advisers can: 

  • help you prepare for and plan your academic career
  • provide you with educational and career counseling
  • empower you with relevant and vital information regarding your degree program, opportunities to become more involved at OU and different student support services
  • help you reach your full potential as you pursue your educational and career goals
meet the

The team at the School of Engineering and Computer Science Advising Office is here to help you. Call (248) 370-2201 to set up an appointment.

Patrick BennettPatrick Bennett
Academic Adviser/Program Coordinator   
(248) 370-2201
Carmen EtienneCarmen Etienne
Director, SECS Advising
(248) 370-2201
Marlene McKeanMarlene McKean
Advising Secretary
(248) 370-2201
Jason PenningtonJason Pennington
Academic Adviser
(248) 370-2201 
and info

For your convenience, the following are some of the forms used in the School of Engineering and Computer Science Advising Office. Feel free to download, print, fill out and submit these forms. All of these forms can also be found in the Advising Office, 159 Dodge Hall of Engineering.

Undergraduate Student Forms

Plan of Study Forms

  • Plan of Study: Computer Engineering  
  • Plan of Study: Computer Science 
  • Plan of Study: Electrical Engineering 
  • Plan of Study: Bioengineering 
  • Plan of Study: Engineering Chemistry 
  • Plan of Study: Engineering Physics 
  • Plan of Study: Industrial and Systems Engineering 
  • Plan of Study: Information Technology 
  • Plan of Study: Mechanical Engineering