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Meet SECS Doctoral Students

Meet SECS Doctoral Students

Nearly 200 students are enrolled in a Ph.D. program in the School of Engineering and Computer Science at Oakland University. Here is a personal introduction to some of them.

Engineering and Computer Science PhD. students who wish  to update their personal introductions should contact

SAAD ALDOIHI is Ph.D. student in systems engineering. He received his bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in engineering from Lawrence Tech University. Saad’s research interests are Design for X (where x is variable for Usability, Manufacturability, Quality, Environment, etc.), the impact of technology on society, and the creation of wealth through technology.  Outside the school, Saad enjoys world traveling, reading and dining with his lovely wife, Mona. 


JAMES BECHTEL is a doctoral student pursuing a Ph.D. in systems engineering. He earned a B.S. in computer science from Texas State University.  He also earned a MBA from Texas A&M-Texarkana and a M.S. in computer science and engineering from Oakland University.  James’ research interests include sensor based technologies, time-series data analysis, data mining methodologies, machine learning/predictive algorithms and decision support systems to ultimately mature Vehicle Health Management and Condition Based Maintenance capabilities for ground systems.

MEREDITH DENEWETH MEREDITH DENEWETH is an industrial and systems engineering doctoral candidate from Waterford, Michigan. She graduated from Purdue University with a B.S. in industrial engineering. Meredith earned her M.S. in vehicle design and manufacturing from Central Michigan University.  Her research interests include supply chain modeling and simulation. Meredith’s dissertation will examine the flexibility and risk involved in supply chains.  She currently serves as the president of Oakland’s gold winning IIE chapter and frequently volunteers with local community groups. In her spare time, Meredith is an avid runner, craft beer enthusiast, and world traveler.  

HARRY HUANG can trace the start of his engineering journey back to his early childhood. He built and assembled numerous electronic and mechanic "toys" without education and only instinct and an interest of discovering the unknown. Harry graduated with a B.S. in electrical engineering from Chongqing University in Chongqing, China. He earned a M.S. in electrical engineering from the University of Detroit Mercy. He is a registered professional engineer and licensed in the State of Michigan. As a first year systems engineering doctoral student, Harry's preliminary areas of study are in system approach of lean and re-configurable large scaled robotic manufacturing systems, digital modeling and simulation for World Class Manufacturing process analysis, validation and ergonomic evaluation. Born in Chengdu, China, Harry currently resides in Rochester Hills. During his free time he loves travel, watching movies, playing basketball with friends, having good conversations and learning from the young generation. He looks forward to building his dream house. 


DEEPA SHARMA is a Ph.D. student within the ISE Department. She received her bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and her master's degree in production and industrial engineering from Jodhpur, India. She has been in the teaching profession since 1992, until joining OU. Before joining OU, she was a lecturer in Delhi College of Engineering (now DTU) in Delhi, India. Her research area is Reliability analysis of complex systems and Agent based modeling, Bayesian Belief network. Cooking and reading (nonfiction) are her passions. She devotes a lot of time to these two activities.


CHRISTOPHER SLON is a fourth year systems engineering doctoral student.  He has lived coast to coast including Buffalo, NY (where he grew up); Ithaca, NY (where he started his bachelor’s); San Diego, CA (where he discovered his affinity for the beach); Baltimore, MD (where his wife went to graduate school), and Southeast Michigan (where he finally took root).  He earned his bachelor’s in mechanical engineering at San Diego State University and a Master’s of Science in manufacturing systems engineering at the University of Michigan.  He currently works at Chrysler where he has held a series of increasingly responsible positions spanning the automotive product development cycle.  Throughout his professional career he has wrestled with the problems of extracting useful knowledge from large amounts of complex data.  He started his Ph.D. studies in computer science and engineering at Oakland University in 2009 and plans to conduct research in machine learning applied to manufacturing process data.  Outside of work and school, Chris indulges a love of vocal performance and has been a member of Madrigal Chorale since 1994.  He attributes having any shred of sanity left in his life to the love and support of his extraordinary wife and three splendid children.


HAN ZHONG is a doctoral student in systems engineering, under the supervision of Dr. Barbara Oakley. Han received her B.E. in bioengineering from Dalian University of Technology in China, and M.S. in plant biology from the University of Waterloo in Canada. Her current research is the neurological basis of pathological altruism and narcissistic personality disorder. Han likes cooking, watching history documentaries, biking and traveling.

computer science &
DHRGAM AL KAFAFDHRGAM AL KAFAF is a Ph.D. student in computer science. In 2002 he earned his bachelor’s degree in computer and software engineering, from the University of Technology in Baghdad, Iraq. He moved in the USA in 2009 and earned his master’s degree in computer science from Lawrence Tech. He is focusing his research on the field Text Mining.  

NAHED ALNAHASH was born in Qatif, Saudi Arabia. She received a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Mathematics in May 2010 from Pittsburg State University,Kansas. In January 2011, she transferred to Texas A&M University-Commerce and was awarded the Master of Science degree with a major in Computer Science in December 2012.


RUI ZHU is a doctoral student in Computer Science. He received his B.E. in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics from Beijing Jiaotong University in China, and M.S. in Computer Science and Technology from Valparaiso University. His current research area is Information Security and Wireless Network. He worked for Apple Corporation as a software development and test engineer. In his spare time, He enjoy playing pingpong, playing basketball, reading, and watching movies.

ALLISON ROSSETTOALLISON ROSSETTO is a computer science doctoral student from Michigan. She earned her B.S. in engineering biology from Oakland University. Her current research interest is computational ligand design for medical applications, which she also plans on pursuing as her thesis. In her spare time, Allison enjoys knitting, swimming, reading, and spending time with her family and pets.
REGINA SCOTTREGINA SCOTT is a Ph.D. student in computer science.  She received a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Davenport University.  She earned a master’s degree in information technology at Lawrence Technological University.  In her spare time she likes to sing, act and spend time with family.


MARCI WOJCIK is a PhD student in the Computer Science and Engineering department of Oakland University.   Her area of interests include optical networks and cloud computing, web and mobile services, digital watermarking, supply chain security and performance.


ASTRID YOUNANG is a second year Ph.D. student within the Computer Science and Engineering department. She was born in Cameroon. She earned a B.S. degree in electronics and computer engineering and a M.S. degree in computer engineering from ESIGELEC, in France. She worked for three years at France Telecom for the Device in Life Management department.  She is a research assistant and her work is on the use of static analysis to detect vulnerabilities and attack in Javascript web applications. Her research interests are data flow and control flow analysis, software testing and automated testing. When she is not at school, Astrid likes hanging out with friends, watch movies and swimming.
computer science
& informatics
Alaa AlaerjanAlaa Alaerjan is a Ph.D. student studying Computer Science and Informatics at Oakland University. Alaa received his Bachelor’s and Master’s in Computer Science from Al-Jouf University, KSA and from Ball State University in 2009 and 2013 respectively. Before joining OU he worked as an instructor at the department of Computer Science at Al-Jouf University. His research interests include distributed large-scale systems, reliable communication, smart grid and system reliability and control. He is a student member of IEEE. To visit his personal web page you can click on the following link:
 Hani Alshahrani is a Ph.D. student in Computer Science and Informatics.I received my bachelor degree from King Khalid University in Saudi Arabia and I received my master degree from California Lutheran University in USA. My research interests are Information Security, Mobile Security, Networking, Data Science and (Mobile and Vehicular) ad hoc network. 
 Ali Alshehri is a Ph.D. student in the Computer Science and informatics program. He received his bachelor's degree in Computer Science from University of Tabuk, Saudi Arabia in 2008 and master's degree in Computer Science from California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, CA in 2011. His research interests are in Internet of Things (IoT), Embedded System and smartphone security.
Displaying DSC00522.JPGALLI ALQAZAZZ a Ph.D. student in the Computer Science and Informatics program at OU. I deeply believe in the potential of technology to transform lives, especially in the developing world. My research interests are broad and include Semantic Web, Data Science, Social Network Analysis (SNA), and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). I am a student member of the IEEE. 
 PhD student Oriehi Edisemi Destiny Anyaiwe
Oriehi Edisemi Destiny Anyaiwe is a PhD candidate of Computer Science and Informatics at Oakland University. He holds a Bachelors degree in Pure Mathematics from Delta State University, Abraka, Nigeria, a Masters degree in Pure Mathematics from Nnamdi Azikiwe Universty, Awka, Nigeria and a Masters degree in Computer Science from Oakland University. His research is in Bio-Informatics.

RICHARD BASSOUS is a doctoral student studying computer science and informatics at Oakland University.

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Jasser Jasser is currently a PhD student in Computer Science and Informatics researching the use of Hybrid Machine Learning in improving the performance of online students participating in a Massive Open Online course (MOOC). Jasser received his Master’s degree in Information Systems from Lawrence Technological University and his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the New York Institute of Technology. Jasser is a student member of ACM, and his hobbies are reading, drums/synth playing, video games, jogging/bicycling and billiard.


YAHIA JOHN KHELIFA, a computer science and informatics doctoral student, earned a Master’s of Science degree in computer and information science from the University of Michigan in 2003 and a Bachelor’s of Science in computer science from the University of Tizi-Ouzou, Algeria in 1992. His research interest focuses on complex networks and Big Data (to include Online Social Networks and the Internet), their topologies and their emergence in nature, as well as their evolution, the need to extract complex structure, dynamics and their underlying organizing principles. Yahia lives in Rochester Hills. He is married and has a ten year-old son.


SANGSIG KIM is a Ph.D. candidate studying computer science and informatics at Oakland University. He received his master’s and bachelor’s degrees in computer software from Myongji University, Korea in 2008 and 2006, respectively. During his undergraduate and master programs, he participated in the Substation Automation System (IEC 61850) project funded by Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO). His research interests include design patterns, access control modeling, IEC 61850 based substation automation system, and a smart grid. He is a student member of the IEEE. 


PAULA LAUREN is a Ph.D. student in computer science and informatics.  She received her bachelor's degree from Wayne State University and master's degree in computer science from The University of Michigan-Dearborn.  Paula's research interests include natural language processing (NLP), data mining, machine learning and semantic web. Her current research entails the automatic extraction and semantic classification of medical concepts from clinical narratives, with the overall objective of improving healthcare quality and supporting clinical research. Paula is a user and contributor in the Apache Software Foundation open source developer community, specific to NLP and clinical NLP applications. Paula enjoys being a godmother, playing tennis, practicing yoga, being involved with various organizations at Oakland University, spending time with family and friends, volunteering for Gilda's Club Detroit (a cancer support organization),  and teaching herself how to play the piano. 



BYUNGHUN LEE is a Ph.D. student studying computer science and informatics at Oakland University. He received the M.S. in Computer Engineering and BEE in Computer Software Engineering from Myongji University, Korea in 2012 and 2010, respectively. During his undergraduate and master programs, he participated in the IEC 61850 based Digital Substation project funded by Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO). His research interests include a smart grid. He is a student member of the IEEE.

Ahmad Mansour  is a PhD student in computer science and informatics at Oakland University. He received his bachelor's degree in computer science from Yarmouk University, Jordan in 2009. He received his master's degree in computer science from Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST), Jordan in 2012. His research interests in the field of Data Security, more specifically; interested in Cryptography (ECC and RSA), Steganography, and Network security as well as their applications. Other areas of interest are Data Compression and Human Computation. His current research focuses on Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC), Multi-Symmetric Cryptography, and Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANETs) security and privacy.



SUSAN SABRA was born and raised in Lebanon. She received a bachelor’s degree in computer science in 1998 from Lawrence Technological University and a master’s degree in computer science and engineering from Oakland University in 2001. She has held a part-time lecturer position at OU for over a year, teaching various computer science courses. She was a lecturer for six years at Ahlia University in the kingdom of Bahrain after working for two years as an IT system analyst for Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabia. She is a certified professional with ITIL, Balanced Scorecard and HITPro (Healthcare IT workflow redesign practitioner). She delivered many IT management training sessions for IT professionals and managers in Bahrain. Susan has been a fulltime Ph.D. student within the CSE department since September 2012 and works with her advisor, Dr. Chingseh (Mike) Wu. She is a member of IEEE.Her research area is healthcare services in cloud computing focusing on the performance measures to improve QoS (Quality of Service) in the cloud service delivery.
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SOULMAZ SALEHIAN is a Computer Science and Informatics doctoral student at Oakland University. She received a bachelor's degree from Iran in computer Hardware Engineering, and earned her master’s degree in Computer Networking from Malaysia.



SARA MASJEDI SUTTON is a Ph.D. student in computer science and informatics. She has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Iran, and earned her master’s degree in information systems from University of Michigan with a 4.0 grade point average. During her master’s program, she explored various research opportunities including the optimization of web services. She is the 2012 recipient of the Dean’s Graduate Student Scholarship, the Freeman Computer Science, Engineer & Physics Scholarship and the Graduate Grant Scholarship.

DONG HAN is a Computer Science and Informatics doctoral student at Oakland University. He is interested in doing research on cutting edge topics and programming development. His research interests are in the area of data center, wireless network and smartphone sensing.


DOUG WITTEN is currently a Ph.D. student studying computer science and informatics. Doug received an M.S. degree in computer science from the University of Michigan - Flint and a Bachelors degree in computer information systems from Baker College. Doug is also an Adjunct faculty and Oakland University, University of Michigan - Flint and Baker College. Doug's research interest are centered around Health Information Exchanges, message transport, networking and big data. In his spare time, Doug loves to play the guitar, spend time with his family and he is a rabid Michigan Football fan.

electrical &
computer engineering

AHMED AL-MURAEB joined the doctoral program in electrical engineering in January 2013. He earned his Bachelor’s of Science in electronics and communication engineering from the University of Baghdad (UOB), Iraq, in 2000. He earned a Master’s of Science from the Institute of Laser for Postgraduate Studies/UOB, Iraq, in 2004, in laser applications/electronics and communication engineering. He worked as a lecturer of optical fiber communication for fifth level in the Information Engineering Department/UOB, Iraq, for two semesters. He has eight years of experience in GSM Cellular RAN, working for Zain-Iraq, MOTOROLA, and Nokia Siemens Networks. His experience lies in RAN operation and maintenance, digital MW systems, OMC-R Sun platforms Operation and Administration, RAN DB, VAS Platforms operation and services configuration, and the related IT/Telecom skills (Oracle DB, Solaris Shell scripting, C++, VBA, etc.).  Ahmed’s area of research is in tunable solid-state lasers, specifically the use of them in Photonic Crystal Lattices. Ahmed was born and grew up in Iraq before coming to the United States in 2012. His hobbies include enjoying fusion/classical/traditional music, painting, reading literature, watching movies, hanging out with friends and meeting new people.


ABDULLAH AL-REFAI is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in electrical and computer engineering at Oakland University. He received his master’s in Computer Engineering from Oakland University in 2012 and his bachelor’s in computer engineering from Yarmouk University (Irbid- Jordan) in 2010. Abdullah is currently working in the Embedded Systems Lab as s research assistant at Oakland University. He joined the Embedded Systems Lab and Aerial Systems Club in the Fall 2010 and he is interested in embedded system design, robotics and aerial vehicles. He is the president of Aerial System Club.


TRI DOAN is a PhD Candidate in electrical and computer engineering. He received his bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics Engineering from Vietnam National University, VietNam. Then, he worked for Vietnam National Key Lab for two years as a digital control engineer. At that time, he was really interested in embedded electrical systems, so he decided to pursue his M.S of Embedded Electrical & Computer system engineering at San Francisco State University. After his M.S, he continued pursuing his Ph.D. in Electrical & Computer Engineering at Oakland University. He joined into Oakland University in 2013, and is currently doing his research on embedded systems with Dr. Subra Ganesan. He likes travelling, fishing, swimming, and hanging out with friends.


BRENDHAN GIVENS grew up in Michigan. He received a BSE degree in Electrical Engineering and a MSE in Electrical Engineering: Systems from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI. While working in industry, he researched computational imaging and image exploitation. In September 2012, he enrolled at Oakland University as a Ph.D. student. As a research assistant, he focuses on machine learning, medical informatics, and image processing. He is married and has two children. 

XIANG HE is a doctoral candidate within the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Oakland University. 
 MODAR HORANIMODAR HORANI is a doctoral candidate from Syria within the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Modar holds a B.S. and M.S. in electrical and computer engineering from Aleppo University and the University of Detroit Mercy in 2006 and 2010 respectively. Modar has more than 5 years of industry experience mainly in Automotive Infotainment systems while working as a senior test manager at P3 Group. Modar had worked for various automotive OEMs in Germany, England, and the United States. His research focus is image processing, robotics, and real-time embedded systems, especially for the importance of intelligent embedded vision machines that could be built after researching and imitating the tremendous capabilities of the human eyes.


ROHOLLAH MAZRAE KHOSHKI joined the doctoral program in electrical and computer engineering in September 2012. He earned a M.S. in electronic engineering, with a 4.0 grade point average, from Razi University in Kermanshah, Iran. He worked on the design of Static Excitation Equipment and the Startup Frequency Converter of power plant generators using PLC and the SIMATIC manager software under the license of SIEMENS. He also worked on a number of projects using AVR Atmel microcontrollers. He studied and modified incubator and phototherapy systems by using Atmel AVR Microcontrollers. Incubator systems maintained and monitored the temperature of newborns. Phototherapy systems are instrumental in early detection and treatment of jaundice in babies. Rohollah worked on the design and implementation of optical fiber and wireless links. Rohollah is interested in embedded systems, FPGA, image processing and electro-optical circuits design in research and practical applications. In his free time, he enjoys skiing and playing soccer.


SHENG KUNG received his bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan, and his master’s degree in industrial engineering from Stanford University as well as his M.S.E. in computer, information and control engineering from the University of Michigan. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in electrical and computer engineering at Oakland University under the supervision of Professor (Coach) M. Zohdy on face and human action recognition. His research interests include machine learning, computer vision, and statistical pattern recognition. He is currently on the University of Michigan Development staff.  He was previously a lecturer at Eastern Michigan University and a research analyst for Chrysler Corporation on warranty data mining and quality analysis.

HOON LEE is a first year doctoral student in electrical engineering. He earned his master's in engineering from California State University in 2006 and master's of business administration from Bloomsburg University in PA. He has worked in the field of High Voltage Battery Management systems with Lithium-Ions installed in the current electrical vehicles until recently. Currently, he is working in High Voltage Power Supply systems development in R&D and is interested in the area of Power Conversions and Power Supply systems. Lee was born and grew up in Bangkok, Thailand and lived in Fukuoka, Japan before coming to the United States in 1995. His hobbies include car maintenance, fixing personal electronics and meeting new people.

LINCOLN LORENZLINCOLN LORENZ is a Ph.D. student in electrical and computer engineering at Oakland University from Michigan. He graduated from Kettering University with a Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering with minors in applied mathematics and computer science. Lincoln was a co-op in the PLC firmware division of GE Fanuc, where he completed his undergraduate thesis. He also previously worked as a co-op writing bolt inspection system software at Sigmatec. His research interests include high-level synthesis, FPGAs, microprocessor design, embedded systems, machine vision, and robotics. His current research is in a high-level synthesis tool called Flowpaths which aims to simplify the hardware design process to produce high speed circuits in FPGAs. He is a member of the Oakland Robotics Association which participates in the International Ground Vehicle Competition. When he's not doing research he enjoys snowboarding, camping, cooking, and watching indie movies.

ASHRAF MOSTAFA is currently working on his Ph.D. in electrical and computer engineering. He earned his master’s degree in Electrical Engineering at Oakland University.

 HESHAM ODATHESHAM ODAT is a second year Ph.D. student in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Oakland University. He was born in Jordan. He came to the U.S.A in 2002 and earned two Associate degrees from Oakland Community College in Pre-Engineering and Science. He earned his B.S. and M.S. form Oakland University. He is currently a project manager in Automotive Software at Elektrobit. His research interest is in V2X (vehicle-to-vehicle) communications. His research goal is to improve vehicle driving safety including advanced driver assistance systems, intersection safety and rear-end collision warning amongst other features. His research can be a key to advance and enhance the collision avoidance technology. His research motive came from his injury as a result of a car accident.

TODD A. PERKINS is a  second year Ph.D. student in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department.  He earned his B.S. in Electrical Engineering at Howard University.  After spending nearly 20 years in the broadcast, automotive and telecommunications industry, he left to pursue a M.S. and Ph.D. at Oakland University.  Under the ‘coaching’ of Dr. M.A. Zohdy, his working dissertation title is Adaptive Nonlinear Control of Clutch Engagement in Modern Automotive Transmissions.  His current research includes piecewise linear (PWL) modeling, State Space modeling, nonlinear Adaptive Controls and Simulink modeling.  Todd enjoys working as a Teaching Assistant and teaching Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) outreach camps to K-12 students.  In this spare time -- as if Ph.D. students have any -- Todd enjoys traveling, DJing house music, motorcycles and anything automotive related.

 JAMES QUINLANJAMES QUINLAN is no stranger to Oakland University, having earned his B.S.E.E. and M.S.E.C.E. here and also having worked many years in the Electronics Services Office.  He is currently a Ph.D. candidate researching the area of multipath mitigating GPS antenna arrays while employed as a Lead Laboratory Engineer. James also has passions for circuit design, printed circuit board technologies, instrumentation, statistical graphic design, and scientific weight training.

WILLIAM SOMMERVILLE is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering who lives in Lake Orion.  He received a B.S.E.E. degree from Kettering University in Flint in 2005 and a M.S.E.C.E. degree from Oakland University in 2007.  His undergraduate thesis was titled, "Integrated MEMS Single Chip MEMS AM Radio Receiver" and was competed at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  He has since worked in the automotive and renewable energy fields doing industrial controls and system validation work.  He is currently Chief Technology Officer for OPS Solutions, LLC, a small but rapidly growing company located in Novi that enables large gains in quality and throughput in manual operations relating to manufacturing with Light Guide Systems.  His research interests include system modeling and control for next generation flexible manufacturing systems.  His professional goal is to reinvent manufacturing jobs in this country and around the world so that decent people can earn a decent living no matter what background they may have come from.  He is an active volunteer in IEEE, serving on several boards and committees internationally, and he also serves on the board of a local not-for-profit called the Square One Education Network, igniting the interests of K-12 student in the STEM fields.  He is married to another Oakland graduate and has two wonderful kids.


TONY BAZZI is a principal engineer with the Engineering Support Organization Combustion and Draft group. He has 6 years of experience in the areas of process controls, combustion, electrostatic precipitators, selective catalytic reactors (SCR), and emission control including particulate matter. He joined Detroit Edison in April 2010. He has been involved in many tasks to resolve the operational difficulties associated with low NOx technologies, Neural Networks, Model Predictive and holistic impacts of combustion and SCR stoichiometric ratios. Before Detroit Edison, he was with First Energy Rotating on Assignment group, where he rotated between engineering departments to cover most of the complex systems in a power plant. He has a B.S and M.S in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan and working on PhD in Electrical Engineering at Oakland University. 


MAURICIO E. HERNANDEZ-DISTANCIA is a currently pursuing a PhD. in electrical and computer engineering at Oakland University. He received his B.Sc. in electrical and systems engineering from I.T.E.S.M. campus Guadalajara, Mexico. Mauricio’s research area is in the field of digital/intelligent control of power electronics.


ALI ALSHARA is a Ph.D. candidate within the Mechanical Engineering department. He is a Process Metallurgist at Advanced Heat Treat Corp. in Monroe, MI. He graduated from Central Connecticut State University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology in May, 2004.  He graduated with a Master of Science in Computer Aided Engineering from Eastern Michigan University in December, 2008.  His research interest is in the tribological and fatigue properties of nitrided surfaces for crankshafts and new crankshaft alloys.

FAISAL HAIDERFAISAL HAIDER is a doctoral candidate within the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Oakland University.

RAMY IBRAHIM is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. In 2011, he received his M.S. from the University of Michigan-Dearborn. Under supervision from Dr. Lorenzo Smith, he focuses on various aspects of conventional and advanced sheet metal forming technologies. His recent publications include springback analysis and necessary practices for stamping die design in high speed forming. In cooperative work with Ford Motor Company, his current projects involve enhanced usage of FEM in blank-die interactions simulations, especially in solving the contact/impact numerical problems with explicit solvers. This work provides guidance on proper use of FE analysis for metal forming engineers. Before pursuing his career in the academic field, Ramy spent several years in the petroleum oil industry as reliability and loss control engineer, where he gained diverse skills and strong professional experience.


AMIR KAZEMI is a doctoral candidate from Iran. He earned a Bachelor’s of Science in mechanical engineering from Shiraz University, Iran. He earned his Master’s of Science in the field of applied mechanics at the University of Tabriz, Iran; and built a solid foundation in the basics of Finite Element Methods (FEM), Failure and Stress Analysis, Structural Design Optimization, Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics. Amir began his Ph.D. at Oakland University in 2011 and joined Fastening and Joining Research Institute (FAJRI), which is the only known academic facility of its kind in the world. He currently works as a Research Assistant on "Multiaxial Fatigue Behavior of Bolted Joints" as a continuation of NASA Project. This research significantly impacts the safety and reliability of many mechanical and structural systems such as automotive and aerospace industry. He likes traveling, hanging out with friends, meeting new people and watching movies.


MONICA MAJCHER is currently a Ph.D. student working under the guidance of Dr. Zissimos Mourelatos in mechanical engineering.  Monica completed her B.S.M.E. at OU, worked as an intern at GM during her summer breaks, and graduated in 2008.  After working in the Transmission Systems Research and Development Group at BorgWarner and then as the Research Technician Lead for the Human Neuromechanics Lab at the University of Michigan, Monica decided to return to OU for her M.S.M.E. and Ph.D.  She has been a research assistant in the Automotive Tribology Center since Fall 2010, analyzing the mechanism of scuffing and developing a statistical model of the surface roughness of the contacting materials. Her areas of interest are metamodeling, tribology, accelerated testing, reliability of dynamic systems, validation and verification, vehicle safety and mechanical vibrations.  When not doing research, Monica also enjoys participating in some engineering outreach programs to share her passion for engineering with middle and high school students.  In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, running, playing tennis, downhill skiing, watching an interesting TV show or movie, reading, painting, cooking, and volunteering in her community. 


MURPH O’DEA is a Ph.D. student in mechanical engineering, with a specific focus on spectral methods in computational fluid dynamics.  He received his BSME from Michigan Tech, and his MSME from the University of Central Florida.  Murph works as a consulting engineer in the facility commissioning and automation field, based in Metro Detroit.  His research focus is currently the optimization of turbine placement in large-scale wind farm deployments.  Research includes the use of an efficient, spectral element-based CFD analysis to develop improved performance metrics for use in a wind farm optimization program.  The objective is to improve the economics and viability of renewable wind energy.  Murph’s hobbies include travel, downhill skiing, and spending time with his wife and daughter.


POUYAN POURMOVAHED is a Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. student. He earned his M.S. Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Sustainable Energy and Hybrid Technology from Kettering University, Flint, MI, 2013, B.S. Mechanical Engineering- Solid Design Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran, 2008. As a student in mechanical engineering at Shiraz University, he was interested in automobile manufacturing and did some projects on this field. He did volunteer work at Dena Tire Manufacturing Company, one of the biggest factories in Shiraz, Iran, for 6 months (2007) and eagerly made a whole research on how the production line at this company works, from entry of raw materials to production of a tire. In addition to this, he did a project on optimizing pressurized air lines in the factory that produce working force on automatic machines and pneumatic cutting arms and instruments, and finally proposed a plan to reduce the need of one out of seven high pressure compressors out of line.


KERRI SAKAI, a mechanical engineering doctoral candidate, earned an associate degree in general studies from Macomb Community College in 2003, transferred to Lawrence Tech University and received dual degrees of Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering and physics in 2007. She continued at LTU for a M.S. in mechanical engineering, specializing in thermal sciences in 2010. She began at Oakland University in 2011 and joined Fastening and Joints Research Institute (FAJRI) in summer 2012. Her research area is fastener and joints, specifically the study of bonded joints with adhesives. With this research, society will become safe and secure without bolts and joints failures. It will "green" society with optimizing the use of bolts and joint materials, and with the new technologies with adhesives. Kerri is from Tokushima, Japan. She lives in Rochester, Michigan and is married and busy with three girls.


BERNARD SIA is a Ph.D. candidate within the Department of Mechanical Engineering working under the guidance of Dr. LianXiang Yang.  He earned a dual Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor in 2006, then earned a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan – Dearborn in 2009.  He currently works as a mechanical engineer in the defense industry, with a focus on the structural analysis of bridges and other gap crossing equipment, load classification of bridges and military vehicles, and the use of advanced materials for structural applications.  Through his work, he has written two papers and has provided a number of presentations on his analytical work.  He also is a member of a number of working groups in the areas of design/ testing of military bridges and load classification of bridges.   His research interests include experimental stress/ strain analysis, non-destructive evaluation, and damage detection, health monitoring, and fatigue of structures under varied load conditions.   His current focus is the use of Digital Image Correlation for full-field displacement and strain measurements during high speed events.


ALI NASIR TAFRESHI is a Mechanical Engineering doctoral candidate from Iran. He received his B.Sc. from Mechanical Engineering department at  Fachhochschule-Aachen in Germany. He also earned his M.S. in Energy Engineering from RWTH Aachen, Germany. During his studies, he was a research assistant in FEV GmbH and the department of Internal Combustion Engine (VKA) in Aachen. He started his Ph.D. at Oakland University in 2012. His current research is utilizing Hardware In the Loop machines for simulating and optimizing thermal modeling on internal combustion engines. This project is in cooperation with Chrysler.

XIN XIE XIN XIE is a Ph. D. candidate working in the Optical Laboratory of Mechanical Engineering at Oakland University (OU) supersized by Professor Lianxiang Yang . He received his bachelor’s degree in Precision Mechanical Engineering from Hefei University of Technology, Hefei, China, in 2010. After that, he went to Oakland University to continue his graduate studies in mechanical engineering. He joined the Optical Measurement and Quality Inspection Laboratory and began his research in optical methods for mechanical measurement. In fall 2012, he received his master’s degree in mechanical engineering from OU. During his two years in the optical lab, he participated in four research projects from USAMP, Auto/Steel Partnership, and US Air Force and so on. Based on his research experience, he has published three journals and three conference papers. In 2013, he started his Ph.D. program study in the optical laboratory. His research field includes optical metrology, phase-shift technology, digital image correlation and nondestructive testing. 
NAN XUNAN XU is in his last year of his Ph. D. studies in mechanical engineering at Oakland University. Nan joined the Optical Laboratory in 2009. He received his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Northeastern University, Shenyang, China, in 2004 and his master’s degree in Optical Engineering from Beijing Jiaotong University, China, in 2008. He worked in the Institute of Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences as a software developer from 2004 to 2005. His research interests now include optical metrology, nondestructive testing with digital shearography, experimental strain/stress analysis, nondestructive testing, 3D computer vision, and software programming and development. He is now working on his Ph.D. thesis with the title of “Development of Digital Shearography for Quality Inspection of Resistance Spot Weld” and he also participated in a number of projects with DOE and GM related to this topic. So far, he has published three journal papers and seven international conference papers in this field. He also holds a US patent in non-destructive weld testing.