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Christian C. Wagner, Ph.D.Christian C. Wagner, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Industrial and Systems Engineering Department
506 EC; (248) 370-2215; Fax: (248) 370-2699

Ph.D., Michigan State University, 1982
  • Joined Oakland University in 1981
  • Member of ACM, AAAI (American Association of Artificial Intelligence), IEEE Computer Society
  • Active in doctoral program


  • Application of Artificial Intelligence Techniques to Manufacturing
  • Natural Language Understanding by Computer
  • Artificial Intelligence and Learning Mechanisms
  • Anthropomorphic robotic software, flexible robotic operating systems, and professional workstations are fringe areas of effort
  1. Application of Artificial Intelligence Techniques to Manufacturing. An interdisciplinary engineering group has been established to study the means by which the techniques of Artificial Intelligence can be used to improve all aspects of manufacturing including design, process planning, costing, quality control and the like with funds from the National Science Foundation existing CIM facilities have been expanded for this purpose.
  2. Natural Language Understanding by Computer. Research in any discipline is only as good as the models that direct it. With colleagues in Linguistics and funding from the Department of Defense, a new and better model of natural language has been developed named Residential Grammar. A demonstration system will soon be finished that understands English in a manner similar to people. Applications include software interfaces, robotic control, and the like.
  3. Artificial Intelligence and Learning Mechanisms. Coordinated with natural language efforts is research in computer learning via both symbolic and numeric (specifically, neural network) mechanisms. Major existing and newly developed learning paradigms are being applied to the problem of learning real-world behaviors.
  4. Artificial Intelligence Applications to Education. Converting expert system knowledge into Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) or Intelligent Computer Aided Instruction (ICAI) is a major focus of industry and the military as educational requirements become ever more stringent. Systems that diagnose, treat, and instruct in reading diagnosis have been developed.