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Foreign Travel

Foreign Travel

If you are an Oakland University student, faculty or staff member and are planning a work or study-related trip overseas, there are some recommended steps that you should take before departure. 

Travel Warnings

Check travel warnings and locations of planned travel to identify restrictions. 
Travel restrictions exist for certain countries which may limit insurance coverage, check with the Risk Management Department for further information.  The following will provide information regarding international travel warnings.

Register with Risk Management Department

All travelers should register with the Risk Management Department. Please register at Foreign Travel Registration 14 days prior to departure. In the case of an emergency, it is very important that we have contact information for our faculty, staff and students, so that we may be of assistance.  By registering, 14 days prior to departure you will be eligible for a travel insurance package which includes health insurance, assistance services, emergency evacuation and online and toll-free tools through HTH Worldwide Insurance Services.

Please visit their web-site or click here view all of the coverage benefits that the company provides.

Qualified Individuals

The following individuals are qualified to receive travel insurance from Oakland University.

An Oakland University faculty or staff member who is going overseas representing Oakland University or leading students in an Oakland University sponsored class or program.

A student participating in an Oakland University sponsored class or program.

Coverage will be provided for the work or study related dates only. Any personal travel pre/post trip is not included. Additional days may be purchased directly from HTH.

Travelers who are accompanying a qualified individual must maintain coverage in Oakland University's travel insurance program.  Those individuals should register with the Risk Management Department at Foreign Travel Registration.  The Risk Management Department will provide details for enrolling in the program with HTH for a nominal premium.

Health Insurance

It is required that all travelers have health insurance coverage while traveling overseas. If you have coverage through a U.S. carrier, all travelers are still required to sign up for the HTH Worldwide Insurance Services coverage. Your own health insurance carrier may require that you pay out of pocket for medical treatment overseas and get reimbursement upon return. Coverage through HTH Worldwide will eliminate that worry.

Please contact your personal physician or the Graham Health Center, well in advance of departure, regarding potential health problems and required vaccinations. If you require regular or daily medication, maintain an adequate supply to cover the duration of the trip. 

Health Insurance Available For Purchase

Health insurance coverage will only be available to those who register with the Risk Management Department, for the period of Oakland University sponsored travel dates. Additional days can be purchased directly from HTH for a nominal premium. Please contact the Risk Management Department for further details.

No Reimbursement will be made for any direct purchases from HTH. 

Using HTH Insurance

Click here to acess the HTH Global Health and Safety flyer which provides details regarding using your coverage overseas and what to do in the event of an emergency.

High Risk Activities

Participating in higher risk activities, such as rock climbing, sky diving, scuba diving, bungee jumping, participating in professional sports, off road or auto racing, travel to higher risk areas, etc. may not be covered by insurance. Please refer to HTH Woldwide's policy for specific exclusions.

Driving or Renting Vehicles Overseas

Oakland University does not have auto insurance coverage for vehicles rented or leased in foreign countries. Local insurance should be purchased at the time of rental. Most countries have a fine or jail penalty if you do not purchase local insurance.

Electronic Equipment & Software

All travelers who are taking controlled equipment or materials (e.g. GPS units, encrypted software, and select agents) overseas should verify that they are compliant with U.S. Export Control Regulations.

Emergency Contact Information 

In the event of an emergency, communication is an important tool to ensure the safety of all travelers.

Register at the Risk Management Department’s web-site via Foreign Travel Registration Form 

Leave an address and emergency telephone number where you can be reached with your OU Department and friends or family in the U.S.

Keep the following phone numbers on you at all times. 

  • Local U.S. Consulate Office
  • Oakland University Department Authorizing Trip (Dean & Provost Office)
  • Oakland University Risk Management Department
  • Oakland University Police Department
  • Emergency friend or relative (ICE – In Case of Emergency) 
  • AT&T assist numbers – will connect you with an English speaking operator

U.S. Embassy

If you are planning an extended stay overseas, it is advisable to register with the U.S. Embassy as soon as possible following arrival in a foreign country. Registration facilitates emergency communication and/or evacuation. The Regional Security Officer of Post Security Officer, stationed in embassies and consulates, can provide guidance and advice on security concerns. Non-U.S. citizens should register with the embassy of their home country.