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Buses & Vans

Buses & Vans

Charter Buses

The website is recommended to obtain a rating for buses that we are renting both in and out of the state of Michigan.  We recommend the following:

If you are working with the Purchasing Department and you give them adequate lead time, Purchasing or Risk Management will verify the safety ratings of the companies.

If you are selecting a bus company and are not working through Purchasing, the person who is renting the bus will be responsible for checking the safety rating of the bus.

If a third party, such as a travel agent, is renting buses for your department, they need to be made aware that they will need to check the safety rating of the bus company.  If you know the states you will be traveling in, you can go to the website link provided and search a specific state for carriers and provide the list of satisfactorily rated companies to the travel agent.

Charter Bus Ratings

In order for the bus company to be approved, they must meet the following:
  • SafeStat score be less than 75 in each category on the chart.
  • Safety Rating must be "Satisfactory."

Approved Charter Buses
A list of approved Charter Bus Companies are listed on the Purchasing Department website OU Approved Buses, Limos, Shuttles

15 Passenger Vans 
Rental of a fifteen (15) passenger van is prohibited unless approved in advance by Risk Management.

UADs operating a fifteen (15) passenger van must limit the number of passengers to a maximum of nine (9); and the UAD must be at least age twenty-one (21) and complete the National Safety Council approved van driver training course provided by Risk Management.