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If you wish to drive for the university or are leasing a vehicle while on university business, you must comply with the policies and standards of Administrative Policy #610. Please review Administrative Policies & Procedures #610 Driving Practices & Standards.
Proof of Insurance Certificate

Insurance - List of Insured Vehicles  

To check whether we have the correct number and type of vehicles for your department on our insured list, contact the Office of Risk Management directly. It is very important this information is current for insurance-coverage purposes.  

If your department is taking possession of a new vehicle or releasing an existing vehicle, please complete a New Vehicle Information Form and e-mail it to This form must be filled out to include the new vehicle on Risk Management's insured list of Oakland University vehicles.

Renting Vehicles in the United States

Oakland University's insurance policy covers domestically rented vehicles for university business.   The vehicle may be rented in either the name of Oakland University or the individual renting the vehicle.  Please be aware coverage is only extended to approved drivers, regardless of the named renter.  To become an approved driver,  please review Administrative Policies & Procedures #610 Driving Practices & Standards.  

Driving or Renting Vehicles Overseas

Local insurance must be purchased at the time of rental. Most countries have a fine or jail penalty if you do not purchase local insurance.

Mobile Devices

Several states have enacted laws regarding cell phone usage and text messaging while operating a vehicle.  Oakland University requires all drivers operating a vehicle for university purposes to comply with the laws of the state in which they are traveling in.  Information regarding state specific laws can be found on the Governors Highway Safety Association website.