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Religious Studies

Learn, Change, Grow

Welcome to the religious studies programs at Oakland University. The university currently offers a
general concentration in religious studies , as well as minors in religious studies , Judaic studies , Islamic studies , and Christianity studies . In addition, if you wish to major in religious studies, you may petition the college “committee on instruction” with a specialized plan of study.  To explore this option, email the program director,  Alan Epstein at the following address  

The religious studies programs offer you the opportunity to examine the world’s religions from an academic standpoint: a poignant, deep and critical examination of their beliefs and histories as well as their cultural, historical and political roles in shaping today’s world. Choosing the concentration or one of the minors, or even taking several courses, enables you to tailor your electives and some of your general education courses to reflect personal interests. You will gain skills that help bolster your interpersonal skills, give you a strong ethical framework for life, a stronger and more nuanced sense of self, and a better understanding of our increasingly global and interactive world. 

In addition, combining a minor or concentration with other specific degrees can enhance your career marketability. For example, combining a minor with a degree in education can make you a great candidate to teach in a parochial school. In short, taking religious studies courses or adopting either a concentration or minor enables you to
learn, change and grow.