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Faculty Handbook for the Office of the Registrar

Classes and Registration
Classroom Requests

Request a general purpose room for academic or non-class events/meetings. Generally, requests cannot be submitted during final examination periods.  Please allow 5 business days for processing.

Please submit a Room Request for a general purpose room assignment.  Please fill out the final exam exam assignment request for a final exam assignment, including a general purpose room assignment, if needed.

Questions or comments can be sent to

Policies, Guidelines and Values

The Registrar has the authority to review and approve classroom schedules and assignments for compliance with established policies and procedures.  General Purpose Classrooms are scheduled on a priority basis for class instruction in support of the academic mission of the institution.  View policy 190 on classroom scheduling for more information on room scheduling priority.

Guidelines for requests to use general purpose classrooms

  • Only OU faculty and staff may sponsor/reserve usage of a general purpose room. Student organizations should contact the Center for Student Activities.
  • Visit the classroom inspector to view features of available classrooms. 
  • The Office of the Registrar recommends 14 day notice for room reservation requests.  Please allow minimum five business days to process your request. 
  • Insufficient information causes delays in processing your request. 
  • General purpose rooms are unavailable during the week(s) of exams and during semester breaks. 
  • NOTE: The person, department or organization reserving the space is responsible for the immediate clean up of the area and returning the room(s) to order. Trash must be disposed of outside of classrooms and conferences rooms.

Room Usage Policies and Procedures

You are responsible for adhering to Oakland University General Purpose room usage policies and procedures which are listed below:

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Transcript Printing

Staff Information

Information to give to students

Students can order official transcripts from SAIL or in-person at the Office of the Registrar, please refer students to the Registrar web page for further ordering instructions and information

eTranscripts may be ordered by students, and instructions are available on the regular transcript order page.  This option allows students an official expedited method of online delivery to any recipient with an email - even weekends and holidays.