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University Recreation and Well-Being offers both fitness assessments and additional fitness education programs to 

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The Biggest Loser RECHARGED

General Information

Are you ready to make a lifestyle change, lose a few pounds, and begin a happier and healthier tomorrow? Need motivation, accountability, and support of a team and a personal trainer? This program is RECHARGED for 2018 and focused on more than just a quick fix short term weight loss. The goal is to set you up to adopt healthier habits so that you can make lasting lifestyle changes through building a support network, focusing on sustainable weightloss!

Important Program Dates

  • Application Period:November 22nd-January 7th
  • Registration Deadline: January 7th by noon
  • Interviews: January 8th-January 12th
  • Acceptance & Welcome Emails: by January 15th
  • Fitness Assessments: January 16th - January 17th
  • Program Runs: January 22nd - April 13th
  • Post Fitness Assessments: April 16th-17th
  • Results: April 18th

Participation Requirements

  • Be a University Recreation and Well-Being member
  • Be a beginner/intermediate exerciser
  • Have 15 or more pounds to lose
  • Be able to commit 4-6 hours a week
  • Provide proof of having a physical exam in the last year and have a physician’s clearance for participation
  • Attend mandatory lifestyle behavior change sessions (nutrition, stress management, physical activity)
  • Participate in two, one-hour long group workouts each week
  • Keep an activity log and food journal on MyFitnessPal throughout the program
  • Be willing to release results for publicity purposes

** We have the right to drop you from the program at any time if we feel that you are not adhering to the program requirements. No refunds will be given if you are dropped from the program.

Program Cost

  • Price: $150 students and members
  • Payments are due after admission to the program before initial fitness assessment is conducted. Failure to pay could lead to losing your spot in the program. In addition, refunds will only be given for medical reasons (physician’s note required). Dropping out voluntarily does not deem a refund.


  • All participants will receive t-shirts and other giveaways
  • Various prizes will be awarded throughout the program based on both scale and non-scale victories

Application Process

Body Comps

Working toward a weight loss goal? Then take advantage of our Drop-in Body Composition service to help you keep on track! Drop-in, no appointment necessary! Generally falls on the first Monday of every month.

  • Upcoming Dates Offered:
    • November 6th
    • December 4th
  • Times Offered: 
    • All Day- just stop by the Fitness Center ask speak with one of the Fitness Assistants!
  • Cost:
    • $5 (includes a report measuring your weight, blood pressure, percent body fat and flexibility).
    • Please pay at the Welcome Center and bring your receipt to the fitness assistant.
Know Your

Know Your Numbers is a program designed to provide participants with quick fitness assessment “numbers” relating to their health. Quick assessments will be offered for FREE at the Fitness Center within the Rec Center on the following dates. Some of the fitness assessments offered include: Blood Pressure, BMI, Flexibility, Body Composition and Muscular Fitness.

  • Dates Offered:
    • November 22nd: BMI, Body Fat Percentage, Heart Rate, and Blood Pressure
    • December 13th: BMI, Body Fat Percentage, and Vertical Jump
    • December 6th: BMI, Body Fat Percentage, Heart Rate, and Blood Pressure (at entrance to Vandenberg Dining Center 11:30am-1pm) 
  • Times Offered:
    • 12pm-2pm 
  • Where:
    • Recreation Center, Outside Studio 897 (located downstairs outside the Fitness Center)
Fitness Center

Helps members become familiar with the Fitness Center, exercise equipment, and general fitness principles. Proper use of equipment and education on proper form and muscle groups worked will be discussed based on the participant's needs/goals. Workout clothes & exercise shoes are encouraged.

  • Offered: FREE all day, every day!

Designed for 13-17 year olds who would like to use the Fitness Center, Teens Getting Into Fitness (TGIF) teaches them how to safely and properly use the exercise equipment. Once the TGIF program is complete, the teen will receive a card to bring with them every time they use the Fitness Center. The Fitness Assistant on duty will ask to see their completion card. Parents/guardians must remain in the Fitness Center with the teen during all workouts. Participants must bring current photo with them for TGIF card to be made.

  • Cost: FREE
  • Time: approximately 45-60 minutes
  • Registration: Contact Austin at (248) 370-4594