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Bike Loan

The OU Bike Loan program is managed by University Recreation and Well-Being. For more information email

Bike Loan

The Bike Loan program is sponsored by Student Congress, the Division of Student Affairs, University Housing and University Recreation and Well-Being; and it is designed for students who wish to check out a bike for a semester.

Schwinn bikes are available for check out at the Recreation and Athletic Outdoor complex during Fall and Spring/Summer Semesters. Included in the no cost check out will be the bike and a combination bike lock. Students will receive an information sheet when they check out the bikes with the expectations of the program.
More Information
Individuals who accept a bike through the loan program are responsible for security and proper care of the equipment. Provided that the bikes are returned with reasonable wear and tear, in good working order, there will no charge. However, students may be held accountable for misuse, abuse or failing to return the bikes up to $200 on a case by case basis.
Summer 2019 Bike Loan Program
  • Bike Loan Lottery sign up will begin on Saturday, May 4 and run through Sunday, May 12th.
  • To place your name in the lottery, you may enroll online or in person at the Welcome Desk of the Recreation Center. 
  • Everyone on the list by the deadline has an equal chance of being awarded a bike for the semester. Placement on the list has no bearing on odds of being selected. The selection will be done through a random lottery spin.
  • Lottery Spin: May 13, 2019.
  • Winners of the Bike Loan Lottery will be notified via email by the end of the business day on May 13th.  Those that are not awarded a bike in the initial lottery will be placed on a wait list in case a bike becomes available.
  • Bike pick up will begin Wednesday, May 15.  Instructions for picking up a bike will be provided in the award e-mail.
  • Bikes are due back on or before August 23, 2019.  Information on returning the bike will be provided at pick up and during the Summer semester.  Bikes returned late are subject to a $25 late return fee.
  • Normal repairs will be covered by the program.
  • Out of Pocket repairs made by the bike loan participant will not be reimbursed.
  • If a bike is in need of repair, it should be returned to the Outdoor Complex; e-mail to schedule a drop-off.
  • Replacement bikes will be issued only if one is available.
Respect the Ride
Bike Loan Rules
  1. Everyone is advised to ride with caution to maintain a safe cycling environment.
  2. Use of bicycles is at the risk of the individual.
  3. Reckless behavior, unsafe speed or stunts are prohibited.
  4. Destruction and abuse of bicycles is prohibited.
  5. Use of protective helmets is recommended.
  6. Bicycles should be locked with lock provided.
  7. Wearing headphones in both ears while riding a bicycle is not recommended.
  8. Cyclists must obey all traffic signs and signals.
  9. Please maintain bike tire pressure between