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  • OU Administrative Policies and Procedures

OU Administrative Policies and Procedures

Welcome to Oakland University's Administrative Policy and Procedures website. This site provides employees with a centralized source for the University's approved operating policies and procedures, as well as providing information on many of the services available on Oakland University's campus.
The Division of Finance and Administration is responsible for maintaining this site, and encourages revisions and new material for inclusion.
In August 2006, Oakland University adopted a standard format for Administrative Policies and Procedures. Subsequently, all new policies will be written in that format and older policies will transition to the new format as they come up for revision.
Please review How to Submit Policy Additions/Revisions to understand the steps required to have a policy updated or added to the site. Use the Policy Template as the format for all policies, both new and revised.
If you require additional information, please contact the Budget Manager for Finance and Administration at extension 2444.

How to Use this Website

TO PRINT:  To print a policy, use the white PRINT command in the black area above the policy.  The OU logo and the OU AP&P number and name will appear on the top of the printer friendly page.

SEARCH FOR A POLICY:  To search through the AP&P’s, simply scroll your mouse over the list on the left-hand side of this page.  As the pointer touches a category title, a drop down list of related AP&P’s will appear; to open a specific policy, click on the policy title. 

SEARCH THE POLICY SITE: To find an AP&P by a specific term or topic, enter that term or topic into the SEARCH text box to the left.  All policies containing the word(s) entered in the text box will be listed on the web page. Click on the blue policy title to go to that policy page.

TO SEARCH THE CURRENT PAGE:  Choose Edit from the top left of the screen and select Find (or Ctrl + F).  Enter the word or phrase you are looking for into the Find command box at the top or bottom of the screen.

TO FIND LINKS TO OTHER SITES:  Each policy is conveniently formatted with links to supporting sites, as well as to related policies and procedures. Click on the words in BOLD DARK RED to use the links.

What’s New?

Recently updated policies:

OU AP&P #470 Release of Educational Student Records: Additional language regarding the definition of directory information for graduating or graduated students has been added.

OU AP&P #475 Non-Smoking Policy:  Oakland University campuses will become non-smoking, effective Fall of 2013.  Additional information on this upcoming change will be communicated to campus over the next several weeks.

OU AP&P #480 University Archives:  This is a complete re-write of the prior policy.

 If you have questions about a specific policy, contact the responsible department noted at the top of that policy.  If you have questions about this site or the process to add or update a policy, contact Michele St. Denis at stdenis@oakland.eduor (248) 370-2444.