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Parking and Violations

Parking at OU
Unlike many college campuses with paid, priority restricted parking, inconvenient lots and miles between classes, Oakland University provides convenient parking on a first-come, first-served basis for students, faculty, staff and guests. And, there are no restrictions on who can have a car on campus.

Parking on OU's 1,443-acre campus is primarily undesignated — people may park in any of the unrestricted parking spaces in well-maintained, lighted lots or in one of two campus parking structures.

Parking during busy times

Early in the fall and winter semesters are busy times, and parking lots near the main entrance fill quickly. During these busy times, motorists will find parking available in Lot 32 (near Varner Hall), Lot P-11 (Pioneer Drive at Ravine Drive), Lot 3 (Meadow Brook Drive at West Oakland Drive) as well as the P-35 and P-37 lots (Pioneer Drive near Library Drive).

Parking Suggestions  

  • Minimize stress and anxiety by arriving early to allow enough time to find a parking space.
  • Study the campus map to select different parking lots closest to your destination. If the first lot is full or not available, have a second choice in mind.
  • Take time to explore the campus to see all the available parking areas.
  • Do not risk an accident or ticket by parking illegally. Take time to find a safe and appropriate parking space.
  • During construction, expect some parking areas to be closed.


Overnight Parking

Overnight parking on campus is designated by fluorescent green striping (except in the parking structures) and is available in:
  • the Ann V. Nicholson Student Apartments parking lot;
  • the George T. Matthews Apartments parking lot;
  • the P5 and P11 parking lots;
  • portions of the P1, P3, and P16 parking lots, and;
  • all covered spaces in the P29 and P32 parking structures.

Restricted Parking

The campus includes a limited number of restricted parking spaces to accommodate people with special needs. Restricted areas include those for university vehicles, head resident, trailer, handicapped and all loading areas. The OUPD may impose restrictions on a limited basis to accommodate parking for special events, including sports and theatre activities. These have been limited to a few days of the academic year. The OUPD issues permits for restricted parking areas. For more information, contact OUPD.

Disabled Vehicles

If a vehicle becomes disabled while on a campus roadway or parking lot, the owner should:

  1. raise the hood of the vehicle and use the emergency flashing system;
  2. Contact OUPD to provide the exact location and license number of the vehicle to receive help.

This may help the owner avoid receiving a ticket or having the vehicle towed, or will allow for 24-hour (maximum) parking in a designated parking space.

Parking Enforcement

OU ordinances require that motorists park in designated spaces only. Parking on the grass, on the end of rows, on roadways or in fire lanes will result in a parking citation. Improper parking in areas reserved for the handicapped will result in a $50 citation, and the vehicle will be towed at the owner's expense. Some areas require a permit, and overnight parking is restricted to designated lots. Short-term, metered parking is available along Wilson Boulevard and Lot P-18. Meters are enforced Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

The OUPD enforces campus parking regulations, which are published in the schedule of classes each semester. OU police officers are authorized to tow any vehicle parked or stored in violation of these ordinances.

Illustrated Map

Oakland University strives to ensure that campus parking lots remain as safe and clear of snow as possible throughout the winter months. Grounds maintenance personnel face challenges in doing so when vehicles remain parked in University lots for extended periods of time.

In order to pro-actively and more effectively maintain clean lots, the University adopted Policy 483 – Parking During a Snow Emergency – in September 2014. In essence, the policy states that during snow emergencies, all vehicles located in designated snow emergency lots must be moved to alternative parking sites.

What Campus Community Members Need to Know About Snow Emergencies
  • A snow emergency may be declared when 3 or more inches of snow have fallen or are forecast to fall on campus, as reported by the National Weather Service and/or other law enforcement weather resources.
  • During snow emergencies, campus community members will be responsible to move their vehicles from designated snow emergency lots to campus parking areas exempted by Policy 483. These include:
  • Vehicles left in any other Main Campus lots during a Snow Emergency will be impounded at the owner's expense. The University will not assess a fine for Policy 483 violations, but retrieval of impounded vehicles will require payment of a $100 towing fee and may also involve storage fees of $20 per day.
  • Snow emergency policy takes precedence over all overnight parking designations except those in the four exempt parking areas. Hence, all vehicles in non-exempt overnight spaces, including those in P-1, P-3, and P-1 must be moved during snow emergencies.
  • Snow emergencies will typically be in effect from 10 p.m. on the day they are announced to 6 a.m. the next day. Campus administrators may adjust start and end times as weather conditions and other relevant considerations dictate.
  • University personnel will make every effort to announce snow emergencies well in advance of the deadline to remove vehicles from designated snow emergency lots. Multiple channels of communication will be used to broadcast these announcements, including:
    • Text messages to registered system users
    • University email email messages
    • University homepage, News at OU and Oakland University website articles
    • University social media site postings
    • Interior digital information screen postings
  • The declaration of a snow emergency will not necessarily indicate that classes have been cancelled or that the campus has been closed. Campus-wide class cancellations and University closure decisions will be made independently as outlined in Policy 482.

Tips on How to Avoid Unnecessary Snow Emergency Policy Violations and Associated Fees
  • Understand, take seriously and comply with Policy 483 guidelines, as violations will be strictly enforced. Once vehicles are impounded, no appeal process will be available.
  • Campus community members planning to leave their vehicles in overnight parking areas during extended periods they will be away from campus should ensure that their vehicles are not left in designated snow emergency lots. Examples of such absences include but are not limited to:
    • Weekends
    • Holidays
    • Vacations
    • Student-athlete and athletics fan travel for competition
  • If campus community members are on campus later than 10 p.m. when heavy snowfall is possible, they should ensure that their vehicles are not left in designated snow emergency lots. This includes:
    • Students, faculty and staff utilizing Kresge Library
    • Students and faculty working in laboratories
    • Any campus community member taking part in an activity or event that may extend later than planned.

What to Do if Your Vehicle is Impounded as a Result of a Policy 483 Violation
  • Confirm that your vehicle has, in fact, been impounded.
  • Request an impound release form.
  • Take the release form to:
    Byers Wrecker Service - Rochester
    399 South St.
    Rochester, MI 48307
    (248) 651-4180
  • Present impound release form and settle assessed fees to retrieve the vehicle.

Parking Citations
Pay Online
For a small convenience fee, parking citations can be paid online.  The convenience fee varies based on the citation amount and will be calculated during the payment process.
Pay by mail

Parking citation payments can be mailed to:

Oakland University
Parking Enforcement
2200 North Squirrel Road
Rochester, Michigan 48309

For your convenience, you may use the pre-addressed envelope, included with your citation, to mail your check or money order. Please remember to print your name, address and citation Number on the outside of the envelope in the space provided. Please do not send cash. 

Pay at the police station 

You may pay by check, money order or cash (exact change only) at the Oakland University Police Station. During normal business hours, stop by room 127, Police and Support Services Building.  After business hours, you may make a payment by placing it in the secure drop box located at the dispatch operations center.  Payments placed in the drop box will be processed the next business day. 

Parking citation appeal process

To initiate the parking citation appeal process, please submit an appeal form to the parking enforcement office. 
Appeal a
Parking Citation

Moving Violations
The 52-3 District Court allows the payment of certain types of violations online. For fine schedules, payment options and other information, please visit the  52-3 District court.