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David Dulio, Ph.D.
John Klemanski, Ph.D.
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Professional and Continuing Education
(248) 370-3177

Political Campaign Bootcamp

Political Bootcamp
How to run – and win – a political campaign

Students successfully completing this course will better understand the basics of campaign strategy, tactics, and techniques, and will be able to effectively manage a political campaign or run for political office.  Many are turned off by extreme party polarization, and with that in mind, this course will offer a balanced approach.  This makes it appealing for those interested in running either partisan or non partisan campaigns.  

Students will learn about and conduct district and voter analysis, volunteer recruitment, social media tools, campaign fundraising and budgeting exercises, GOTV strategies, and others.

CEPS 10000: Political Campaign Bootcamp
March 6th-April 10th (6 weeks)
Tuesday evenings
6 - 8 p.m.


In our basic training seminars, you will learn about:

Preparing and organizing for your campaign

  • Managing a political campaign
  • Deciding on running for political office
  • How to file for office
  • Creating an authentic campaign message -- Why are you running?
  • Identifying a Core Campaign Team
  • Determining your campaign season 

Knowing the rules and understanding your district

  • Know election law; know campaign finance law
  • Conducting research on your district and voters
  • How many votes do you need to win?

Communicating to voters

  • Neighborhood coffee events
  • Door-to-door campaigning
  • Paid media: Direct mail and other advertising
  • Creating a social media presence
  • Earned media: Debates/candidate forums; news coverage

Raising money for your campaign

  • Friends and family
  • Members of social organizations
  • Political organizations

Putting it all together – the Campaign Plan

  • Creating a campaign budget
  • Creating a campaign calendar
  • Creating a volunteer plan
  • GOTV strategy

Professors David A. Dulio and John S. Klemanski (with several guest speakers from the world of campaigns)

Professors Dulio and Klemanski are veterans of many political campaigns, having served in a variety of capacities from volunteer to consultant to campaign manager. They are also the authors of the book that will be used in the course.