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Sherry Wynn Perdue

(248) 370-3105

Before finding a home in the Oakland University Writing Center, Sherry Wynn Perdue completed an American Studies program at Michigan State University and attended the School of Criticism and Theory, then located at Dartmouth College. She has actively participated in curriculum development and peer mentoring in addition to teaching composition within the Writing and Rhetoric Department since 1996. In 2009, Sherry affirmed her commitment to the lively art (and science) of writing at OU by taking the helm of the writing center, where she spends most of her consulting hours collaborating with faculty on their scholarly publications and with graduate students on their theses and dissertations. When she is not teaching or working one-on-one with clients, she is collecting data, developing training curriculum, mentoring one of the center’s writing consultants, or presenting at conferences. Sherry’s concurrent role as a Test Preparation Instructor for the ACT and SAT allows her to guide high school students through the significant transition to college; this position confirms her belief that students need rigorous high school preparation. To that end, it seems only natural that Sherry also devotes her energies to collaborating with high school English teachers as they craft Advanced Placement English Language and Composition courses for their districts. Although Sherry enjoys offering one-day AP workshops at other Midwestern campuses during the academic year, she relishes the week-long summer institutes in which she shares her passion for teaching with secondary educators. Sherry’s publications on evidence-based research in writing centers, the unique needs of dissertation writers, and information literacy have appeared in The Writing Center Journal, Education Libraries, and the Journal of Academic Librarianship. In addition to her own writing, she serves as managing editor of the Oakland Journal (and has edited such publications as Re-Visions: Journal of the Women's Studies Program at Michigan State University and The Oil Pipeline Monitor), reviews books for academic publishers, and heads WriteSpace Consulting, an editing and custom writing business. In her fleeting spare time, she vacations with her husband Don and daughter Alexondra in Suttons Bay and enjoys walks with her Standard Poodle Max. 

Operations Coordinator 

Ashley Cerku

(248) 370-3474

Education: BA in English and Writing/Rhetoric, MA in Liberal Studies
Specialties: Creative writing, Poetry, Research papers, Organization, Draft expansion

Ashley Cerku is currently the Operations Coordinator at the Oakland University Writing Center. She is a recent graduate of OU with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Writing/Rhetoric and is currently a Grad student in the Liberal Studies program. She has her sights set on working in the publishing field in the future with the hopes of one day becoming an Editor and Novelist. She also likes to work with students and consultants to help create a more interactive writing environment at Oakland University.  

Webmaster, Service Coordinator

Ron DelVillano

Education: BA in English

Ron DelVillano is a recent graduate from Oakland University's English BA program. When not working at the Writing Center, he spends most of his time writing and drawing comics and writing video game reviews for Ron often self-publishes his own comics in print and online, but he hopes to someday see one of his comics in print by a publishing company. 

Writing Consultants

Erin Avey

Education: BA in Communication, Minor in Writing and Rhetoric
Specialties: First year writing, Non-fiction analysis, Organization

Erin Avey is a third-year student at OU who started working at the Writing Center in January 2013. She has never driven a car through a car wash, has been ghost-hunting in West Virginia, and has worn a bathing suit at a nude beach in Barcelona. Her favorite quote about writing is one from Steve Martin: “I think I did pretty well, considering I started out with nothing but a bunch of blank paper.” 

Debbie Barry 

Education: BA in Social sciences with an education concentration and in English
Specialties: First year writing, Grammar, Word choice

Debbie is a graduate student, majoring in linguistics.  She plans to teach introductory college English and writing after she completes her degree.  In her free time, she is a historical reenactor, focusing on both the medieval European period and the 18th century colonial period on the western frontier, in which she is joined by her husband and her two sons.  Debbie has privately published a number of books centered around genealogy and Vermont history, which are listed on Amazon. 

Sam Boyhtari

Education: BA in Writing and Rhetoric, Minor in Sociology
Specialties: First year writing, Grammar/Sentence structure, Creative writing

Sam Boyhtari is a Writing and Rhetoric major, minoring in Sociology. Sam Graduated from Holly High School in 2012—he commutes to Oakland from his home in Davisburg. In addition to his school studies, Sam is an active musician, performing with his band Pines, as well as writing and producing his own solo work under the moniker War War War. He is also very involved in writing fiction, primarily of the horror genre. A few of his favorite authors are Tim O’Brien, H.P. Lovecraft, and Henry James. 

Daniel Brengel

Education: BA in Music and English Secondary Eduction, Minor in German Studies
Specialties: Literary analysis, Music, Theatre

Raised in the rural "thumb" of Michigan, Dan Brengel graduated from North Branch Wesleyan Christian Academy in 2002. After studying musical theatre at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York, he moved back to Michigan and worked in banking for several years. Now studying at Oakland University while working in the OU Writing Center, he is pursuing a BA in English with German and Music minors as well as teaching ESL certification. Dan lives in Ferndale with his partner Tony and their two dogs, Darla and Talula. 

Paige Brockway

Education: BA in Writing and Rhetoric and Journalism
Specialties: First year writing, AP Style (Journalism), Organization, Brainstorming

Paige is a sophomore and is double majoring in Writing and Rhetoric and Journalism. She graduated from Pinckney High School in 2013 and is now a member of the Honors College and treasurer of the Student Writers Group at OU. She lives on campus during the school year with her lovely roommate and pet frog, Mistake.

Carol Burns-Wortham

Education: BA in English, MA in Counseling
Specialties: Research writing, Graduate level writing

Carol received her Bachelor of Arts in English from Saginaw Valley State University and her Master of Arts in Counseling from Oakland University. She is currently working on her dissertation for her Ph.D. in Counselor Education. In addition to working in the Writing Center, Carol is a graduate assistant, teaches classes in the Counseling Department, and counsels clients at a private practice. Carol hopes to obtain a faculty position when she completes her degree. 

Kiersten Farstvedt 

Education: BA in English

Kiersten's favorite activity is reading, and her favorite books include Harry PotterThe Maze Runner, and To Kill A Mockingbird, but she enjoys all sorts of fantasy and historical fiction. She also loves to write, watch Downton Abbey andGame of Thrones, hang out with her best friends, and attend events at her church. This past summer, Kiersten went on a two-week mission trip to Ensenada, Mexico, and three years ago she went on a mission trip to Guatemala City. These two events helped shaped Kiersten into the person that she is today. Kiersten also enjoys spending time with her mom, dad, younger sister, three younger brothers, and her adorable dog Skittles.

Brittany Forth

Education: BA in Art History
Specialties: First year writing, Creative writing, Brainstorming

Brittany is majoring in art history. If you ask her to pick a favorite art movement you'll be there all day, because it's so hard for her to pick one. Her favorite season is fall. Also, she has never lived outside of Michigan.  

Emily Hagan

Education: BA in Psychology, Minor in Spanish
Specialties: Grammar, Word choice, Brainstorming

Emily Hagan is a junior working toward a degree in Elementary Education. In her work at the Writing Center, Emily specializes in grammatical assistance, brainstorming and outlining, and working with ESL students. In her free time, she enjoys reading, shopping, and volunteering.  

Victoria Johnson

Education: BA in Creative Writing, Minor in English
Specialties: Creative writing, Poetry, Organization, Voice development

Victoria is a senior Creative Writing major (poetry track), English minor. She's an avid collector of strange coffee mugs, and an adrenaline junkie. In her free time she enjoys distance running, traveling, and hanging out with her two younger sisters, Lucy and Lola, the golden retrievers. There's nothing she loves more than country music and a good read. 

Stefen Kutchey

Education: BA in English Secondary Education with English endorsement, Minor in Biology
Specialties: Literary analysis, Grammar, Organization, Outlining, Creative writing

Stefen is working toward becoming a high school English teacher. He enjoys writing and reading fiction in his spare time. His favorite genre is horror (which extends to television and movies, too). Besides that, he has a weakness for Diet Pepsi and cats. Stefen also works at the Vandenberg Hall help desk.

Mike Medley

Education: BA in Secondary Education with English endorsement, Minor in Biology
Specialties: Literary analysis, Grammar, Brainstorming, and Creative writing

Mike Medley is currently a sophomore aspiring to become a high school English teacher. He also works at Oakland University's Lowry Center for Early Childhood Education as an assistant preschool teacher. In his free time, Mike enjoys reading, golf, video games, and the Detroit Lions. 

Natalie Noland 

Education: BA in English and Creative Writing

Natalie spent the first eighteen years of her life in Texas, coming to OU for the snowy winters and honors program. Besides reading and writing, her favorite things are shoes and baseball - high heels and the Boston Red Sox, respectively. Natalie is currently writing her first novel, and hopes to find an occupation in publishing after graduation if she is not yet writing full time. Her hobbies include (but are not limited to) petting cats, crushing the patriarchy, and correcting people's grammar.

Mandy Olejnik

Education: BA with a double major in Writing and Rhetoric and French Language and Literature
Specialization: Organization, Literary analysis, Creative writing, Cinema writing

Mandy is a sophomore here at Oakland University and is aspiring to attend law school following her completion of her dual major of Writing and Rhetoric and French Language and Literature. She is currently planning a study abroad trip to Angers, France and would like to obtain a professional translation certificate before she graduates.  In her spare time, she squeezes in creative writing along with helping out on her family's farm. She eventually aims to deal with international law along with writing professionally on the side. 

Andrew Petrykowski

Education: BA in English, Minor in Writing and Rhetoric
Specialties: First year composition, Brainstorming, Organization

Andrew works for OU Housing as a member of Nightwatch. He likes to think that he keeps students safe from dangerous intruders, but mostly he just tells people when their friends can't spend the night. Other than that and his work at the OUWC, Andrew spends his time reading, playing video games, and trying not to get back into playing League of Legends (He promised that he wouldn't do that to himself anymore). 

Meghan Phelps

Education: Associate's degree in Liberal Arts, BA in Writing and Rhetoric
Specialties: Organization, Non-traditional students, Integrating sources, and First-year writing

Meghan Phelps began her collegiate experience at Oakland Community College (OCC), working as a Supplemental Instruction Leader for each level of writing class offered at OCC. She also worked as an English tutor for OCC’s Academic Support Center; her experience at OCC totals thirteen semesters. Meghan continues her studies at Oakland University and plans to begin pursuing an MA in Writing and Rhetoric after graduation. Her career goal is to teach writing at the college level because she thoroughly enjoys helping people realize their full potential as writers and as students. 

Adrian Schirr

Education: BA in Creative Writing, Minor in English
Specialties: Outlines, Organization, Creative writing

Adrian Schirr specializes in outlines, organization, brainstorming, creative writing, and close readings of literature. Writing is a passion that she has appreciated for as long as she can remember. This unwavering joy ultimately paved the way to help her succeed in her dream of becoming a published author. Her novel, Under the Orange Moon, was recently picked up by Bandit Publishing. When she is not working on her next novel or roaming the library at Oakland University, she can be found watching her two sons play sports, volunteering at their schools, or even cooking her husband’s favorite meals. 

Brandan Sharp

Education: BA in Secondary Education with double major in English and Spanish
Specialties: Grammar/ENG 215, Creative writing

Brendan Sharp is a senior majoring in Secondary Education - Spanish and English. He is the current president of the Spanish Club at OU and also works as a tutor at Stevenson High School in Sterling Heights. His hobbies include listening to music, coaching and judging elementary and high school-level forensics, and being with family and friends. 

Kaitlyn Sheets

Education: BA in Writing and Rhetoric
Specialties: First year writing, Organization, Outlining, Spanish

Kaitlyn Sheets is currently working towards her bachelor's degree in Writing and Rhetoric. She is a lover of cows and cats who enjoys reading. She is often spotted capturing the portraits of the woodland creatures around campus. On a serious note, Kaitlyn has a passion for the Spanish language and culture and hopes to study abroad in Argentina. 

Jamie Svisco

Education: BA in Criminal Justice
Specialties: First-year writing, Organization, Grammar, Sentence structure

Jamie is the kind of person who always needs to be busy doing something. She played soccer, swam, and ran track throughout high school. Jamie loves to read or watch Netflix, which she often fits in during her time at the gym. She lives on-campus, but when she goes home, Jamie looks forward to sleeping in her own bed, her mom's home-cooked food, and seeing her two standard poodles. Jamie's life goal (set for after she travels the world) is to become a lawyer and FBI agent.

Jeremy Wendell

Education: BA in English, MA in English
Specialties: Organization, Outlining, Literary analysis, Composition

Jeremy Wendell is a current graduate student, majoring in English. He plans to have a career in the editing or publishing fields while writing fiction on the side. Jeremy loves sushi, books, wine, and Betty White. 

Reception Crew

Natalie Nick 

Education: BA in Writing and Rhetoric, minor in Creative Writing

Natalie "Nidoran" Nick is a Writing and Rhetoric major and Creative Writing minor who dreams of becoming a novelist. They specialize in reading books, baking bread, playing video games, and going out of their way to pet any and all animals. Natalie is currently preparing for the arduous journey that is publishing their first novel.

Miguel Rosario-Nieves

Education: BA in Communications

Miguel is a Communications major. He is an islander boy from Puerto Rico who is bilingual, loves sports, and is a non-stop ESPN FANATIC! He loves colorful new fashion trends and plans to have his own clothing line one day as well as open a Latino buffet restaurant. 

Audrey Sharp

Education: BA in Business and Communications

Audrey is a lover of music, theater and dance. She enjoys reading and watching TV in her spare time. Audrey feels very blessed to have amazing friends and family in her life and is very excited to meet more people at Oakland University.