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The Oakland University Writing Center is pleased to announce that it has replaced its in-house appointment scheduler with WCOnline, a user friendly service that allows users to see the next available appointment, search by day/time, and add to a wait list.

How to Schedule an Appointment (new):
  • The first time you visit the online scheduler, you will be prompted to register. The scheduler only recognizes email addresses because our services are reserved for OU students, faculty, and staff. You cannot schedule an appointment until you are registered.
  • Once registered, you can make an appointment, call (248) 370-3120 for assistance.
  • Schedule an appointment now
Please review the following policies BEFORE you schedule an appointment:
  • Appointments last 40 minutes. The system reserves 45 minutes, but the last five (5) are reserved for the consultant to finish paperwork and to prepare for the next appointment. 
  • While WCOnline offers each client the option of uploading his/her paper before the appointment, the consultant will not review it until the client arrives. In other words, all activities related to the paper occur during the 40 minute session.
  • Online appointments must be scheduled either over the phone or in person. These appointments are reserved for those who live out of state or have heath concerns that make it difficult to participate in a face-to-face appointment. Online appointments are synchronous, which means they occur in real time. While a client might upload the paper in advance, it will not be read until the session begins. In other words, all sessions occur as a chat between the client and the consultant. In no cases do consultants read the paper and send comments via email. 
  • Clients may schedule one (1) appointment per day/three (3) appointments per week. Staff cannot override this policy, which is based on evidence-based research and OUWC staffing constraints.
  • If a client cannot attend a scheduled appointment, s/he must cancel it through the online scheduler or by calling the center at (248) 370-3120, so another client might make use of that appointment time. If the client is more than 10 minutes late and does not contact the OUWC to hold the appointment, this reservation may be canceled.
  • WCOnline will automatically suspend a client's privileges after a third "NO SHOW." Access will not be restored until the restricted client meets with an OUWC director.