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363 Pawley Hall

Half-hour appointments are available Monday-Friday between 9-11 a.m. and 1:30-4:30 p.m. 

HRD Advising

HRD Advising

The HRD advising office assists students with schedule planning, interpreting degree requirements, admission to major standing, transfer credits, petitions of exception, and graduation audits. 

Undecided HRD Status
Students are placed in this status when they request admission to the HRD major but, their overall GPA is below a 2.5. 
Formal admission to the program is not secured until a student reaches pre-HRD status.

Pre-HRD Status
Students are placed into this status when they first enter the HRD program and their overall GPA is a 2.5 or above. At the request of the student, an appointment with the HRD adviser will be arranged to facilitate the formation and adoption of a program plan.  Students are allowed to take courses in General Education, General Electives, HRD Core, and 8 credits of HRD major courses in this status.

Admission to Major Standing in HRD
To be admitted to major standing a student must satisfy the following requirements: 
  1. Complete a minimum of 40 credits at an accredited college or university with a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or better. Courses that carry no numerical or letter grade (such as S/U) are excluded from calculation of the GPA 
  2. Complete the HRD core courses with a minimum grade of 2.8 in each course. 
  3. Submit an “Application for Major Standing” during the semester in which the student expects to complete the core requirements. 
  4. Meet with the HRD Academic Adviser and complete an approved HRD program plan
Senior Audit
Students should schedule an appointment for a senior audit with the academic adviser the semester before they are to graduate. A senior audit is a final check to ensure that all degree requirements will be met.  The adviser will also go over the internship application requirement and remind you to apply for graduation