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Next workshop coming Fall 2016.

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State Superintendent, Mike Flanagan, is a long-time advocate for integrating technology into K-12 education.  He is leading a discussion regarding the technology in education topic on Facebook now. 

“Technology, it’s ever-changing. The kids, they aren’t saying … ‘Slow down.’ They’ll take whatever I throw at them and use it to enhance core curriculum.” - Tasha Candela, 2013 Presenter

"We’re beyond the information age. Now we’re looking at what to do with all that information.” - Chris Stanley, 2014 & 2015 Presenter


Enhancing Instruction with Technology
An educational technology workshop sponsored by 
Oakland University's School of Education & Human Services
Event Location: Oakland University Main Campus, Pawley Hall

Next workshop coming Fall 2016.
Oakland University’s School of Education & Human Services is pleased to announce the fifth Enhancing Instruction with Technology workshop held at Oakland University in Rochester, MI on Saturday, March 19, 2016.
We are dedicated to bringing educators together to share knowledge and concerns about educational uses, and the implication of technology in the classroom. Therefore, as part of our continuing efforts to serve the needs of Michigan K-12 educators in their professional development, we sponsor this bi-annual workshop.  This workshop is known for its high take away value and for the practical knowledge and hands-on classroom experience of our presenters.  Our 2016 workshop will include a keynote session, breakout sessions covering a variety of educational technology topics, along with networking opportunities.
Goals of the Workshop
All attendees will be able to:
  • apply at least one new skill in regards to educational technology in the classroom
  • demonstrate leadership by modeling the use of educational technology to others in their district 
  • identify ways that educational technology can be used to support instruction and student learning, not interfere with it
  • Learn how to utilize cutting edge technology to enhance instruction in the classroom 
  • Leave with practical lesson ideas to use in your own classroom, including all ages/subject areas
  • Networking opportunities with other K-12 educators
  • Educators can earn SCECHs
  • Light refreshments and lunch provided

March 2016 Technology Workshop Session Descriptions 

Widening Bridges - Keynote Session

Presenter: Mike Medvinsky

Everything begins with relationships. When educators have shared understandings which are supported by trust, great things happen for learners! I would like to showcase stories from my own classroom, highlight inspiration from colleague's classrooms, and successful technology integration. I invite teachers to challenge themselves to make a difference in their school with creativity and kindness, all beginning with relationships.

30+ Treasures from Student EdCamps and a Class Drone

Presenter: Christina Ostrander

Student edcamps are a powerful tool in any classroom.  Using as little as 15 minutes or as much as an hour student engagement is at an all-time high.  I will share the more than 30 treasures from our edcamps including our classroom drone.

Coding…It's Elementary

Presenter: Lori Banaszak

Every student in every elementary school should have the opportunity to learn computer science. Join our journey on how we built elementary school coding clubs from the ground level at Clarkston Community Schools. We will cover how we got started, programs and curriculum we use and how to showcase student projects. Our learning goal for this session is to inspire you to start your own elementary coding clubs and have students become designers and/or creators of their own digital content.

Creating a Culture of Technology in Your District

Presenter: Matt Sayers

Creating a Culture of Technology in Your District provides useful insights that will transform your district into a cutting-edge organization.  This course will aid educators at various positions and experience levels.  Administrators, teachers, and others will learn reasons why many districts experience issues in using technology and methods to combat these problems.  Additionally, significant time will be allotted to demonstrate and practice using the latest in educational technology.  Technologies will include: web-based resources for both administrators and teachers, Microsoft resources, and IPad applications.  Participants are welcomed and encouraged to bring their own devices.

Editing, Commenting, Suggesting, Oh My!

Presenter: Karen Chichester

No matter content area or grade level, our students need to become effective writers. Luckily, Google gives us many ways to encourage our student writers to grow. This session is geared for newbies and explores using Google Apps, add-ons, and other web resources to support students from initial drafting through publishing. Participants will need access to either a personal (Gmail) or school Google Account. BYOD is recommended.

Flipping the Special Education Classroom

Presenter: Dwayne Wessel

Participants will learn low cost strategies to provide instruction, supplement learning and measure progress. Teachers will learn how to use videos and computer aided assessment to increase student achievement. Students will be able to access instruction and demonstrate their understanding from most tablets, laptops or smartphones.

Formative Assessments: Applications in the Classroom

Presenter: Trapper Hallam

Formative assessments are a teacher's "finger on pulse" of the classroom understanding and comprehension.  While nothing beats a quick thumbs-up or thumbs-down, there are some digital tools that can provide a quick qualitative, analytic driven snapshot on current understanding.  Tools like Kahoot and Quizizz are a gaming approach to Formative assessment whereas GoFormative and SeeSaw allow the teachers to see and gauge student's work.  In this presentation we will introduce and explore these tools and more.

Four Strategies for Blending and Flipping Your Classroom

Presenter: Mike Lerchenfeldt

How do you implement the blended and flipped models while still engaging students in the classroom? This session will focus on using technology tools in a middle school science setting to blend and flip your classroom. The strategies presented will focus on science, but may be applied to other content areas.

Little Kids can REDEFINE their Learning!?

Presenter: Brooke Stidham

iPads are a wonderful tool in the classroom, but are you ready to use them for more than routine practice and gaming apps? See how a 1st grade classroom is using iPads to redefine student learning. These young students are creating digital learning portfolios to share with others, iMovies to raise social awareness, and writing digital books. Come see examples and apps appropriate for all levels of the SAMR continuum for K-2 classrooms.

No More Red Pens

Presenter: Karen Chichester

Have 150 papers to grade this weekend? Don't we all. This session focuses on efficient ways to provide quality feedback to your students and speed up the grading process. Together, we will explore ways to use Google Apps and add-ons to aid struggling writers, help with revision/peer editing, and with assessment. BYOD and your ideas about how to use Google Apps effectively to provide feedback during the writing process.

Storytelling with Google Maps

Presenter: Karen Chichester

Everyone has a story to tell. Now you can use Google Maps to dynamically tell your story and your students to tell theirs. Students can also use mapping tools to show content mastery, enhance writing, and demonstrate data analysis skills. This session will provide step-by-step cheat sheets showing how to include images, Google Drive documents, and other web content into Google My Maps, Tour builder, and Google Earth. Bring your own device and images to create your story.

Technology Use in the Elementary Classroom

Presenter: Shannon Descamps

This session will focus on technology use in the elementary classroom. We will look at ways students can utilize tech to show and share their learning with others. We will learn how flipped lessons can transform learning experiences in the classroom and how to create flipped lessons. Participants are welcome to bring an iPad so we can create a lesson together.

Using Google to Collect and Share Essential Data

Presenter: Dwayne Wessel

Participants will learn strategies that they can use to effortlessly collect and share effective realtime data with their coworkers and parents. Participants will learn how to collect and manage data from any smartphone or tablet.

March 2016 Presenters

Lori Banaszak  |  Technology Integration Specialist, Clarkston Public Schools
Lori Banaszak is a Technology Integration Specialist for the Clarkston Community Schools in Clarkston, Michigan. Lori has been in education for 20 years. For the past 16 years, she has been an instructional technologist in local school districts and intermediate school district levels.  She has delivered many professional learning sessions from Google Apps to digital literacy. Her current projects are elementary coding clubs and redesigning computer labs to a more flexible learning space. Lori is also an authorized Google Education Trainer for Michigan. In her free time, Lori loves to garden and cook. But especially loves spending time with her husband Jeff and two daughters, Luci and Carli.

Karen Chichester  |  High School Teacher, Monroe Jefferson Schools
Karen Chichester is an experienced educator, a Google for Education Certified Trainer and National Writing Project Teacher Consultant who is passionate about integrating technology into classrooms to improve literacy and collaboration. She believes that purposeful technology use levels the playing field for all students. Karen invites educators to use today’s tools to inspire their students to explore and create content to be shared with their communities and the world and inspires educators to use technology connect with and challenge students. You can connect with Karen on Twitter (@kchichester) or this site (

Shannon Descamps  |   Elementary Teacher, Fraser Public Schools
Shannon (@shannondescamps) is a 1st grade teacher for Fraser Public Schools (an Apple Distinguished Program). She is currently in her 14th year of teaching with a background in lower elementary. Within her classroom, students utilize iPads daily. Her 1st graders frequently connect with the world outside their four walls at @descamps_grade1. Shannon enjoys sharing her learning with her colleagues and is often visited during her district’s Educator Site Visits. You can follow her class through their blog at

Trapper Hallam  |  High School Teacher, Utica Community Schools
Trapper Hallam currently works as a mathematics and science teacher at Eisenhower High School where he is the current teacherpreneur.  His involvement in sharing EDtech resources has grown with classroom evolution into a blended/flipped learning environment in his classroom.  He has spent the last 10 years integrating technology into to his classroom where he has developed a viable 1 to 1 BYOD experience for his students that extend pass his classroom walls the and traditional teaching pedagogy .  He has shared his experiences in presentations across the state including MACUL.  He Specializes  blended learning model, augmented reality, GAFE, Formative assessments and MS Office365  to name a few.  He is a certified MS Champion, a lead PBS Learning Media Digital Innovator and an active presenter.

Mike Lerchenfeldt  |  Middle School Teacher, Chippewa Valley Schools
Mike Lerchenfeldt is a #TeachStrong* Ambassador and a member of the Michigan Educator Voice Fellowship. He earned his Bachelors of Science Degree in Elementary Education from Oakland University (Summa Cum Laude Honors) and his Masters of Education Degree in Educational Leadership from Saginaw Valley State University. Since 2008, he has been a math and science teacher in the Chippewa Valley Schools. Mike Lerchenfeldt is a Blogger at The Light Bulb for Digital First Media. Connect on Twitter @mj_lerch.

Mike Medvinsky – Keynote Presenter  |  Instructional Technology Integrator, University Liggett School
Michael (@mwmedvinsky and @mrm_tech2connect_edu) is an instructional technology integrator at University Liggett School in Grosse Pointe, MI and a lecturer at Oakland University in Elementary Education Methods and technology integration, creating learning experiences where experiential and collaborative learning encourages thinkers to look closely, think deeply, and wonder incessantly. Currently working in education, with an engineering background, Michael advocates for the importance of transparent technology integration and global collaboration into learning environments.

Christina Ostrander  |  Elementary Teacher, Grand Blanc Public Schools
Christina Ostrander has over 10+ years of teaching experience.  She currently teaches fourth grade at Mason Elementary located within Grand Blanc Community schools.  She is passionate about the teaching and learning all students receive.  Currently, her classroom is BYOD/T and has been for over four years.  We take risks daily and learn from them together.  She is a proud MSU and OU College of Education alum.

Dr. Matthew Sayers  |  High School Teacher, Bendle Public Schools
Dr. Sayers displays a passion for education.  He recently completed his doctorate in Educational Leadership at Central Michigan University.  Additionally, he possesses M.A. and ED.S. degree’s from Oakland University.  He received his B.A. in Secondary Education, Social Studies, and International Studies at Michigan State University.  Matthew currently teaches Social Studies at Bendle High School in Burton, Michigan, which he has enjoyed for the last 15 years.  He consistently uses technology to make lessons more exciting and increase student engagement.

Brooke Stidham  |  Elementary Teacher, Ann Arbor Public Schools
Brooke Stidham is a 1st grade teacher at A2STEAM in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She has 10 years of teaching experience in grades 1-7, including multi-age programs. Brooke received her Bachelor’s Degree from UM in Elementary Education and holds a Master’s Degree (also from UM) in Curriculum Development. Brooke teaches through a Project-Based Learning approach, integrating all subject areas and technology to engage and differentiate for all learners to meet the CCSS. She has been awarded funds to integrate technology into the classroom and create a small MakerSpace. Brooke has presented at MACUL (for the last 3 years), Washtenaw Intermediate School District groups, and University of Michigan SOE students to share ways to integrate technology and PBL into the classroom. Her young students have used technology in a variety of ways! Last year, her 1st grade students wrote opinion letters to help protect endangered animals, shared with the school and home communities, created iMovie trailers to post on their classroom blog. With the increased interest in the project, the students used the MakerSpace to create items to sell during lunch and raised over $160 to donate towards their cause. She has has her students use SeeSaw to create a digital learning portfolio, Aurasma to give book reviews, and teaches the engineering & design process to create musical instruments and a shelter for the playground.
Dwayne Wessel, ASD Teacher Consultant and Oakland University Lecturer
Dwayne is a lecturer for Oakland University and has extensive experience working with children afflicted with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Dwayne has a Masters in Education (Special Education, autism endorsement). He is currently working on his second monsters in BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst). Dwayne holds teacher certification in both Ontario and Michigan, has been a classroom teacher and is currently employed as a Teacher and Teacher Consultant for students with ASD ages 3-26 in Michigan. He utilizes technology in his teaching methods as a way to support, enhance, and improve learning for individuals both on and off the spectrum.
Call for
You are invited to submit a proposal to share your experience and expertise in educational technology with your colleagues at the Enhancing Instruction with Technology workshop in Fall 2016.  Share your strategies for incorporating technology in teaching and learning in the classroom.
Presentation Guidelines
  • Presentations - Teams or individual proposals will be accepted. Sessions will run 75 minutes, allowing for more in-depth presentation and Q&A.
  • Content - We encourage sessions involving BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and those that allow time for active discussion among participants, so that educators will have some takeaway elements they can use immediately following in their classrooms.  Presentation selections will be made based on desired topics, flow of content, educational value, and quality of learning objectives.  All selected content will be published in workshop publications and online.
  • Agenda Schedule - The workshop organizers will set the time for each presentation, in order to optimize the sequencing and flow of content.  Sessions will end by 3:30 p.m. the day of.  Oakland University will notify all selected speakers by September 15, 2016.


Past topics have included:

  • SMART Board Technology and Lesson Design
  • Tablet-Based Instruction
  • Online and Blended Learning
  • iPads in the Classroom
  • iPad Apps for Elementary Students
  • Best Apps for Special Needs Students
  • GoogleApps in the Classroom
  • Google Add-ons
  • Connecting to the Global Classroom
  • Creating a Personal Learning Network (PLN)
  • Digital Portfolios and Assessment
  • Social Media in the Classroom
  • The Paperless Classroom
  • Online Connections for Elementary Classrooms

Suggest topics of interest may include:

  • Technology in the Elementary Classroom
  • Technology Topics by Subject or Grade Level
  • Beginner Tech in the Classroom
  • SMART Boards / Interactive White Boards
  • GAFE or Advanced Google Apps
  • Weebly
  • Creating Classroom Websites
  • Ideas for Low-Income / Low-Tech Schools
  • Using Technology to Improve Test Scores
  • Google Classroom
  • Building Digital Portfolios
  • Global Learning with iPads and Google
  • Technology for Special Education Students
  • Chromebooks

Speaker Benefits
  • All speakers will receive the following: complimentary registration for the workshop with access to the keynote session and all workshop sessions, along with refreshments and lunch.
  • Speakers will be features in the workshop publication and on the OU School of Education and Human Services website.
  • The above benefits do not extend to staff or colleagues who may accompany the speaker.

Terms and Conditions

The submitter agrees to the following terms and conditions when submitting a session proposal:

  • The OU Enhancing Instruction with Technology Workshop Committee has final determination of learning sessions.  Each concurrent learning session will last 75 minutes.
  • Primary presenter is responsible for submitting presentation materials and handouts prior to the conference for inclusion on the Enhancing Instruction with Technology mobile application.  All presentation materials are due by Friday, September 23, 2016.
  • Learning session materials will be provided on a mobile application for registrants only prior to the workshop for the attendees to download.
  • Hotel, travel, and other expenses are not covered; speakers are responsible for their own expenses.
  • Only the primary speaker will receive one complimentary conference registration per presentation.  Oakland University automatically registers the primary speaker for the conference.  Co-presenters will need to register themselves for the conference if they plan to attend learning sessions.
  • This session may be photographed for the purpose of marketing for the School of Education and Human Services and Oakland University. 
  • Primary presenter is responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce handouts if copyrighted by an organization other than Oakland University.

Next Steps

Please complete the online application form by Thursday, September 1, 2016. Selected presenters will be notified via email by Thursday, September 15, 2016.

All presentation materials and handouts are due by Friday, October 7, 2016 and will be included on the Enhancing Instruction with Technology mobile application.

If you have any questions regarding the submission process, please contact Kelly Quintana at

How to
Our next workshops will be held in Fall 2016.  To be notified when registration opens, please contact Kelly below.
  • Workshop Registration Fee: $75
  • SCECHs Fee: Additional $10
  • Parking is free on Oakland University's Main Campus
  • Lunch will be provided to all participants
For more information, please contact:
Kelly Quintana, Assistant Program Coordinator
(248) 370-3997 phone   |   (248) 370-4961 fax