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Literacy Learning Workshop for Educators: Enhancing Student Learning in the Classroom

Literacy Learning Workshop for Educators: Enhancing Student Learning in the Classroom

Mon Feb 22, 2016 at 03:08 PM


On Saturday, February 6, over 60 dedicated educators gathered with OUSEHS professors to learn and share knowledge about enhancing student literacy. Dr. Emery Petchauer led a captivating keynote presentation on utilizing Hip-Hop to reach students, urging educators teaching a new generation of learners to embrace the modern culture movement in their classrooms.

“Hip-hop crosses race, culture, class, geography and gender lines. It has become an important subculture, one that often deliberately hides its affiliation, yet is as vital as any other group found on a college campus.”
-Dr. Emery Petchauer


Following the keynote, teachers attended individual breakout sessions covering literacy topics including the use of iPad apps to support literacy, the practice and design of Guided Reading lessons, how to select appropriate informational text, and using a great Read-Aloud book to motivate students to read.

In several additional sessions, Dr. Sue Ann Sharma led a session to help teachers use multicultural literature to strengthen cultural and linguistic identities of students and increase awareness of different cultures, and Dr. Ron Cramer and Dr. Julie Schrauben explored how teachers can write poetry with students, and teach them to see the world like poets. Teachers in the session crafted their own poetry and utilized varied writing strategies to create their own poems. Anne Hotz presented a workshop on teaching academic vocabulary, those words that are vital to academic success and to understanding dense disciplinary text. Teachers learned that this vocabulary must be taught so that students use the language actively and often, and took away activities that can be incorporated into their daily practice with students.


Breakout sessions about digital literacy and digital citizenship, utilizing the Internet to promote content area reading, and motivating students to read and write rounded out the choices for attendees. The always enthusiastic Barbara Begin Campbell was also on hand to showcase the ERL (Educational Resources Lab) located in Pawley Hall.

Educators wishing to learn more about literacy courses, including Reading 510, can find information here. If you are interested in a graduate or post-graduate degree, but aren’t sure which program is right for you, you can find program help through the Outreach and Program Services Department.

As time passes on toward spring and March is Reading Month, we wish you all happy reading in your personal and professional lives!


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