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Educational Resources Lab (ERL) Services

Educational Resources Lab (ERL) Services

Mon Aug 15, 2016 at 12:45 PM

The Educational Resources Lab (ERL) is the heart of Pawley Hall and the School of Education and Human Services (SEHS). We provide resources and services that support the curriculum needs of students and faculty in the SEHS, as well as scholarly activity across the university, and in the surrounding community. We house a circulating collection of notable and award-winning children’s and young adult literature, PreK-12 educational and curriculum books and materials, and state-of the art multimedia and digital equipment. We provide expert guidance to a wide array of resources and technology through presentations, workshops and opportunity for consultation. Whether you need reference help finding the best children’s books, technology help creating movies or presentations, professional books about teaching and lesson building, or you just need a place to meet and study, the ERL has your back. Visit our web page to access our online databases, curricular materials, and information about all of our collections and resources. Contact information for all of our staff is available here as well. We also have an ERL Facebook page where we post articles of interest related to education, events, and teaching strategies.

The ERL is one of the few large, multipurpose spaces available in Pawley Hall, and we take pride in being an all-purpose destination. You can meet here and collaborate with peers, study, or borrow books and multimedia resources. Faculty and staff can find meeting space and opportunities to interact with students, visitors or educational materials. The ERL receives brand new books from publishers on an ongoing basis and the newest can be found in our TradeBook Examination Center at the front of the ERL. Keep an eye out for episodes of Barb’s BookSpot, to learn about these children’s books and ways to use them in the classroom or share for read aloud.

New to the ERL this year are leveled books for use with the earliest emerging readers, and sets of multiple copies for practice with Guided Reading groups from grades 3 through High School. You will be able to search the library catalog by level to find those “just-right” books for your lessons and readers. We have also established access to the online practice materials for the MTTC, TOEFL, and Counseling exams. There will be a link to the Mometrix site from both the ERL web and Ed Advising web page.

We work hard to maintain contacts with school districts in the area, our alumni, and students in field placements to make sure that we are kept abreast of trends in education. We strive to be informed about which technology skills are expected of teacher candidates, and what equipment and programs are currently in use in local districts. Let us know what you need, what you are excited about, what you would like us to add or improve. We want you all to be able to perform with confidence in the classroom, and we are always interested to hear from you about what we might do to make the ERL the best it can be.

We are the “everything center” where a patron can read a book, check email, print a document, eat lunch, practice on a Smartboard, check out an iPad/laptop/Chromebook/camera, edit an iMovie, laminate posters, or find helpful reference service for youth literature and K-12 education. All you need is your Grizz I.D. and the time to ask. Stop by anytime, and you will be greeted with a smile as you take advantage of our wonderful resources, services and space.

Have a wonderful year!
Barb Begin Campbell
Coordinator: ERL

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